February 16th, 2011 | 463 Entries

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463 Entries for “wool”

  1. the man was stabed there was no doubt about it. the murderer idmited it himself. the other thing that was not to be doubted was that the wepon he used was made of wool.

    By tylllet URL on 02.17.2011

  2. Sheeps are crazy. Is used to have one and it head butted me in the stomach. It really made me mad, so i was happy when i was eating him.

    By Ian URL on 02.17.2011

  3. it keeps you warm in the winter or any time you are cold. :) it comes from a little shaved sheep and keeps you nice and toasty!

    By beanie URL on 02.17.2011

  4. “Hello,” he said in his wool sweater. “How do you do.”
    “Hello,” I said, “I’m fine.”
    He smiled at me then, pulled me in close, and kissed me. Things were the same again.

    By seaside-memories URL on 02.17.2011

  5. wool is a fabric we get from sheep. it is itchy but it keeps you warm.

    By Awesome URL on 02.17.2011

  6. I think you’re uncomfortable. You’re akward as I am, we just dont click. My friend is allergic to you, but she’s dramatic. You remind me of sheep, which is kinda cool. People disregard sheeps a lot.

    By Celia Muto on 02.17.2011

  7. I’ve raised two lambs in my 4-H projects so far and the wool was worth the grief that came. Every time I washed and sheered my lamb I would keep a bundle of its wool for a keepsake once the lamb was gone. Once dry it was so soft but I still smelled like lamb.

    By Alison URL on 02.17.2011

  8. I you s wool to buff my skis. 0

    By Brandon URL on 02.17.2011

  9. Wool is a material you find from sheep. I think wool is strange. It’s like fur, but it’s not. It feels heavy and thick. Fur is soft, but wool is a little rougher. I hear that wool sweaters are the warmest, but I am not fond of how wool looks or feels.

    By Ennie URL on 02.17.2011

  10. My sister once bought me a thick, black, wool coat. I remember smiling like an idiot when I first saw the thing. Now I look at it and it’s hard not to remember the cancer. But, I like to lose myself in memories of when she was still around.

    By Carlos URL on 02.17.2011

  11. Sheep make wool. Well, they don’t actually make it – they grow it unintentionally. They can’t help it. Then we humans come by and harvest the wool and make it into clothing to wear on our own bodies. We steal the clothes of the sheep and take it for ourselves. I’d like to think the sheep are friendly and give it up willingly, but I doubt that’s true.

    By Clarissa on 02.17.2011

  12. The woolen fabric rubbed against my cheeks, and I was immediately sucked into a vision of a slim woman lying on this same blanket, writhing on the bed. A man stood over her, holding her down by her neck and threatening her with a knife clutched in his other hand.

    By StripedEv URL on 02.17.2011

  13. Wool is a very nice thing to talk about. Should I continue writing? Of course, yes, but know this now: I’ve got one word: GO! You’ve got one: WOOL!

    By No name URL on 02.17.2011

  14. sheep are very awesome, and a by product of them is wool, which is used to make some of the latest trends lately. I personally don’t like woolen items, or knitting for that matter, but it doesn’t matter what I think because lots of people enjoy the fabric, especially the older generation.

    By Michelle on 02.17.2011

  15. Don’t pull the wool over my eyes. Does that mean “don’t pull my hat down too far on my head”? And isn’t it nice to be fooled sometimes?

    By Malinowski URL on 02.17.2011

  16. I hate wool socks. I know, they’re all fancy and warm and comfortable, but the sound of wool reminds me of steel wool when my dad used to make me clean the outside grill off with steel wool, I would have to clean out the soot from the fireplace. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” he would say. Therefore, I grew a hatred for wool.

    By Ramp URL on 02.17.2011

  17. I was born a country, my father owned a farm and we had many animals. Cows, goats, and especially sheep. My mom would spin their wool for money. That’s how she died. There was a malfunction with the machine and she lost too much blood. She died in the hospital. It was all thanks to that damned spinner. That damned wool.

    By Lindsay on 02.17.2011

  18. i curled up in the nice wool blanket; fireplace crackling a few feet away. i love the winter! being able to snuggle in warmth and just relax or read a book or even listening to some soft music is simply amazing. good thing i live in Alaska.

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 02.17.2011

  19. I have a warm wool sweater on as you leave the house. The only comfort I have is in the scratchy brown shirt and I cry, bones cold, tea staining the hard wood, and I fall asleep right there. I want you to come back, please come back to me. This is the only warmth I have left…

    By Gabbie on 02.17.2011

  20. Cotton between your ears. Wool in the brain. Everything’s fuzzy. Nothing makes any sense. Slowly coming in and out of focus.

    By Hanna on 02.17.2011

  21. A wool sweater sounds lovely on these cold winter days,
    Sure spring is coming, but it’s still cold enough to wear some wool
    Of course it has to be stylish, because even if its all in your head
    People will think you look stupid in that lumpy sweater, and everybody will remember what you wore to school today.

    By Camila URL on 02.17.2011

  22. The thick wool of the sweater engulfed my body, as I slid it over my head. I rushed through the steps of putting on leggings, then thick pants then even thicker socks, and then my massive boots. I wasn’t entirely sure why I was doing this, just to impress a boy, but I was. Damn boys. Who needs them? I certainly thought I didn’t/

    By Emily on 02.17.2011

  23. My friend is an expert on wool, not only types, colours and thickness but also the type of sheep it comes from and what part of the sheep it used to belong to. It makes you open your eyes as to were the finest wool comes from, and I’m not talking from the top of it’s head.

    By M Daly URL on 02.17.2011