August 31st, 2016 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “cry”

  1. People cry because of happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, and frustration. Even Jesus cried, that’s the shortest bible verse, “Jesus wept” John 11:35.

    By Savannah Longo on 09.01.2016

  2. When people think of the word cry, they usually think of when people are sad, depressed, or just an animal speaking. But what about the happiness? What about the joy? What about the great moods that some people just can’t contain?

    By username URL on 09.01.2016

  3. The word cry in science is a description of a chemical reaction. But the feelings that go along with crying the science can’t tell you but you can tell what the true mean of crying is.

    By Ben on 09.01.2016

  4. people cry when they get hurt. people cry when they are sad. some people cry for no reason. crying can sometimes make people think you’re not your age. crying happens sometimes it doesn’t make you a bad person to cry over things.

    By Alliyahc on 09.01.2016

  5. You cry when you are upset. Its when your hurt or you just want to cry. You just let it all out. Everybody does it.

    By Olivia Woods on 09.01.2016

  6. when anyone cries its sad. it can either be happy tears of sad. people cry because of sadness happiness anger and more emotions they feel. caused by them self or others.

    By brooklyn on 09.01.2016

  7. Im staring at the ground as the tears start to roll down my face as i cry. Its over and it just begun. How could someone hurt so badly? I cant believe he had to go so fast, it isnt fair. I loved him and now he is gone. He meant the world to me and he is now in a better place. I will forever love Goldie the Goldfish.

    By M on 09.01.2016

  8. cry reminds me that i cry when thing go bad or that video of the baby pretends to be sad and the mom says you sneaky baby stop playing and the baby laughs crying is something strong you can cry because of a gift, or because of a break up.

    By Crystal Janette Rivera URL on 09.01.2016

  9. People cry because of what they feel depression,sadness,happiness,and etc.

    By FREDDY FREDDY on 09.01.2016

  10. everyone cries when they are mad, sad, frustrated, and confused. we cry when we are happy. We cry when someone dies.

    By noah clay on 09.01.2016

  11. Everybody needs to cry every once in a while. Sometimes you cry because your sad, but sometimes you cry because your filled with joy! The last time I cried was because I was laughing so hard I just couldn’t hold the tears back anymore.

    By Cade on 09.01.2016

  12. Everybody cries. I cry. You cry. Dogs cry. People cry for different reasons. People could cry happy tears, sad tears, angry tears, frustration, etc.

    By MyaH on 09.01.2016

  13. U cry when your sad and happy and mad well that’s what happens except for when i’m happy i never cry when i’m happy i cry when i’m frustrated and when someone hurts me i feel alone and afraid and i’m afraid then i ever where before but i know i’m not alone because when i get hurt i got friends to help me cheer up and help me move with out friends i’m not movable but with friends i’m always moving and doing new things and and its always a good thing to cry because if you never cry your heart less and you will never move on in life u will be alone forever. so its good to cry once in a while. That’s all i can say about crying for now……….

    By Hannah Banana URL on 09.01.2016

  14. I want to cry. I want to scream. I want to drop tears down the back of elephants. I want to lift them up. I want to fly. I want to explain this all to you.

    By Amy on 09.01.2016

  15. Cry cry

    By Harsh on 09.01.2016