June 18th, 2011 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “belief”

  1. i don’t believe in God, he never has done anything for me, & there is no proof that He actually exists. i don’t pray, never will.

    By Karla on 06.19.2011

  2. I believe that having the most powerful mind in the world would be a curse. You wouldn’t be able to relate to other people, you would always be hounded to use it, and no one else would really understand your predicament.

    By casi URL on 06.19.2011

  3. A strong belief can be a good or bad thing, depending on the belief. Not too many beliefs are worth fighting over, but people do it all the time anyway. I personally think we should just go with the tried and true accepting others’ beliefs idea, even if it is a bit cliched.

    By Tyler URL on 06.19.2011

  4. Belief in myself has held me back my entire life; or rather, my lack of belief in myself. It is difficult to write about the struggles now because they seem such a part of my past and I have no need for them in my present and I am certainly not inviting them into my future.

    By One Drop of Hope URL on 06.19.2011

  5. i had a belief. in some sort of god. no one taught me about him or it or whatsoever but i did believe and i prayed almost every night. but then in fifth grade in history they tought us about wars and masacres caused by spreading christianity. that was when i realised that’s not something i want to believe in – preaching all the love but in the name of it doing such horrendous things. so i thought i’d almost freeze my belief until i figured out in what i believe. i thought hinduism ‘would be fun’. but after a while i understood you can’t freeze your belief, one of the most powerful feelings of your soul, and resume it whenever you feel like. so now i’m lost. i don’t find myself within any of those religions. truth be told,i would be afraid to do so even if i would. anyway, i bleieve in soething, i literally feel something is looking after be because whatever happens to me, i always get through it safe and unharmed. and i am thankful to that something. but i don’t call it any particular name and i don’t like being labeled. apparently i am agnostic as i believe in something but i don’t know what exactly. but often agnostic and atheist get mixed up. and anbother thing that annoys the living hell out of me is the assumption that it’s either with them or against them. so i’m lost and angry at times. mostly lost. /this took much longer than one minute.

    By signe URL on 06.19.2011

  6. I saw my mother one day kneel down in prayer in her room. I watched silently from the crack door. She asked God to help me.

    By MaiMai URL on 06.19.2011

  7. Believing in whatever you want, without judgement. There are religions, political parties, and many more things which use belief. Belief is a butterfly freely flying in the wind. Belief is a dog following a strong scent.

    By Emily on 06.19.2011

  8. The reality was beyond belief. Lance pushed his beat S-10 pickup, mashed the gas on the straightaways, braked going into the hairpin turns, sent red dirt rooster tails up out the back wheel wells. He watched the Judge’s kid out the corner of his eye makin’ a meal outta the Jack an’ Lucky Strikes he’d brought him back at Painted Ponies. He set his jaw, growled, ‘I wonder, Boy, if you have a clue what wheels you’ve set in motion stealing that mint ’77 Trans Am.” He raised his voice to a yell, “COMPLETE WITH A DEAD BODY IN THE FCKING TRUNK!’ The kid just hiccupped.

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.19.2011

  9. I see my self as I sit here, my family, my god, my life. What is to come? Good. Bad. I will never know until it is time to know. What is to come is the answer which I want to answer.

    By Annalee on 06.19.2011

  10. Belief. Whether you believe in god, or in love, or put faith in the person reading this over your shoulder, living life believing in something is a life worth living. That’s truly what makes life significant.

    By Abigail Sophie URL on 06.19.2011

  11. i want more of it. believe to be happy. much like faith really. I sense of security. more than religion.

    By fala URL on 06.19.2011

  12. I have belief in the inevitable. Inevitably you will find someone or something that will give your life purpose and meaning if only you have the strength to hold on long enough to discover who or what that may be. There is always something waiting, inevitably.

    By Kaitlin Hodgepodge URL on 06.19.2011

  13. I rewally had no idea I even had a belief system until I became sober nine months ago.

    By don boodel on 06.19.2011

  14. Oh boy… this is the crux of all things good and evil. But the clencher is that you can believe false things. Why cant people swallow that?

    By Ken Kapptie URL on 06.19.2011

  15. is a system of attempts to explain the world around them.

    By peter URL on 06.19.2011

  16. I don’t have belief in the usual sense. I don’t “believe” in a God or Deity or some sort of creator. The only thing I can ever hope to believe in is myself; and I’m finding that to be the most difficult challenge of all.

    By rich on 06.19.2011

  17. we claim it
    we love it
    we thrive from it
    we cry over it
    we die over it
    i shy from it
    i hide from it
    we fight over it
    we war over it
    we peace over it
    some worship over it
    we tend to revolve around it

    By Taylor Hopkins URL on 06.19.2011

  18. In highschool I wrote an essay it was a this I believe essay and I wrote about the importance of brotherhood, definitely moving. I had shown it to my brothers and a stronger bond had never been seen. That was forty six years ago, My brother had brought it up for my birthday yesterday.

    By Johnny Coutant on 06.19.2011

  19. The belief that most people carried sounded false to Elsie’s ears. She had never believed in God, even though she was sure that there had to be something out there. The strange coincidences she thought were a part of her normal life made no sense if there was truly no God, and she didn’t know what to think.

    By alice on 06.19.2011

  20. what is there to believe in anymore? We reach for something to hold onto because we can’t bear the idea of being without a purpose.

    By BridgetD96 URL on 06.19.2011

  21. I guess everyone has at least one belief. That is, unless you are some crazy philosopher. I think that beliefs are what keep us sane. They are perhaps the only thing on earth that has this talent. The diversity of beliefs is what makes me appreciate the world more. Belief is individual. It is unique. It is as powerful or as weak as we decide.

    By Maggie on 06.19.2011

  22. Sometimes all you have is the belief that everything will be alright. Because sometimes you have to believe it; everything HAS to end alright. Sometimes it’s all you need.

    By LilyNadine URL on 06.19.2011

  23. How many times had she wondered what those around her believed…. did her dad really believe that she never drank? Did he really believe that her brother never hit her, and that she was as clumsy as she claimed to be?

    By Tanya URL on 06.19.2011