October 24th, 2017 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “windows”

  1. Like crystal, the light glistened from every pane, hitting my eyes like a billion tiny stars piercing my soul. Through the windows, I could see every brilliant colour the world has to offer – every orange and yellow filtering through, the trees gorgeous with the greens and reds of fall. With a sigh, I wished I could spend every moment in this spot, staring out at this view – with all these windows giving me a look at the world’s beauty.

    By Jocelyn Webber on 10.24.2017

  2. I hate windows. I’m always looking through one at something that I want. Whether it’s wanting to be outside after a gruesome work day or wanting an outfit at a store. Windows always hold something that I want and I hate it.

    By Sapphire on 10.24.2017

  3. The black screen suddenly fills with clouds. Small icons appear out of thin air. An arrow points to one, moving along with me. Two touches of the mouse, and I’m there.

    By stranger on 10.24.2017

  4. I started up my computer, and the Windows loading screen booted up. It was very, very slow. I groaned as I started out the glass windows across the room. Snow was falling daintily on the ground.

    By Olu on 10.24.2017

  5. “Last I checked,” grunted Ricardo, “that one bedroom had seven windows built in. Seven! Who wants that many windows looking into their bedroom?”

    “A narcissist,” Isabella replied. That got some giggles out of her sister, Clara, who was playing X-Box on the couch nearby.

    “I’m just saying, if we want a good house, it shouldn’t be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. You get my drift, right?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.24.2017

  6. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Stop; just stop. Look out the window. What do you see? I guarantee you that you are looking at something beautiful. You might not see it at first but I promise, it’s there.

    By Sammie on 10.24.2017

  7. I looked out my dirty window. I watched all movement and listened to all the sounds. The birds chirping and all the bugs and animals walking around.

    By Eliza Trotman on 10.24.2017

  8. windows to the soul
    in the squint of your eyes
    i see the fear you peek around
    and streaming ever so deep
    is a precious

    Take care of yourself
    and I’ll take care of me,
    so that one day we can see
    eye to eye
    heart to heart
    soul to soul.

    By Namjai on 10.24.2017

  9. Hairline cracks crawled up the window, and years of grime, dust and a lack of care tinted its edges yellow and brown. But rays of sunlight shone through its glass panes and scattered on the wooden boards beneath his feet.

    It didn’t matter that the window was unclean; it still gave him the best view in the house.

    By ethel on 10.24.2017

  10. I look outside the window and I see a world in pain
    I see a global catastrophe with no type of gain
    The window is a safe haven with a clouded barrier
    That protects us from the scares of the outside world.

    By Renae on 10.24.2017

  11. The windows were cracked and dusty and one was smeared with something dark and malodorous which I avoided carefully.. by smashing my rifle butt through it and then climbing through into the even more dank and reeking interior beyond.

    By Lee on 10.24.2017

  12. windows closed all around her in the chilly room. Her breath puffed out in great clouds of panic as she ran around, trying to find one that hadn’t slammed yet, but she only succeeded in becoming short of breath. Finally she skidded to a stop in front of the only thing that hadn’t closed yet: the door.

    By lbrygk on 10.24.2017

  13. Between the Windows program on her computer and the windows of the high-rise that she was working in, Sara thought that she would go mad. The computer was slow and she had the feeling that someone was watching her from outside. But that couldn’t be; she was on the 25th floor. She was imagining it. But the hair still stood up on her arms and the back of her neck.

    By MsShel330 on 10.24.2017

  14. I gazed out of them in desperation. A glance, just a glance, that’s all i wanted. What could i do? what could i say? Would I ever make it past this point with me all bottled up, watching the world pass away?

    By kayti32 URL on 10.24.2017

  15. This morning and the first part of the afternoon I sit like a window on the reality of my open doorway. It is sunny and the sky is clear ,but is their light.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.25.2017

  16. You could possibly make a bunch of these up and promote them in your craft booth at
    the flea market or make them as presents. I just love the look of these rings.

    By Joma Jewellery URL on 10.25.2017

  17. My Soul was infuriated. “What is this BLEAK vision I’m seeing?!” it yelled. “TV” I said. “You’re not doing ANY of the enriching things I’ve instructed you to do!” Soul said. “I’ll get to it,” I said. “The excuse of a LOSER!” “Wha–” Soul cut in, “No one’s going to BOTHER looking into your eyes, the very windows to ME, to see my BEAUTY, to see all the work I’m doing in good faith to get you to walk your intended path!”

    By Hope on 10.25.2017

  18. It’s all about windows, looking out, looking in. Last night, I saw curtains draping a large seascape on the wall of an unassuming house but the painting was important. Ah, the statements we make about our lives and how we try to make them larger.

    By Robin on 10.25.2017

  19. The windows were tinted, which was lucky. Courtney was able to watch them cross the street as conspicuously as she wanted without the risk of them seeing her do it. She pressed her face to the glass and stared, long and hard, at his hand on the small of this woman’s back.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.25.2017

  20. You feel breeze, a tinge and a pang against the electric bill. And in the same seep the window let’s in the projections, efforts, and the cold background hum of the idealized reality. And it slips away just as easily, leaving the pimpled tips of anxiety to stew on the skin of the ever missed opportunity of a person.

    By leaves URL on 10.25.2017

  21. open them

    By jboada on 10.25.2017

  22. i like windows because it gives me the feeling of goig away. Through the vwindows you can dream about other countries, holidays, etc

    By dolors on 10.25.2017

  23. Windows are a view to life. Through windows you discover great things.

    By Rach on 10.25.2017

  24. the first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that we use Windows in our computer in order to do some writing, among other tasks. The other aspect that comes to my mind is what we’ve got in our homes and classrooms which allows us to get some fresh air and light.

    By Geraldine on 10.25.2017

  25. The windows were opened when I went downstairs. I thought it was odd because the windows were cl

    By Lourdes on 10.25.2017

  26. the windows are dirty. the windows are dirty. help help i’m trapped inside. the windows are dirty. cant see the sun. i’m trapped inside. help help.

    By zachary on 10.25.2017

  27. the windows are lined with pane. There is a cot of dirt on the inside and out. the old man had dropped keeping up with the old house after his wife had died. She had wanted it to be beautiful all her life but now the old man could not help but lay around and eat he had given up.

    By Mikkala on 10.25.2017

  28. “this room have a lot of windows but it’s very high how to escape!”

    By Javier on 10.25.2017

  29. where does your mind wander when you look through windows?
    some say the sunset dripping across the sky consumes them
    some say it’s the girl on the sidewalk with sunset eyes
    Through my window,
    I see you
    Looking through your window
    Deep in tranquil thought
    Are you looking at me too?

    By Talia Hope on 10.25.2017

  30. While you were alone I was there on the other side waiting for you. all you did was run. you said you were alone but I was right there the whole time you cried. i helped you through everything and yet you turned your back on me and said your goodbyes as i waiting for the words to fall out of my mouth, the words saying “don’t go i love you” but i guess that happens for a reason

    By Finnley Mell on 10.25.2017