May 10th, 2010 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “withheld”


    By Andy on 05.11.2010

  2. I wanted to say something, in fact I needed to.So what is it that kept me from expelling all the mysteries these people were so preoccupied with? Was it love or sheer stupidity. I have found that often they are nothing more than one and the same.

    By Taylor Martin URL on 05.11.2010

  3. Name withheld is what the story read. It made sense, since the person the story was about was a minor. Yet, in my mind, the person the story was about was not a nameless, faceless person. The name was one that I knew all too well.

    By Shannon on 05.11.2010

  4. Sometimes I feel like some of the things I feel are withheld from the world. like no one knows how much I feel hollow and like inside = of me has been put to sleep. That’s I’m just a robot doing daily activties.

    By Kristen on 05.11.2010

  5. he kept the information from me didn’t let me know what the truth was. honesty was never his strongest area, yet his lies were loose and i listened to each and every one. He still withheld the truth, yet i still loved him all the same.

    By Cherynne on 05.11.2010

  6. When Jamie saw the letter, she almost collapsed. “Your items have been withheld for further analysis as part of the ongoing investigation. Please fill out the enclosed form and return to the marked address so that your reimbursement claim can be initiated.”

    By Haelo URL on 05.11.2010

  7. They withheld everything they knew. What the fuck was in their heads? It is all obsolete now. Who would have known? It is gone forever. The explosion made sure of that.

    By Megara on 05.11.2010

  8. the money. she holds against me along with her anger. each time i ask her to dispense it, i fear not only her rejection of my request, but the firey spew of resentment i’ll retrieve alongside it. she withholds her feelings, her pain and the money is her only catalyst to deal with her grudges.

    By Sabrina on 05.11.2010

  9. call bullies.
    my phone rings, the number witheld. a feeling of dread grips me. who this time? what torment?

    By sar on 05.11.2010

  10. When affection is withheld it makes me very sad. I enjoy being shown that I am loveable and desired. My love language is physical touch and I definitely crave touch. Even a quick hug at the end of the day.

    By jomomma URL on 05.11.2010

  11. The one-eyed Filipino pimp sat in the corner, fondling his knife. He knew that she had withheld payment, and was not about to allow that to go unpunished.

    By Nixon's Ghost URL on 05.11.2010

  12. withholding my love just a little bit. being just a little bit to scared to really really go there. to really really admit that i can’t conceive of a world of living without you.

    By K C H URL on 05.11.2010

  13. I was withheld from your love. That’s what I dislike about the life you’re forcing me to live. To be taken from your heart and to never look back. How could you do this to me? Such pain I feel right now from this.

    By Emmaline on 05.11.2010

  14. Withheld together through various styles by continuous structured layout plans
    After all an ‘un-structure’ is structure in itself.

    By Victoria Gregory URL on 05.11.2010

  15. They withheld the water, told us this was a test, a trial, a contest to find the strongest warrior. So we continued, fell to our knees with thirst, and crawled.

    By audrey Treib on 05.11.2010

  16. I withheld crucial information that may have helped my case, but i really didn’t feel like talking about the time i saw the neighbor bury what may have been his dog in the backyard, behind the garage.

    By Teresa Mariano URL on 05.11.2010

  17. WIthheld. That’s what I was. Held by minions of my greatest enemy in the alley of the horrid city. Why me? Why did they have to find me now? I was so close. But now it’s over.

    By Aviva on 05.11.2010

  18. love, love long lost.
    so long ago i alowed him to slip away, through the musky sands of time, and now I shed tears of blood for the loss of him.

    By Tia Castaway on 05.11.2010

  19. hold on to me, or keep it away. he withheld his heart, he kept it in his hands. he opened the doors with his eyes and withheld all he had to hold.

    By judy funnie on 05.11.2010

  20. lost in a abyss of time,
    Falling to fast,
    Save the inocent part of me,
    But allow the rest to wither.

    By Tia Castaway on 05.11.2010

  21. empeached to do what I wanted to

    By aa URL on 05.11.2010

  22. All my life I’ve withheld the truth from myself. No one knows. Not even me. Who am I? What will I become? I’ll never tell. Not even myself.

    By Nikki on 05.11.2010