June 16th, 2011 | 694 Entries

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694 Entries for “smile”

  1. Chloe ran towards the forest not even daring to look at the creature following her closely. She ran right into a smiling boy holding a sword. The boy charged towards the monster as if it was somthing he did every day. The boy then gave the strange creature a ruff embrace and nodded towards Chloe. “Why were you chasing that girl?” he inquired. “That girl, she stole one of my tree saplings! You know it is forbidden!” the creature answered angrily. The girl set down the tree and stared at the two of them in awe.

    By Linden on 06.17.2011

  2. What’s in a smile? I like to think that people’s smiles are made of objects, and they all just show up as a flash of teeth. That’s why some peoples smiles are rosy, and others are grim. One may be a rosebush or a cup of tea, and another might be a stack of bills or a sour apple.

    By Sheasola URL on 06.17.2011

  3. i have no reason to smile. i haven’t made dinner and my boyfriend hasn’t texted me. politicians are still corrupt and people are still out of work. there are starving children with bloated bellies on the other side of the world, but there might be a few here, too. why would i want to smile? if anything we should all cry a little bit more.

    By MJ on 06.17.2011

  4. good word! makes me think of a bright yellow smiley face. a good word for summer, on a day like today when the sun is shining and i can see the trees out the window from my couch. and the music i’m listening to makes me smile, too! :)

    By Karly Seinfeld on 06.17.2011

  5. cheek to cheek,
    You glint
    Jowl to jowl
    You know how
    That smile melts me.

    By Geejay URL on 06.17.2011

  6. smile:) you smile…i smile…michael jackson…rip <3 love you man<3 smiling…happiness…joy..glee…not what i feel right this second…but i put on one anyway

    By brighterwriter13 URL on 06.17.2011

  7. I love to smile. Not only is it good for me, it attracts people – and it means something good has happened. When you smile, the world becomes just a little brighter, and it can make someone’s day just a little better :)

    By emma31893 URL on 06.17.2011

  8. I wanted to smile, but I knew this desire was not shared by her, so I maintained my visage of sorrow.

    By Andrew on 06.17.2011

  9. girl, happiness, freedom, people, like you mean it, teeth, laugh, penny, relationship, no fear, pretty, ugly, happy, no tears, for me.

    By Andrea on 06.17.2011

  10. Oh like he really meant that. I’m like so walking away and I turn to do the movie-look-back thing, dramatically, and he’s there with the thing on his face. Like he knew something all along. Like he expected me to turn and come back. I’ll just keep walking.

    By Bryan URL on 06.17.2011

  11. Smiling is hard to do when you’re in such a bad mood. Thinking that you’re not going anywhere, that your worthless and have nothing to live for. Smiling is the last thing I want to do right now.

    By iloveyou URL on 06.17.2011

  12. I love to smile, it makes feel great inside. I love seeing others smile too. I guess that’s why I love Renaissance Faires and Festivals so much because even though I get to dress up funny, people seem to enjoy themselves and have a great laugh…especially the little ones. I love when little ones giggle, it makes me smile.
    Did you forget to smile today?

    By Gia URL on 06.17.2011

  13. smile and filled with joy. you will feel so much better when you smile. peace starts here and love overflowing.. memoirs of life, layers of flowers slowly peeled..Smile when the storms of life continues still. Have fun, live and learn. remember this day, a blessing from above. So smile, smile , smile til your face gets frozen..lets believe and see a smile for every tear

    By Lynnette Curtis URL on 06.17.2011

  14. the expression of pure joy or the ultimate deceiver
    the multipurpose of all facial remarks
    is there anything else so wonderful?

    By Quinn Conway on 06.17.2011