September 1st, 2016 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “wolf”

  1. I saw a red oranges wolf in the the forest lost .I took care of the wolf and I make a named the wolf Lincoln.

    By jamesrotties on 09.01.2016

  2. there are wolf at the zoo all over the world. They are in danger.

    By jamesrotties on 09.01.2016

  3. The lone wolf was my friend in times of desperation. Perhaps, this wolf, this lone shadow of my thoughts, was pushing me into a temporarity of endless sorrow.

    By Antreh on 09.01.2016

  4. Wolfs hunt in packs. And thy run from hunters or they will fight back to protect there pack. They normally will bight.

    By Aniyah URL on 09.01.2016

  5. The Wolf came to catch you in your sleep.
    You were very bad yesterday at lying.
    Your friends got you in trouble.
    So, now you can’t sleep.
    You can’t sleep again.
    Stop lying, it is okay to tell the truth sometims.

    By Taris Kendricks URL on 09.01.2016

  6. The people of the wolf will be lead by a fearless dreamer who realizes his potential to literal sway the hearts and minds of the public, using only his imagination. He uses this power, behind the scenes to shape earth into the perfect utopia, using the average of all human opinions.

    By Cody URL on 09.01.2016

  7. The pack of wolves ran away from the hunters.
    The oldest wolf got shot in the leg!

    By haylee on 09.01.2016

  8. How many times did I step outside, I wondered, into that harsh, cold air, the coils of frost like chainmail across my caved in torso, and see that same wolf leering at me from behind the dying redwood tree? She did not come close to me – no, she did not see me as prey or enemy. But she always looked at me. Each morning, as I went out to collect wood or go to the shed, she was there, yellow eyes blazing even against sheets of falling snow, her jaw set as if she were chewing something she could not fully break down.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.01.2016

  9. I once read a story about the three little pigs, the REAL story. It was terrifying. The wolf eats the grandma. EATS her and then the hunter comes and chops up the wolf and cuts the grandma out of his belly. That is terrifying.

    By amber on 09.01.2016

  10. She was the one, the she-wolf in the prophecy that the Elders had been awaiting for centuries. A fresh-out-of-college, sassy, 20-something-year-old nobody who had absolutely no clue about her heritage. Yeah, this would be fun.

    By Isabella on 09.01.2016

  11. The baby cried. “Not again”, said the mommy. She pinched the cherubic cheeks and said smilingly ” If you keep pretending to get hurt, I will not check on you next time”. “Wooolffff” said the toothless 2 year old.

    By JayaK on 09.01.2016

  12. He saw a shadow near the top of the ridge. Was it Barker and was he returning for him? The light was still weak, barely filtering through the tops of the pine trees. He continued to lay still in the snowbank, where he had fallen while trying to follow in Barker’s footprints.

    The light grew stronger. He wasn’t quite sure what that form was for a few moments, then a ray of sunlight broke through the tree branches and he saw the wolf. It was upwind, but it lifted its head to pick up a scent, its nostrils flaring and its eyes closed. It turned and disappeared over the ridge. It appeared to be following Barker’s trail.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.01.2016

  13. “There are two wolves…” He starts to say. Then he coughs up blood. His eyes are wide with surprise.

    I had callously interrupted this blabber mouth by stabbing him in the gut. “I’ve already heard this story. And I’m just kind of bored by it, Pops. Plus you’ve been a bad, bad Wolf.”

    “That’s cold,” says my partner hidden in the shadows. I don’t bother to cast a glance behind, but I know I’m being thrown a look.

    “Spare me the judgement.” I intone. My eyes are steadfast on my quarry, “Now here’s the new narrative: you tell me what I want to know with no asides and you just might walk out of here with just a flesh wound.”

    The old man whistles through his teeth as I drive the knife in deeper. “You may begin with why you think I’m here and go back to first day in question.”

    By Impala Abdul URL on 09.01.2016

  14. I absolutely adore wolves. They are the most fascinating creatures. I have a lot of wolf items around my house. I hate that they aren’t being protected much anymore by government. i despise the killing of them. Their social skills are quite fascinating.

    By Christy on 09.01.2016

  15. Everyone likes to think that a wolf in sheep’s clothing is a bastard acting for his own good. You don’t have to feel ashamed, you can just be in awe of a world that isn’t yours.

    It’s okay to wanna be something you’re not.

    By M. Rene' on 09.01.2016

  16. The young pup dashes after the rabbit, filled with hunger and excitement. The rabbit scurries to the left, as the young pup. They reach a cliff. The pup closes in on the rabbit, ready to pounce. The rabbit seems to grin.

    By Amanda The Panda on 09.01.2016

  17. They weren’t her friends, but they would visit, donned in sweatshirts and skinny jeans, and listen silently.

    So she would speak.

    “Once upon a time, there was a great big beast, foul and fearsome, paws as big as a laptop, sharp edges as hidden as spilled glass.”

    By AM on 09.01.2016

  18. once upon a time there once lived a lamb called Mary. she lived with her mum and dad. one day she went off looking for pink flowers. then a bad old wolf came and the wolf said I am going to kill u lamb then the lamb said no you cant your to old then the lamb ate the wolf

    By tyrone on 09.01.2016

  19. I live in the woods and I was walking to my friends house on the other side and I saw a wolf and I ran away.

    By mirela on 09.01.2016

  20. I saw a wolf down the road and it went Oooooooooo for 1hour and didn’t stop until my dad hit it.

    By Sonny on 09.01.2016

  21. He had grey fur and that reminded me of my father, his beard, a couple shaky breaths after a ciggerette. More recently I have been thinking of the wolf. Last night I dreamed about my father. He picked me up from work and said Let me take you home.

    By micky on 09.01.2016

  22. The wolf stared her down, hunger in its eyes. She knew that if she faltered, hesitated for even a second, the wolf would devour her.
    But that was okay. She did this every day. And she had done it, every day of her life.

    By Shadow Writer on 09.01.2016

  23. Hes a loner.
    A fighter.
    An observer.
    A Survivor.

    Nothing is as important as his own way of living.
    Not a person.
    Not a thing.
    Not an idea.
    None is worth the sacrifice of his black and white, predictable world.

    I befriended the wolf.
    And became the prey.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 09.01.2016

  24. He was feisty, had the mettle to make it big. Traits of a natural born killer he possessed. When he stepped inside the ring, the crowd howled. Carlos ‘Wolf’ Guerrera had made it big!

    By Varun URL on 09.01.2016

  25. I heard this and love it….
    there are two wolves in all of us, warring. One feeds on hate and darkness.
    the other on love and peace. Make your choice.
    Which do you feed?

    By Kimberly on 09.01.2016

  26. I wish I was the ghost of GOT. I could be a wolf and save my master. More than that I have always feared cold conditions I wouldn’t anymore, that is the best part about wolf.

    By PAWAN on 09.02.2016

  27. wolf is the one that moves with it’s pack, that’s what makes it a wolf pack. They move at the break of a full moon’s night and hunt for their prey.

    By Aiyappa Somaiah on 09.02.2016

  28. Wolf, the most dreadful creature in Hollywood, is my favorite animal. Hollywood has a special linking to it, considering the number of films they have portrayed this “evil” creature. From Dicaprio to Hopkins, all of them had played a villainous wolfie character.

    By Bilawal on 09.02.2016

  29. She heard a howl in the distance. “No fucking way.” She turned to Jasmine. “THERE’S NOT A FUCKING WOLF NEARBY, RIGHT? That’s not a real thing that happens to people!” Jasmine shrugged. “Full moon. So maybe.”

    By Bridget Grace on 09.02.2016

  30. the wolf is an amazing animal that thrives in the wild. It lives in both cold and hot areas all around the world. Many stories such as white fang and call of the wild have been written about the wolf.

    By kaela on 09.02.2016

  31. She really wasn’t sure about this whole facepainting business… a lot of the other kids had had them done, but wasn’t it depiction of animals in imagery? She was pretty sure that was forbidden. Or was it depictions of images on animals? She could never keep track of all these darn rules.

    Screwing up her courage, she sat down. “Wolf, please,” she quavered. The painter gave her a toothy grin. “Good choice, my dear,” he growled. His teeth certainly were big…

    By henry sawdon-smith on 09.02.2016

  32. Wolves are cool. They’re related to dogs, so yeah. Dogs are adore;e,, and wolves are really cool. That’s probably why I dig werewolves over vampires. :) Oh, we’re not done yet? Well, uhhh I think wolves are also related to coyotes, which are pretty cool too :))))

    By Imani URL on 09.02.2016

  33. wolf is the most furry animal. It is cunning too. Wolfs can also be used to drag sledges in the antartic and artic regions.

    By sunayana on 09.02.2016

  34. dog that lives in the wild and eats meat.

    By Madison on 09.02.2016

  35. After howling at the moon, the creature emptied the contents of its guts onto the world. Revenge is sweet but hard to keep down.

    By Tricia on 09.02.2016

  36. Wolf, the animal that I oftentimes portray myself as.

    Can survive alone, need no companions.

    Einzelgänger. Lone Wolf. This is me

    By jjjjcccjjf URL on 09.02.2016

  37. Wolfs hunt in packs. And they sleep in dens. And the males hunt at night.

    By Aniyah URL on 09.02.2016

  38. The wolf. being a relation of the dog, is a favorite of mine. They seem to be the target of lots of scared people who associate wolves with spooky creepy stories and big teeth. They do hunt, but considering what humans do, are hardly the scourge think they are.

    By tippers on 09.02.2016

  39. The man stopped at the crest of the hill and waited. He knew the scent would appear eventually. He was content to stoop in the tall grass and inhale its dry crackling. It had been so long already. Why not wait a few more minutes, even hours?

    By Amy on 09.02.2016

  40. There was a pack of wolfs that found a human that decided to raise him as their own and that he would become a great leader when the days come but till then he will learn to lead

    By Ben Davis on 09.02.2016