May 11th, 2010 | 302 Entries

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302 Entries for “stand”

  1. I’ll stand up for whatever I believe in. Like a chair, I’ll be dependable, holding whatever is sat on me, up off the ground. chair… that’s the first word I thought of. Four legs, a wide back, most likely wood…. chair.

    By Jessie on 05.12.2010

  2. Standing up too fast and dizziness took over, making that all too familiar nauseous feeling come rushing back. I have to steady myself by holding out and grabbing ahold of the banister. The stairs are too steep and there are too many. Working my way down slowly, my hand wrapped tightly around the banister as if it were an anchor keeping me from floating away, I tried to remember where I was. There were red cups littered along with empty beer cans on the floor and people that looked somewhat familiar were spread out, in the most uncomfortable places, either sleeping or passed out. I wanted to be one of those people, lay down where I was and try again later, in a few hours or so. The disorientation that I was feeling wouldn’t have it though, so I kept going until I reached the first floor and then the front door, and then the end of the driveway. It wasn’t until I was a few houses down from where ever I had been, that I stopped and leaned against someone’s perfectly white picket fence. Digging out my cellphone from my pocket, I let my fingers punch the 1 button and speed dial the one person that I knew would come get me. I didn’t know where I was or what time it was or what I had been doing. I just wanted to go home to the safety of my bed, or the couch in Lauren’s basement and fall asleep.
    “Emilie? Where are you? It’s like 2 in the morning!” Lauren’s concerned voice breathed out, agitation swimming barely under the concern.
    “I don’t know. Can you come get me? Please…” I felt myself breaking down and my energy faded completely.
    “Let me know the cross-streets of where you are close to. I’ll be there as soon as I can. You aren’t getting off this easy though… how many times do I tell you that you can’t go out every night and drink? It’s not healthy and seriously starting to worry…”

    By sweeterthansunshine URL on 05.12.2010

  3. I felt the cramps in my calves begin to tighten, pain thrusting long, hot pins up and into my thighs. I wished that I knew exactly what I had done to deserve punishment; somehow simply knowing it wasn’t a mere whim of Jemiah, that I could change something and avoid the same fate again, would have made it just that little more bearable.

    By Haelo URL on 05.12.2010

  4. sit down
    opposite of her
    look her in the eye
    catch the moment
    birds fly by
    sit down
    stand up
    don’t look back

    By maya on 05.12.2010

  5. first aid. helpful. good samaritan. necessary. emergency. cpr. What can i do to help? universal precaution. be careful. stop hurt.

    By Samantha Smith on 05.12.2010

  6. I stand alone at this time, holding no ones hand but my own. Standing still, trying to move forward, yet this box that confines me is reinforced. Unwilling to crumble these walls I stand alone. Wait, is this so bad? Just because I am alone doesnt mean I am bound to this box. In fact it is the opposite, I am free. Free from compromise, free to do as I please, go where I want and live my life. Sure, I stand alone, but I stand tall, fuck everything else. Where do you stand?

    By Alicia on 05.12.2010

  7. It’s better than just sitting all day. I work two jobs one where i stand and one were i sit. Why can;t there eba job that has both. It would make life a little bit more balanced
    Yea i can walk about at one job, but you have to make the time.

    By Maneeza Iqbal on 05.12.2010

  8. I don’t really like standing, it makes me feel awkward and tall. I much prefer sitting or moving, especially moving actually.

    By Conor Mullen on 05.12.2010

  9. my granddaughter is learning how to stand all by herself. she smiles, wiggles a bit, then looks for an arm to help her. so cut

    By ko on 05.12.2010

  10. I stand in the doorway, contemplating what you’ve just said. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe anything anymore. I want to believe you… I really do… but it feels as though you’re lying. I can’t stand it. I need to know the truth. Please.

    By Erica URL on 05.12.2010

  11. Halle just got the word stand. She wrote about standing at a concert. I have never been to a concert so I have never experienced standing for a long lon glong time. But still, standing for awhile is pretty aggrevating. Oh look time is almost up and i will stand up when the Bell rings to let us get out of school.

    By Katie on 05.12.2010

  12. As I stood upon the balcony, I looked out over my kingdom, wishing for a successor. It could only be the one who knew how to control his power and not let it control him. The search could take all day, but I had to find the right man.

    By Dave on 05.12.2010

  13. She stood on edge of the street. Not on the sidewalk. Not realy in the street either. In between. In the gutter, if this street had one. But they weren’t sophisticated enough for that.

    By Trish on 05.12.2010

  14. stand alone finishes are the best. They’re outstanding ways to stand out in the crowd. Like a fruit stand it is self sustaining in emergencies when no one else is standing around. I can’t stand the thought of 60 seconds being gone out of my life like a standing wave interfered with in non constructive ways. Jeez….I’ve been standing here 60 seconds and it’s still demanding a word or stanza or uh….Standard bearers are coming down the road to intercept my missive and take me away to the funny farm. Surely Stan D. is not operating the timer or this would be over by now. The pressure is intense and

    By Weca Ngo on 05.12.2010

  15. Stand in your faith. Stand in your self. Stand in the unique personna that is YOU and allow others to do the same without your judgement, but instead with your support! Stans up for yourself and for what you feel is right!!

    By Bev Banfield on 05.12.2010

  16. i stand here writing about this word and i don’t even know stand stand what in the world? oh well i guess this is what its all about.. stand.

    By Alice J on 05.12.2010

  17. I did this once and will do it again… stand up and don’t look back, look ahead and feel the wind as it blows on your hair… feel the sunshine warming up your sense… stand up.

    By Alice URL on 05.12.2010

  18. United we stand, or do we, what a concept and yet, so hard to really follow through on. We can stand together or we can splinter. It is really an either or proposition.

    By ardeeann URL on 05.12.2010

  19. I just stood there, jaw slacked and my excitement at not having to wait for half an hour in the sandwich line dying away completely. I couldn’t believe that that had just happened. The teenage boy who had been in front of me, who didn’t hold the door open for me, who had technically caused all of this, turned around and swore. I didn’t know why he was swearing. This wasn’t his lunch, this wasn’t his sandwich that had only took less than ten minutes to get, an achievement that would probably never be repeated. I sat my soda and the bag that held my cereal for my late-night study snack on the ground next to the fallen sandwhich and started to pick up the destroyed pieces to throw away. The boy disappeared back inside the eatery, mumbling under his breath. I ignored him and the need to scream at him that he shouldn’t be upset. Picking up the pieces quickly, I tossed it into the trash and grabbed my purchases that hadn’t been injured. All I wanted to do was go back into my room and curl back up in bed. The hunger that had been growing steadily all day was gone completely, along with the any sense that this was going to be a good day.

    By sweeterthansunshine URL on 05.12.2010

  20. “How can you stand me?” He asked, frowning. She looked over her shoulder at him, tears in her eyes, and choked out,

    “I can’t stand to think of life without you. That’s how.” And then he ran to her, threw his arms around her, and kissed her hard.

    By Rachel on 05.12.2010

  21. Its too hard to stand. The pain in the top of my legs, the throbbing at the bottom of my feet. The weight of the world has pressed against my shoulders for too long now, and the only thing I can think to do about it is to sit. Finally sit down, because I’ve stood for too long.

    By Rachel on 05.12.2010

  22. stand strong. stand tall. stand firm in your beliefs. never back down. smile because you should. stand happy. always. never give up. don’t let yourself get bogged down in the muck of everyday life. life is for living.

    By kari on 05.12.2010