May 9th, 2010 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “stride”

  1. Stride is a forward movement, and also a brand of gum. Stride has a postitive connotation in normal use, but connotations are bad and should be avoided. The gum’s aight.

    By David Feldheim on 05.10.2010

  2. There was a stripe down the middle of the road. We followed it, for days and days, and at last reached the end. Nothing. A cliff. A drop. A precipice, and an abyss. We crouched on the rim and looked over: Black, and at the very bottom, another stripe, like the rest of the road waiting for us to jump down and keep going.

    By CeeCeeElle on 05.10.2010

  3. The girl walked on with a constant pace. She didn’t know where she was going but she knew she had to go. Away from everything she once knew, but she had to help her friends, she had to finish what they had started. She strode on.

    By Cami Avellar on 05.10.2010

  4. Take everything in stride. Stride and tried rhyme. Take a stride on the wild side. Abide the tough times–stride over them. Stride over troubled waters.

    By jennifer on 05.10.2010

  5. He can’t help but feel he takes it all pretty much in stride: California, really old wine, Malibu’s finest, ludicrous wedding gifts, and Elle in his arms every night.

    By touchstone on 05.10.2010