September 20th, 2015

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102 Responses to “accidental”

  1. i accidentally broke a window just kidding i’ve never broken that kind of stuff before.

    By J Kauffman on 09.21.2015

  2. When you do something that you didn’t mean to do.

    By Brosnan6 on 09.21.2015

  3. accidentally is a big word even for me!!

    By J Kauffman on 09.21.2015

  4. Happening by chance,it wasn’t expected. I accidentally bumped into someone at church, it wasn’t expected it was accidental.

    By mackenzie URL on 09.21.2015

  5. when i was a young boy, i was playing with my dog, and accidentally hit her in the face with a ball. she yelped and felt like crying because i love my dog and i dont want to hurt her.

    By Devon on 09.21.2015

  6. You really can’t call their meeting a coincidence. I mean, he stalked her–in a good way–for almost three months which is why he came up with an elaborate plan that would eventually lead them to cross each others paths. It is a well thought plan. Not perfect, but effective. And this ‘accidental’ meeting of theirs appeared more like a destined meeting intricately weaved by the universe just for the two of them.

    By nom de luc URL on 09.21.2015

  7. one time there was an accident that changed the whole world. It all started one rainy day, a saturday, and we all know it as the accidenta. We rarely speak about it now and as soon as the subject is brought up, usually the room gets inflated with a certain feeling of fear.

    By matilda on 09.21.2015

  8. accidental run in. accidental reaction. Accidental argument. Accidental life. accidental decisions make for life long consequences. accidental words make for incidental costs.

    By jewls258 on 09.21.2015

  9. One day I was teaching my friend karate and when I through a punch it hit her in the face. She thought it was on purpose but it was accidental.

    By Faith on 09.21.2015

  10. accidental is when you do something on a accident so accidental is when you do something you didn’t mean to so it is accidental

    By denny URL on 09.21.2015

  11. My accidental meeting with Jane happened at the intersection of 5th and Main. My meeting with her took the form of my bumper, and her thigh. She dropped to the ground like a sandbag, and I rushed from the car, all tears and apologies. And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

    By Chris URL on 09.21.2015

  12. Today wake up and take shower and brekfast and went to work the wait bus I saw an accidental tra

    By adricca on 09.21.2015

  13. Accidental means when you do things on accident. I don’t like it when you know someone did it on purpose but says its an accedent.

    By Alisha W on 09.21.2015

  14. I have no idea what this means plz help me this accidental. :)

    By tanis URL on 09.21.2015

  15. :) :( :$ : :? :/ : }

    By tanis URL on 09.21.2015

  16. She accidentaly left the oven on. She was gone for several hours. She came back and almost everything was ruined and burned down. She didn’t ever want to have an accident again.

    By Haleigh on 09.21.2015

  17. It was accidental mistake. He didn’t mean to hit me.

    By Christian Smith on 09.21.2015

  18. Accidental makes me think of car crashes, cause most car crashes are accidental.

    By J.C. Academy on 09.21.2015

  19. It was accidental,the car crash, a head on collision with a Mercedes and a SUV. Three casualties and one severely injured. No one knew how it happened,it just did. The ambulance picked all four of them up. One was a lawyer on his way to a breakthrough case he was assigned. The second was a single mother of two who was bringing her four and eight year old sons back home from a trip to the beach. The eight year old wanted be an astronaut and ride in rockets. And the four year old is wanting to be a firefighter and save people, maybe he will.

    By saraheiser on 09.21.2015

  20. When the world was made and the clouds set in the sky, when the stars were set into the darkened night, when your hand touched mine and inspired such delight was it accidental?

    By sarazard URL on 09.21.2015

  21. He didn’t mean it. Dear lord, he didn’t. He had just–he’d been. His fingers crushed into the cloth of his shirt, desperately trying to pull himself together. “No,” he whispered, breath hot against his arms as he stared ahead at the puddle of blood before him.

    By Rene on 09.21.2015

  22. “Mom, it was an accident! Why are you punishing me?”

    “Because it’s happened over 30 times!”

    “Come on, Mom, it wasn’t that many.”

    “Yes, it was, and now it’s time to pay the penalty.”

    By Grammar_girl URL on 09.21.2015

  23. when she spoke, everything that came out was accidental. she just couldn’t stop, something had taken over her…. only truth could pour out.

    By Dmb_Fkn_Monk on 09.21.2015

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    By Megha on 09.21.2015

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    By ddenney on 09.21.2015

  26. A person can do a lot of accidentals things like paying to much for something.

    By Lane Thomsen on 09.21.2015

  27. Many things can be accidental. there can be an accident in a car crash where somebody is trying to do something dangerous and slamming into a tree

    By aehrman on 09.21.2015

  28. It means they meant to do it. They didn’t want it to happen, but it did.

    By kruddick on 09.21.2015

  29. they accidentaly stole a bike and ran away with it.instead of riding it

    By Efast on 09.21.2015

  30. When you do something on accident. You didn’t mean to do something.

    By Natasha on 09.21.2015

  31. I was an accident baby.

    By A Lung on 09.21.2015

  32. i ame vary accidental

    By serickson on 09.21.2015

  33. this would be very hard to put in a sentence. it was accidental? It was on accidental? (the last one is not for real people)

    By levi on 09.21.2015

  34. I scared that kid
    I didn’t mean to
    I’m sorry

    By SS on 09.21.2015

  35. something that wasn’t intentional. a mistake. a car accident. happened accidentally. not meant to harm.

    By hannah lassiter on 09.21.2015

  36. Oops! That was an accident! Things that happen on accident are not planned.

    By Jillian Sommerville on 09.21.2015

  37. ”It was an accident” My littel brother saide standing over his dead frend. ”I dident mean to drown him we wer just playing a game!” ”Ya” i said ”You shoved him under water and stude on his head on ” accadinte ” uhh! this is just like the time you thruo me doune the well on ” accident ” oh and allso the time you accidentaly choped my pet monkeys head of and then ate it !” i said . he looked at me and said ” or the time i ate you!!” with that he puled a nife aout of his pokit and jumped at me i doged him and he fell into the mud sething ”Im gouing to eat you arrr !!” thats wen i ran as hard as i can as i ran i yelld ” cannibol run fore your lives!!”.

    By Caleb gayton URL on 09.21.2015

  38. i rote accidental,y or accidental wa to much …………………… goosbumps story or hanting houre story oooooooooeeeeeeeeeeaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he h eeeeeee hhee!!

    By Caleb gayton URL on 09.21.2015

  39. mem

    By Caleb gayton URL on 09.21.2015

  40. something that you have done by mistake is accidental. I do things like that all of the time. It was an accidental text message. i did that the other day.

    By Carli Schuler on 09.21.2015