September 2nd, 2016 | 15 Entries

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15 Entries for “meme”

  1. “Is that a meme?”

    I stared. “What?”

    “That.” My mom was jabbing toward the screen with both her index and middle finger, pinched together as if she were attempting to stab the air with her nails. “That weird picture. Is that a meme?”

    I sighed and got up from the couch so I could get a better look. On the computer, sure enough, was an image of an octopus with cat heads attached to its tentacles.

    “I wouldn’t call that a meme,” I said. “Just probably some really bored person who decided to mess with Photoshop.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.02.2016

  2. Its almost close to the word mime. But their like cousins, not blood related kinda thing. Right?

    By Anne-Marie Foster URL on 09.02.2016

  3. I’m not really sure what a meme is but I guess its some sort of internet joke that’s associated with a picture. Some of them are really funny but I don’t get some of them. I guess that’s because I haven’t seen or become knowledgeable of the topic which they reference but some of them are just stupid. Some of them do deserve credit though because they are just plain awesome.

    By The Daydream Daughters URL on 09.02.2016

  4. I don’t have any idea what a meme is so this one is impossible to do within a minute

    By M. Rene' URL on 09.02.2016

  5. I have no fucking idea what a meme is. I don’t speak Millenial.

    By Kimberly URL on 09.02.2016

  6. un ruc récurrent dont on parle beaucoup sur internet.
    Maintenant, comment ça fonctionne, ce truc ?
    Il est bruyant, ce clavier, non ?
    Je crois que

    By pototop on 09.02.2016

  7. MY life is one big meme. Ups, downs, twists and turns. Laughter, sadness and profanity. Everyone sees me on the outside as funny but on the inside I’m crying. My life is one big meme. Let me out.

    By Dawn on 09.03.2016

  8. What the hell kind of prompt is “meme”? Anyway, I know what one is, tried to create one once but failed and they make me laugh sometimes. Some are pretty stupid of course. I wish I would have gotten a better word to write to. This sucks ass, big time. gahhh

    By DawnLana URL on 09.03.2016

  9. Meme! I don’t know the meaning have to check on google.

    By Lupo Nero on 09.03.2016

  10. He was laughing at his computer screen when she walked in. “Here! Here, come look at this.” He flipped the computer around and watched her face eagerly for a sign of reaction.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.03.2016

  11. “What is it, a me me?” the grandmother asked her grandchildren.

    “It’s something on the internet,” one of the six year old answered, her eyes focused on the screen.

    “In her net? Is it about fishing?”

    “No,” the girl answered with irritation filling her voice. “You’ll never understand.”

    The grandmother looked at her hands, which had a book in one and her knitting in the other. She shrugged and started on the knitting. She had tried to teach the children before but they didn’t want to learn. She counted the stitches and started on the next row. She thought she’d do five more then read for a while. Then lunch. Then a nap.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.03.2016

  12. The man would only motion with his hands because he was a meme.
    The meme tricked the people into thinking he was giving them something.

    By haylee URL on 09.03.2016

  13. The girl felt like she was in a funny mood so she went and posted a meme on her facebook page.

    By haylee URL on 09.03.2016

  14. “And it would hide, amongst all the men of the village, lips salivating at the thought of impending destruction. It avoided children, because they could see what it was. It avoided women in the same way two negative charges repel.”

    She stopped for a second, eyes on a frayed denim thread.

    “You see, women and wolves are very much alike. Neither of them like to bite, but their teeth are always bared.”

    By AMeursault URL on 09.03.2016

  15. The meme was crazy and un-meaningful. It also wasn’t particularly funny, despite it being based on Darth Vader.
    “Honestly,” she said aloud. “People should know better than to waste their time on this crap.”

    By Shadow Writer URL on 09.03.2016