October 23rd, 2017 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “slept”

  1. I did the worse thing possible. I slept. I slept when he need me the most. I slept him through his death. I was a sleep when the love of my life…. died.

    By Sophie Hubbard on 10.23.2017

  2. Last night I slept more than I should, I overslept. My body was too tired and I was in pain, so sleep in was the best choice. This mornin I woke up bran new! What a fantastic night!

    By Andrea Tavernaro Lopes on 10.23.2017

  3. i slept for 5 hours and felt fine
    i’ve slept for 12 hours and woken up dazed and confused
    i’ve slept over your calls
    and your calls
    and your calls
    and awoken to you at my door
    it was the best sleep
    where my dreams manifested into your appearance

    By celeste cervantes URL on 10.23.2017

  4. I slept in and was late for work. I think I will be fired today this is the third time it has happened. I think if I take some kind of medicine I will be okay.

    By Jonah on 10.23.2017

  5. To dream a dream and forget reality.

    I sat at my desk trying to remain conscious but my addictions kicked in like a bad habit. As my eyes glazed over trying to remain, in the end, they could not. So I fell and I fell deep. I succame to my addiction and it felt good. Boy, it felt good.

    As the Zzz’s lept from my mind and into the atmosphere nothing could sop the rush I had felt. I was more alive asleep than awake. It was invigorating. Why was this forbidden? Why could I not just pass away into this abyss.


    I awoke to foot padder on the floor. Turns out I was reminded you can’t fall asleep on the job.

    By Jbeale on 10.23.2017

  6. i like to sleep a lot. sleeping is good for the body. it help you reax. it is a way of your body recharing. we spen most of our life sleeping. if one is deprived of sleep then he c

    By fdhjgsa URL on 10.23.2017

  7. I slept with him – several times – each time better than the next

    I slept with him – he said I was really good at ‘it’

    I slept with him and he never called me back

    I slept with him and have been with him ever since

    By Coco on 10.23.2017

  8. Umm…sleeping or you just woke up or something that involves sleeping.

    By solara URL on 10.23.2017

  9. I watched her as she slept.
    I watched her chest rise and fall and pause and rise again.
    I thought about our future, her mother, my father, whats between my legs and whats between hers,
    I thought about the man in power and the cage we sit in
    I thought about how she’ll always be a secret of mine
    and I’ll always be a secret of hers
    and when she wakes up she’ll see a girl that she can’t be proud of

    By anon on 10.23.2017

  10. Silver has been used since historic instances for
    jewellery making, but has not survived in addition to ancient
    gold as a result of it tarnished and decomposes.

    By Maribel URL on 10.23.2017

  11. It’s been a while since Papa called me; I haven’t slept in days. I’ve wept out all my sins, and now I’m lost with Mary Jane. My papa’s quite the bastard; he lashed me pretty good when I was still but half your age, living in this neighborhood. Papa has a cellphone, but it doesn’t work too well. Is the reception bad, or is he just ignoring me? Time will tell.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.23.2017

  12. I haven’t slept in ages. I feel like a zombie walking around half-awaken with an empty heaviness.

    By kimberly Zepeda on 10.23.2017

  13. I lay here thinking. Thinking all too much about what if’s and could be’s. My mind is racing and I can’t make it stop. It’s all too familiar. This feeling consumes me and is taking over my life.

    By kimberly Zepeda on 10.23.2017

  14. Jo slept badly, tossing and turning all night. She was alone, and since Steve moved in she had trouble sleeping without him. He would be gone for a long while. He was deployed in one of the ‘Stans, she couldn’t remember which one.

    By MsShel330 on 10.23.2017

  15. Sleep was all but easy for the girl. Every night, the same routine. Nightmare, aircon breaking, sleep paralysis, staying up. Insomnia wasn’t an uncommon word either- she felt it the best describer of her situation, but people took it as a word to describe her.

    By Luna Canal on 10.23.2017

  16. I slept under the crook of his arm. There’s something about the way men hold you: it can be firm without being tight.

    By florencefarfaletti on 10.23.2017

  17. I slept all the time in my struggle
    then in an instant
    i woke up
    to see the beauty of my union
    with all Divinity
    to see the gift
    of my Humanity too.

    And now i run through the sleeping streets
    jumping and waving
    to wake the others.

    By Namjai on 10.23.2017

  18. It’s 5:14 p.m. as I pull in my drive-way, and I’m dog-tired from a day of teaching teenagers Elements of Literature and other necessary life skills. He’s slept all day, waiting for me to push open the door to our 748 square foot home.
    He doesn’t drink water while I’m gone. So, between excited jumps, he chugs water, then trails back to me in staccato movements, leaving a minefield of puddles on the floor. “Hey, buddy!” Still juggling my coffee thermos and re-usable grocery bag of ungraded papers, I push him out the door before there are more kinds of puddles on our floor. I pull off my shoes, turn up the heat, set down my things, and breathe in this silence; a break between adolescent chatter and the frantic clicking of Dillard’s feet on tile as he follows me around the house all evening. I relax a bit more as the furnace pushes air through the vents like a steady rain and replaces the hum of fluorescent lights.

    By sara on 10.23.2017

  19. I sit up from the bed I had slept on. I rub my eyes and stand up, heading into the kitchen for breakfast. I make myself a bowl of cereal and pour a glass of juice. The house was silent beside the sound of the cereal crunchingh in my mouth.

    By the_last_Strider on 10.23.2017

  20. I slept for what felt like a hundred years on the bottom of the ocean. I slowly drifted in the currents, bubbles forming around my face as I breathed the deep breaths of sleepers, and fish followed me curiously across the ocean floor. When I awoke I was seated cross-legged in a clam shell and mermaids surrounded me.

    By lbrygk on 10.23.2017

  21. 100 years later and the set rot over her eye sockets pull back, her bones sprout fresh flesh. As her hair fills out and slides down mildewed satin, her thoughts emerge for the first time in a century, a single word in a still half-empty skull: why?
    100 years later and it was still such a good dream.
    Calloused flesh strokes her chin the way it did her exposed jaw moments before. Deep-set eyes and cheeks streaked with dirt, almost a skeleton himself. In desperation, hope, hopelessness, curiosity, he brought his aged lips to the rumored bones he and his team had discovered. Magic is love, not the other way, and to hell with what constitutes as ‘true.’
    Her muscles, burning new, refused to move. He gave a smile—or smirk— (depends on who you ask) and brought his lips to hers, now full and alive.
    She closed her eyes, despite her power to open them now.
    It had been such a good dream.

    By Ai URL on 10.23.2017

  22. While the suburbanites slept in their cozy beds they shopped for online I crept through their side yards with a cocked-n-locked nine-mil…

    By Lee on 10.23.2017

  23. I stare at the brown spot on my ceiling; it has been my constant companion for three weeks now that my eyes refuse to close at night.

    I hadn’t slept since the hour I ran out of those sterile walls; since the moment those glistening, metal stingers gleamed under bright, LCD lights, blinding me, sickening me.

    I can still remember the frantic thumps of my heart. It pounded then as it did now.

    For the future.

    For the two of us…

    By LifesGrey on 10.23.2017

  24. 1slept=Succumbed Lightsight Enough Providing Tranquility

    By Garz on 10.24.2017


    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.24.2017

  26. He hadn’t slept the entire night. Every time he closed his eyes, the sound of crying baby reached him and surrounded his head. His eyes were red and itchy, but he didn’t dare to close them. Didn’t want to blink. Why wouldn’t it stop??

    By Betina on 10.24.2017

  27. The last time I slept I thought of her. Not her hair, not her smile but the lasting effect she has on me every time she leaves. The way my heart feels hollow just seconds after the silence following her absence.

    By Woman On Pause URL on 10.24.2017

  28. slept through, again. as early as you rise, with your eyes that are heavy with blobs of grainy information, bloated and swollen you blink hard and slow, and open to have slept again, and again, and again. Hello there, passerby.

    By leaves URL on 10.24.2017

  29. She stretched her arms above her head, trying to summon back the dream she was having. It was so pleasant, and yet seemed so distant now. She rubbed her eyes.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.24.2017

  30. I slept well that night. Was it the drug? Was it the unusual warmth of Bassie’s basement? Or was it the unusual feeling of safety provided by four sturdy brick walls and a iron-strapped door?

    By Pierre on 10.24.2017

  31. It was cold where she slept. She had gathered as many blankets as she could, but it still wasn’t enough to keep off the chill. Her friends family always had the air conditioner blasting, and when she looked up at the credits of the movie she found all of her friends asleep. The only available place to sleep was the lazy boy right next to the air conditioner, so she scrounged for blankets and settled in for the long hall.

    By Breahna on 10.24.2017

  32. I slept last night very late. I have a lot of homework ! I gonna die. Today when I go to school I feel sleepy all day.

    By Javier on 10.24.2017

  33. AS the girls slept quietly all snuggled in their own beds they dreamed pretty dreams. The oldest stayed awake that night to make sure all was well with everyone. she could not sleep for she had things to do and think about before she could.

    By Mikkala on 10.24.2017

  34. He laid in bed but had not slept,
    down the hall and staircase, he crept,
    over the strown toys, he leapt,
    a midnight snack he prepped,
    then back up to be he stepped,
    and finally, finally, he slept.

    By Bailey on 10.24.2017

  35. He laid in bed but had not slept,
    down the hall and staircase, he crept,
    over the strown toys, he leapt,
    a midnight snack he prepped,
    then back up to bed, he stepped,
    and finally, finally, he slept.

    By Bailey on 10.24.2017

  36. He laid in bed but he had not slept,
    down the hall and staircase, he crept,
    over the strown toys, he leapt,
    a midnight snack he prepped,
    then back up to bed, he stepped,
    and finally, finally, he slept.

    By bailey savage on 10.24.2017