June 17th, 2011 | 551 Entries

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551 Entries for “wonder”

  1. I wonder what it would be like to be Alice In Wonderland. Floating down a rabbit hole, eating cakes, changing sizes, flowing down a river of tears, and meeting so many interesting people.
    To be honest, I think I’d be just a tiny bit terrified. And yet there’s something magical, something lovely.

    By Elly URL on 06.18.2011

  2. I wonder how much wonder I can retain…does it get lost somewhere in the cracks of making breakfast, brushing my teeth, going to my doctor’s appointment, driving to the park….

    By Al(l) is on(e) URL on 06.18.2011

  3. i wonder about what i am going to be when i grow up. Also about why my friends are my friends. XD.

    By lorena on 06.18.2011

  4. I wonder what tomorrow would be. I wonder. I always wonder. At least curiosity is something to value in a person — a restlessness, a desire to know. Not being content with what is, and always searching for more.

    By allaboutalice URL on 06.18.2011

  5. I wonder what he’s thinking when he looks into my eyes. Does he know how much I love him?

    By T URL on 06.18.2011

  6. A place i want to be…where everything is filled with it. Joy of the unknown and flying high through happiness from wonder. Pure child-like bliss, but it can still be found in adulthood.

    By caroline URL on 06.18.2011

  7. She stared in awestruck wonder at the sight before her eyes. All the people who had left, all the ones she mourned for when they had finally moved on, stood before her in gleaming white, hands held out in welcome. She stretched her arm out in reply, a smile slowly spreading across her face. The man at her bedside let only a single tear fall from his eye as her breath halted; she was with the angels now.

    By Eponine24601 URL on 06.18.2011

  8. I wo wo wo wo wonder. Wasn’t that a song? Anyway, I’m back and writing again. I’ve moved to Maine and I wonder how things will turn out here, though I’m happy to be here.

    By Emily on 06.18.2011

  9. think

    By Darren URL on 06.18.2011

  10. Sitting there, I thought of all the things that had happened. So much time had passed since Tobi’s disappearance. I began to wonder how time worked. Why couldn’t it just rewind during the time Tobi vanished. I could find him and stop his being taken. I felt at a loss. I was in distress, and my dear Tobi was nowhere to be found. My dear Tobi…

    By Emily Woods on 06.18.2011

  11. I wonder what would happen if we just ran away. No regrets, no thinking, no planning, just running. I wonder what would become of us. Who will remember the two kids that ran away.

    By Alex Black URL on 06.18.2011

  12. There are a million things I wonder about. Like will I get married to a man or a women. Who is really my best friend. Do I ever have enough time to fall in love, or out of it? Does it really matter. Is anyone going to care. Will I ever run away. Well I ever get the courage.

    By Ms. Me URL on 06.18.2011

  13. I wonder whether you’ll come back into my life, like a long lost thread woven into a quilt. I wonder if you might pop on by once or twice and just say hi, that’s all it takes. I wonder if in a year from now, in two or even three, i’ll still smile at the sound of your name or still blush from the memory of you. nevertheless, its wondering that has gotten me nowhere, wondering that makes my expectations higher then you could ever succeed.

    By Mia G. URL on 06.18.2011

  14. i wonder
    wonder is an amazing thing, the seven wonders of the world. they make you think they make you a human being. never stop wondering. wondering will lead you to wandering which will lead you to adventures you’ll relish forever
    i wonder
    what is wonder?

    By Sarah on 06.18.2011

  15. i wonder what i am going to do tonight? i want to go to a party but i need to know who is having one first. And on top of that i need to be invited. but i should probably be studying because i have exams on Wednesday and Thursday.

    By john dough on 06.18.2011

  16. I wonder what I will be like I’m an old lady. Will I be alone? Will I have family to visit me? Will I even live to be old? My grandma is 102 so I have longevity on that side of my family. Who knows. I always wondered what I’d be like as an adult…so far I don’t like it.

    By Anastasia Rose URL on 06.18.2011

  17. i’ve always wondered about the future and why we always wonder about it. There are so many things to wonder about, and it seems like all we ever do is wonder. Why don’t we actually do something that we wonder about for a change? I know why. Because we’re afraid of taking risks. Because risks are scary, and when we wonder about our risks, the failures are always most aparent.

    By Jilliann on 06.18.2011

  18. it’s something that happens every day:) and i wonder if there are wonders in other peoples lifes too. a wonder is love in my life.

    By anca on 06.18.2011

  19. wall. i walk a lonely road.
    the rain fills me with wonder.
    the light and all the related phenomena fill me with wonder.
    i like wondering.

    By ad on 06.18.2011

  20. He gazes across the room in wonder. It isn’t clear how or why, but one thing is for certain; the most intense emotion dominating his being was love. Not lust or lonfing, not curiosity or even ire. He loved the boy who sat on the other side of the Great Hall with his whole heart and soul.

    By venis on 06.18.2011

  21. To wonder the world…hmm? What adventures should I take? I wonder what it would be to wonder the world. Shall I go by car, train, plane, horse, or foot? Where shall I wonder to you see, because wondering isn’t as small as the word seems to be.

    By Brianna on 06.18.2011

  22. I Wonder how many places I could see in this one minute. How many thoughts I could think. How many people I could meet. I wonder how many smiles I could inspire. How many dreams I could accomplish. If time were not the constraint, how many lives could be impacted by my thoughts? My opinions. In real life. Seems a useless part of life- someones thoughts.. Except to the right person. To them, it’d be magic. Itd be beautiful. Limitless.

    By Kbj on 06.18.2011

  23. As she entered the room the lack of color and personality made her wonder what type of people she was about to do business with. Were they truly lackluster or was there more below the surface that she must discover. She wondered how she would proceed.

    By Renee URL on 06.18.2011

  24. When I was a young warthog, my tortoise ate a chicken. They were friends, but a mean weasel came into the picture and made the tortoise jealous. Chicken is mean. Tortoise is homosexual. The End

    By James Steadman on 06.18.2011

  25. I believe it first brings the word magic to my find…something that is exotic..which exists in dreams only but one so wants it to become a reality.

    By Neha Baid on 06.18.2011

  26. Landmarks have never been so inspiring to me as a person at a landmark point in their life. All I’ve found in those places were empty promises. But people, ever changing and constant rearranging causes the landmarks in their life to be more fulfilling than a pyramid.

    By Bea on 06.18.2011

  27. I’m always wondering if I really am happy. Or maybe I’m just pretending so that I don’t have to admit that there’s anything really wrong.

    By Maggie URL on 06.18.2011

  28. I already wondered. Was there more? I don’t know. What should I say? Should I repeat or come up with a new thought? Tell me.

    By Grisel URL on 06.18.2011

  29. I often wonder what people wonder about. Fruitless as it seems, I wonder what it would be like to have the ability to do more than wonder what others wonder about me, I would like to know. But no, I take that back, for I cannot help but wonder if what they wonder is what I want to hear…But yes, wondering such things is great fun :)

    By Sydney on 06.18.2011

  30. I feel like my first association should be with the likes of “awe” and “amazement” or massive and iconic sights throughout the world. However, I instead think more of the pondering, curious and imaginative use of the word. Often I find myself wondering what would have, could have, might have happened in a certain situation. Quickly I create and think of all the different forks that could have been taken from a specific point of my path in life. It is a mostly unproductive thought spiral that can get so big, so far-reaching, and in such a short amount of time that it sometimes inspires the other sense of the word in me. That and a bit of fear.

    By Rob URL on 06.18.2011

  31. Undeniably believe that which you said. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the net the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

    By Eden Nuckolls URL on 06.18.2011