November 20th, 2009 | 420 Entries

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420 Entries for “overflowing”

  1. Sometimes I feel as if I’m overflowing with love and hate for you. Sometimes I hate you because my emotions are so strong and I hate how you make me feel and I hate it when you ignore me and I hate how you make me feel like I”m five years old again. Because I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t feel like you are my favorite toy and that you should only play with me. It’s not fair to you. But I can’t help it.

    By FireKat on 11.21.2009

  2. too much time is on our hands it leaves us like cups of water in the palms

    By Anonymous on 11.21.2009

  3. when i see my sister i feel that i am overflowing with joy. i tihnk about her and it truly makes me happy. i feel the same way with amy dusti and naturally my lover joof who over flows my mind in ways i never knew possible. over flow is to love and love is to joof. i love him and i wish that i was happier and

    By Anonymous on 11.21.2009

  4. F

    By Anonymous on 11.21.2009

  5. water liquid pouring over me all over the kitchen floor seeping into the adjacent room, overflowing into darkness and light, shadow. wet, shower tray and bathtub, hot and cold water flows from the taps filling up the bath so quickly, so slowly, so suddenly and gracefully but deadly. drowning in a pool of clear nothingness, everything is consumed.

    By jenrose on 11.21.2009

  6. The world is overflowing with bitterness, disgust, confusion. As if it’s not enough that we’re all at war, that war is made thrice as horrid by these random terrorists who decide it’s there right and their mssion from god to kill innocent people. Meanwhile the president stits in his office, overflowing with wealth, and soldiers die while he’s safe. really? get some help

    By emma on 11.21.2009

  7. The world was overflowing with the amount of arrogance, the amount of pure… indignity that surrounded.

    Her face looked through the crowd, looked past the world and looked for reason. She could find none.

    Losing her job had been far from humane. Yet it was the idealism that her boss had given her no reason which had catalyst her questioning of humanity.

    Then again, as the anomaly in all her business and lifestyle, she had always questioned everything.

    Whether that was a good thing or not they were not sure.

    By blackandivorykeys on 11.21.2009

  8. piling on and on. There is nothing that the amount left can do. It becomes overflowing. Water, sand, even crackers, they are all examples of things that can overflow. Once piled on a large enough pile. There become overflowing. pitter patter pitter patter each of the objects.

    By Anonymous on 11.21.2009

  9. water yada yada

    By too tired on 11.21.2009

  10. My life is overflowing with love and children and children’s toys. I am always tripping over love and toys as I walk through the living room.

    By Leigh on 11.21.2009

  11. I am overflowing with anxiety about writing an entire sentence about this word in just sixty seconds when this is my first time and oh god oh god it’s turning orange why it do that? oh god oh god mom, I love you, tell

    By Beetlebaum on 11.21.2009

  12. Currently, I’m kinda overflowing with excitement. I actually have plans for the night, and Cat in the Hat playing in the background only add to the energetic ambiance. I love the idea of heading out with friends, and maybe returning with more than I intended.

    By daniel on 11.21.2009

  13. water is over flowing and the water fall is beautiful. everyone who goes to the cave comes out a different person after staring at the water. it overflows into their mind, body, and soul. the water cleanses them, and they are different.

    By emily on 11.21.2009

  14. My body, it overflows with adrenaline, like a river overflowing with muddy water. My mind, it overflows with knowledge, like an ocean overflowing with jellyfish. My soul, it overflows like an eye overflows with tears.

    By Cassie on 11.21.2009

  15. the cup sits empty of content but overflowing. overflowing with emptiness. Much like my heart and your head and the world in general. we are all empty. And it hurts to hear it more than it hurts to live it. Because, contrary to belief, you do live emptiness.

    By Megan on 11.21.2009

  16. down the river went into the river there was much climate change as it flooded dutchland and then we all had to hide in our canoes and wait for the storm to be over so the overflowing of the rain would dry up creating a desert out of holland. Overflowing too much

    By ewa on 11.21.2009

  17. spillage. water. drinks. liquids. Overflowing or release? Exhausted containment or liberation? I don’t know. Who does know? Do you know? Wow. Delicious. Everything.

    By Brian on 11.21.2009

  18. beyond myself and lost in the moment. Thinking of the universe that is with in and still everywhere. Overflowing is forever in moment.

    By Jamib on 11.21.2009

  19. overflowing with love? idk why but thats the first thing that came to mind. that and then when youre filling up a cup with water at a sink and you look away too long, so it starts pouring over the sides of the glass.

    overflowing with emotion.
    overflowing with disappointment.
    i guess the cup thing could be considered a metaphor, you try so hard to put the right amount of emotion into a relationship, but when you take your eyes off of just how much, you might go overboard. that or you move the cup out of the stream of water, and never have enough.

    By karlie on 11.21.2009

  20. emotional excess, gluttonous juice indulgence

    By Anonymous on 11.22.2009