September 19th, 2015

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38 Responses to “statues”

  1. Why were the statues going white, and why was the rain cascading in sheets? I tried to find solace by the window, but the world outside had become nothing but glass. Blankets of water blurred the semblance of life that I stretched my mind to detect. Near me, my lover was asleep on the divan with wine pooling across her lap. Her curls lay in wet swaths around the warm nape of her neck. The statues would crumble in due time. The deluge was impending. We both would drown.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.19.2015

  2. The frozen art sculptures looked so realistic. I reached out to touch one but was yelled at by a grumpy security guard and had to be escorted off the premises. I called my agent.

    By Natalie on 09.19.2015

  3. The girl entered the temple, the sounds of her steps making echos across the vast room. Statues were lined about along the walls, and as her eyes gazed across each, she could feel herself smile.

    By vanessa. p on 09.19.2015

  4. statues surrounded me in the cold and desolate room in which I had stumbled. Of all my journeys around the castle this had yet to be my longest; never had I travelled this far into it’s walls before and the chill up my spine suggested maybe things should’ve stayed that way.

    By Shannon on 09.19.2015

  5. There were lots of those back home. Here, in the States I am yet to see any. Somewhere, I do miss those because they in some way do represent my country.

    By Sagar Poudel URL on 09.19.2015

  6. Well, there were many back home. And, I am yet to find any since being at the States. In a way, this does remind me of my country as it is more often or not is concerned with representation of my country.

    By Sagar Poudel on 09.19.2015

  7. Statues are always stone-faced.

    Mind my pun, but it’s true. It feels as if they’re staring you down. Always. There is no humor in a statue. Somebody, please, enlighten me on a humorous statue that isn’t the Ronald McDonald outside a McDonalds. All the otheres are simply sad.

    By hootenanny on 09.19.2015

  8. Statues are scary. They don’t like your presence, I feel. Even the Ronald McDonalds outside of a McDonalds seem like they were having a grand old time until you showed up. It feels eerie how they’re either naked or stone-faced or both, usually both. It doesn’t seem like the artist wanted you to feel watched, or do they?

    By hootenanny on 09.19.2015

  9. (sorry i posted two there was a glitch)

    By hootenanny on 09.19.2015

  10. I crouched down behind the regal lion, peeking out to see if my pursuer was close by.
    His muffled voice reached my ears.
    “Emily! I’m going to find you!
    I held my breath, suppressing the urge to run to a safer hiding place. His gigantic hands appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and plucked me from my protective Leo.
    A giggle erupted as he hoisted me onto his shoulders.
    “Dad!” I squirmed.
    “I found you,” he gloated as he strode noisily across the pebbled path and out of the maze.

    By Cynthia on 09.19.2015

  11. So many statues covering the earth. How exactly did they get there? Something about humans making things greater than them. So many things we see as greater than us. Are they really? Can we not overcome all things that we come across? We must try.

    By AJ on 09.19.2015

  12. I have seen the statue thing of Abraham Lincoln in 2013! I don/t like the color of the statue of liberty, in my opinion. I don’t like Brazillians, so no Rio statue.

    By Emily on 09.19.2015

  13. I’ve never seen any type of statue in my life. I don’t want to go see that weird dude in Rio, though. I’ve heard the Statue of Liberty is stinky and crowded, too. I do not wish to ever go see a statue.

    By emily.56_ on 09.19.2015

  14. Standing tall, boulders fierce. Carved and creaking, wooden, marble? Who are you among the masses. Figurines of puppetry. Numbers marked upon cement, tallies on driveways, tire-marks on the roads. The pavement stretches on, but you stand still.

    By Archanza on 09.19.2015

  15. Have you ever seen Dr Who? My friends really liked it and I watched an episode with them once. It was about the angel statues. They moved when you weren’t looking at them and they ate you or something. They were so scary. I had nightmares for ages. Why couldn’t they be cute panda statues. That would have been better. And cuter.

    By Pei Pei on 09.20.2015

  16. Have you ever seen Dr. Who? My friends were really into it and I watched an episode with them once. It was about some sort of angel statues. They were really scary and moved when you weren’t looking at them and ate you. I had nightmares for ages they were so scary. I couldn’t look at a statue for ages without remembering them. Why couldn’t they have been panda statues. Panda statues that were cute and gave you bamboo to eat instead of eating you.

    By Pei Pei on 09.20.2015

  17. I looked at all the statues surrounding me, each portraying a different emotion.
    Happiness, sorrow, helplessness, envy..
    I detached my mind from them.
    From now on, I am just a shell.

    By Yumi on 09.20.2015

  18. There are many statues all over the world erected foir may different reasons. I am going to have a statue of myself just because I am awesome and I do awesome things for all around me.

    By trkstr67 on 09.20.2015

  19. Stoic. Unforgiving. Emotionless.

    We often go about our own lives as if we were stone structures, not caring, not thinking, not taking time just to be.

    But we aren’t. We’re so much more.

    The human condition isn’t meant to be that
    We aren’t meant to be

    By quell on 09.20.2015

  20. Dead

    By Jhg on 09.20.2015

  21. i was walking across the green lawn, and the statues that others called people were staring at me like i was the president of weirdness. i never thought you could hate someone this much. he sucks.

    By Lina on 09.20.2015

  22. creeping like a silver slug
    masking mystifying superfical scrub
    pleasant under false pretensenses
    the yes of the beholder never appear
    to distracting for those with wise ears.

    laughing like a gesture.
    to postulate false pleasures
    left under the knife that breaks the cord
    of familair faces left to be explored.

    By JHO on 09.20.2015

  23. Statues are always greying and covered with bird poo, and sometimes you just look at them and wonder… why. why did someone go into the bother of making it? what purpose does it serve? why didn’t they scrap the whole thing and go eat cake

    By Megan on 09.20.2015

  24. creeping like a silver slug
    masking mystifying superficial scrub
    pleasant under false pretences
    the yes of the beholder never appear
    to distracting for those with wise ears.

    laughing like a gesture.
    to postulate false pleasures
    left under the knife that breaks the cord
    of familiar faces left to be explored.

    By JHO on 09.20.2015

  25. Les statuts de Grub Burger Bar disent qu’il faut que je ne suis pas en retard chaque matin.

    By Mollie on 09.20.2015

  26. They were all around her, inmobile and cold just like a sick sort of statues. Yet she couldn’t look away from the tragedy that had befallen them

    By Ella on 09.20.2015

  27. tall, grand, old, Greece, mythology, bronze, architect, Midas, Achilles, David and Goliath.

    By Klaus Mana on 09.20.2015

  28. I stood in front of the slab of marble waiting to be chiseled into a statue. It was a slow progress. It all started two weeks ago, it was the momentum shift that halted its development. I should’ve not taken a break. I can’t continue sculpting these statues because my tools have rusted.

    By nom de luc URL on 09.20.2015

  29. Rising high above, majestic, resilient, unshakable in both morals and resolve. I’d like to be like a statue, to have some stability, to be someone who can be relied upon.

    By Shr on 09.20.2015

  30. i was told there would be a number of statues, statuettes, sculptures and plastics. i wasnt quite prepared for the amount of stone, bronze and steel objects staring back at me, for they all depicted some sort of sentient, eye-posessing being, if not necessarily things that ordinarily would be considered “alive”.
    i tried my best to glare back convincingly

    By berenique on 09.20.2015

  31. There was a bright flash of lighting the sky. Nobody knew what it was or where it came from, but the flash of light had turned everyone into statues. Every single person in the vicinity had been turned to stone, except one person. This one person ventured outside, only to find that everyone was frozen in time.
    “Hello?” He yelled. His voice echoed through the area, but to no avail. Nobody would answer him. They were incapable of doing so. He walked up to one of the statues, and touched it. He was baffled. How could everyone turn to stone without him knowing. And why hadn’t he turned into a statue himself?

    By Alisha on 09.20.2015

  32. You were cut like statue brooding and cold. What the others didn’t see was the softness in your eyes when you stood in the pouring rain or the warmth of your finger tips when you picked flowers that reminded you of my name.

    By AshleyKay on 09.20.2015

  33. Tall, strong, standing in the middle of my mind stands the statue of you holding my heart in your hands, cradling it carefully in an attempt to keep it safe

    By Atticus on 09.20.2015

  34. Tall strong standing in the middle of my mind stands the statue of you holding mu heart in your hands, cradling it carefully in an attempt to keep it safe

    By Atticus on 09.20.2015

  35. The statues say that you won’t make it. It’s to long and hard and the road is weary. I have faith in you and I believe you can.

    By TeedaRose on 09.20.2015

  36. The statues say that you won’t make it. It’s to long and hard and the road is weary. I have faith in you and I believe you can. The statues are wrong. After all what are they made from.

    By TeedaRose on 09.20.2015

  37. Statues. They were surrounded by a multitude of them in the park. It was late afternoon. Doc had insisted on dragging him there with him. Something about inspiration? He also wanted his opinion on the shadows and shading that the statues ended up having near the end of the day around sunset. Jackson shivered. It was starting to get cold again.

    By Crizzy on 09.20.2015

  38. Separately we were flowers,flowing in the wind with all our color, but together we were statues. Cold,hard, and taller than everyone statues. Nobody liked when we were statues, they liked us better as flowers, but we didn’t care unless we had to. Some days we were like statues from Greece, with extraordinary detail but with a twinge of fear in our faces. Other days we were like the statues from Mexico, with jagged edges and very little explaining to show. I loved being a statue with you, but alas, I was very happy being a flower as well. Being a flower I could be admired and everyone showed they loved me, but when I was flower as were you and we were in different meadows. Alone.

    By saraheiser on 09.21.2015