October 25th, 2017 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “disoriented”

  1. I became disoriented when the ball hit me in the face. It came at me to fast to catch and I react slowly. I think they through it at me on purpose.

    By Jonah on 10.25.2017

  2. i was disoriented when i heard the news.
    my life would change.
    i have lost something important.
    i have lost something amazing.
    i have lost my friend.

    By bailey savage on 10.25.2017

  3. his arm was drawing but his legs were running he was disorientated.

    By nj2njf URL on 10.25.2017

  4. After the fall from the 12th floor, he felt disoriented.

    By kimmy on 10.25.2017

  5. Spinning faster faster
    Blurs in my eyes
    Embrace the disorder in my soul
    I am disorientated
    I am a cluster of thoughts
    With a body to carry themselves from place to place
    Where ever they choose to go

    By Talia Hope on 10.25.2017

  6. How many days could he endure living in this chest, sloshing to and fro in the water. The Skeleton King was disoriented. He didn’t know which way was up or down. But the mission was important. When the pirates fished him up from the shore, he would burst from the chest, killing them all with his cutlass and stealing their boat!

    By Rover URL on 10.25.2017

  7. Sometimes I make wrong turns on purpose
    I say, “feet, where do you wanna go?”
    left, right, left, right
    It’s all the damn same
    Skies change from dawn to twilight
    And turn after turn,
    Trees and streetlights blur around me
    The sound of my footsteps in sync with the constant beating of my heart
    That will one day stop but today it’s as full as can be
    Every breath of fresh air is so powerful
    It brings tears to my eyes
    I have so much love inside of me and it pours out of me like a flooded river
    I’m just a walking flood
    That turns left, right, left, right
    Until I realize that I’m utterly lost
    Completely disorientated
    And my ritual is halfway to complete
    My steps become filled with purpose
    Because I know when find my way back to familiar streets
    I will have found myself again too

    By Talia Hope on 10.25.2017

  8. I guess I’m just disoriented, you know?
    I guess I was doing the same thing for such a long time
    I forgot how to do anything else

    I was numbing myself for so long
    I’d like to love you as powerfully as you love me
    But, you see, I simply forgot how

    You just gotta give me some time
    One of these days I’m gonna find my way
    And I’ll love you with a passion so strong
    You, silly boy, won’t even know what hit you

    By Talia Hope on 10.25.2017

  9. I felt disoriented when I came down from the Dragon Khan. And sick. And dizzy.

    By Nuria on 10.25.2017

  10. The disoriented picture hangs on the wall.Glancing at it I remember how I loved to stare at that face, but since my little Ruby has passed, all I feel is fear and sadness.

    By Maille Sullivan on 10.25.2017

  11. emotions fermented
    leave one tormented
    actions demented
    leave one disoriented

    By omqwat URL on 10.25.2017

  12. After falling from the second story of his house onto a trampoline and then next into a sloppily raked up pile of leaves, Chester was more than just disoriented. He suffered two fractures in his left leg, and now he had to lie on his back on a boring hospital bed in a boring hospital room, watching a boring TV show that didn’t even have the volume on.

    “Just goes to show,” the doctor had told him, “not to drink that much bourbon before agreeing to skydive.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.25.2017

  13. Bibi had been wandering for ages trying to feel around the crowds to her parents. At least Jamal was by her side. She had been playing with the ball, and after having an accident with the water, she didn’t want to play no more.

    By Dean URL on 10.25.2017

  14. “Where am I?” said Omar. “You are in a bed” said Bibi.

    By God URL on 10.25.2017

  15. “Ahhh!” I continue to scream as I slap myself over and over again. All I want is for The Kipper to get in trouble. I want dad to come back. I miss him so much. Is that a silver mercedes pulling up? That’s not dad’s car, that’s Bella Molone’s. Why is she getting out and looking at me?
    “Electra, what are you doing?” The Neat Freak asks

    By Ruth Bayldon-Lumsden on 10.25.2017

  16. “Where am I?” said Omar. “You are in a bed” said Bibi. “God Is AWESOME YaKnow

    By God URL on 10.25.2017

  17. I stumble about in the dark, stubbing my toe despite myself. We often live with the belief that we become experts of our homes, even in the dark. But as I navigate my way from my bedroom to the bathroom and finally find a light switch that works I am stuck fast to the spot. Because this is not my bathroom. This is not my house. And I have no idea what I am doing here.

    By Jeremiah Jaster URL on 10.25.2017

  18. Its kinda how life feels recently. I’m not sure what up.

    By Heidi Ebersole on 10.25.2017

  19. I have been disoriented for the past 3 days and will probably continue to be for the next 3 weeks. I am drowning in my work. School is a scam. The education system has killed whatever creativity I have left.

    By renae13 URL on 10.25.2017

  20. I felt so disoriented when ever i got to the top of Goliath at Six Flags. The slow acking of my stomach. My heart began to race with every click of the track . Then all of a sudden, the pause then drop.

    By Keeland Deon Caldwell on 10.25.2017

  21. It was unreal. Like a huge wave washing over my entire being. I was disoriented and it took me a few seconds to acknowledge the pain.

    By Kirsten on 10.25.2017

  22. A whip-crack in, a whip-crack out of reality, the moment you stop mid-sentence, mid-sob, and your room only has three walls, nothing more than a set. Cameras blink their red eyes, and empty like a pumpkin you carve the predictable prompter’s words into your mouth. So much room in the space inside for a personality, you try them on like costumes, only for a scene, only for a night, but they slip off your shoulders and your hollow fingers can’t keep them in place for long. A step out of the fourth wall and directly into another scene; the trees are made of painted foam, the stones are fresh-fired clay, and the cameras follow, expectant, and you keep cutting your smiles wider and your tears deeper until there is just scraps left of face, and nothing feels different at all.

    By Ai URL on 10.25.2017

  23. This stuff doesn’t make me feel high so much as it makes me feel disoriented. Perhaps it has been laced. I find myself wondering that more and more often so either A. I’m extremely paranoid or B. there is someone actively lacing my illicit purchases. A seems much more likely and.. it says Time’s up! Finish up your last sentence and click.. Oh okay.

    By Lee on 10.25.2017

  24. disoriented and dizzy, he stepped off the conveyor belt into the massive bridge of the spaceship. He was vaguely aware that he was gaping at his surroundings, became acutely aware that his mouth was hanging open after drool started to drip onto his chest, and shut his mouth slowly. He’d never seen anything this technologically advanced before.

    By lbrygk on 10.25.2017

  25. deep in my core
    disoriented to this

    give me moments
    to sink my teeth into
    and exhale

    By Namjai on 10.25.2017

  26. I wanted to unconsciousness, sleep, anything to shut out the faces and voices crowding around me.

    I closed my eyes, fighting for bearance. Why do they keep asking me ‘if I remember them?’ Another one kept calling me ‘Dad’. I’ve never had kids. Never wanted them. That was the promise me and… what’s his name… made… a year ago?

    I can’t remember, but these people need to get out of my house. Mom would give me the spanking of her life if she saw these strangers fiddling with her china.

    By LifesGrey on 10.25.2017

  27. The man was disoriented when he was attacked by a giant army of baby ninja’s. They attacked him with dangerous materials such as broccoli. Broccoli sucks ars especially those of my mum. She big and has independent thought on the topic of masterbation.

    By Peter De Grote on 10.26.2017

  28. The clock tower chimes and displaces the heavens. The ground below shakes; and above, the clouds open, not for blue sky or for rain but a single bout of thunder, a lovely greeting to his old friend, the bronze bell.

    By zane on 10.26.2017


    By aina i vinyet on 10.26.2017

  30. I was walking in the forest with my family when I was disoriented and I lost all my family.

    By Ariadna Fernandez and Ivet Angulo on 10.26.2017

  31. It was a front side out, back side up, ceiling-to-floor, walls-blown-out sort of experience, and down the yellow brick road I went. Then it got all Mad Hatter and Red Queen for awhile, whereupon came the white coats with long sleeves. “What are these for?” I remember asking. One prick and instantly the Dormouse dropped his heavy lids over my eyes and we cut to black.

    By Hope on 10.26.2017

  32. I was walking in the forest when i get disoriented because I saw a bear.

    By marionas on 10.26.2017

  33. Get out that tiny pick axe, yeah that’s the one, it’s marred with the remains of your childhood. check out that woody flash back, oh yeah and the prospector. Great we’re finally here, grab that soaked nostalgia stick and join the rest of your brain in disorientating the subconscious. We’ll idealize a few things, obsess a bit, and the casserole should be just good and on its way enough to properly dissociate your id from that morning coffee.

    By leaves URL on 10.26.2017

  34. She felt a little dizzy looking at all the halls, the different paths she could take. The medicine was kicking in. She tried to fight it and lunged left. “Maybe if I keep moving, I’ll feel better.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.26.2017

  35. They were lost. Even Rachel, clutching the soaking, disintegrating map, had to admit that. Her fancy waterproof coat, natty purple hiking boots – even her compass, hadn’t helped. And now the fog was returning.

    By Sarah Kiddle on 10.26.2017

  36. He woke up in a dirty, filthy room. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he swore he could make out the silhouttes of rats crawling in the shadows. Mold grew from the ground to the ceilings.

    By Jung Shen on 10.26.2017

  37. Ah ! my room is disoriented ! I have no clue how to get rid of these stuffs in one day !

    By Javier on 10.26.2017