April 22nd, 2015 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “resting”

  1. The sleep of the dead is enviable.
    After all, there is no rest for the weary…
    and my mind is buzzing from the adrenaline that’s keeping me upright
    for the umpteenth time.
    It’s an unending process, really.

    Yes, the rest of the dead is enviable.
    But perhaps they envy our still-burning life…

    By Emily URL on 04.23.2015

  2. i rest. the mornings are languid, so are the nights. the windows shine, and the sunlight caresses my wounds. the sleep, it takes care of me. it cradles me, sings lullabies scented with bright cinnamon and lavender. i rest.

    By alyson hwang URL on 04.23.2015

  3. the blessed remain in their beds, nesting
    however how do they attest to their resting,
    must we be privilleged sheets and a pillow
    when all we need is a needle and a willow,
    though brown, I still commend my yellows
    and any other shade on the palate of friends,
    world peace, to become a tradition, we should all

    By Milad URL on 04.23.2015

  4. i rest like all the time because im homeschooled and i mean i would of thought that if i rested alot then i would get bigger and stronger well i getting bigger but not by much and i just love resting because going in my bed is just so nice sometimes and by the way i have a really comfy bed and i just love my pillows hahahah jk im not that weird i mean i like my pillow and bed but not that much

    By shane URL on 04.23.2015

  5. Resting from the stress of loving is only a temporary relief. Sometimes it doesn’t even work, sometimes you’re there, lurking in my dreams. Not that I mind, loving you is the pain I could get high off of.

    By Katie R on 04.23.2015

  6. resting my mind like a child resting its body on a swing,
    letting the wind blow and letting the pendulum lifting his body back and forth
    i let my mind on a swing
    let it drift far away from here

    By frankster on 04.23.2015

  7. my dad likes resting in his chair even though i think its called laazzy………my dog likes resting on my lap!

    By Emma URL on 04.23.2015

  8. resting at the beach is the best. the warm sand the cool breeze and the sounds of the ocean crashing on the shore. I can always find peace at the ocean my favorite place to rest

    By donna on 04.23.2015

  9. I can’t wait for it to be vacation. I am going to try to incorporate some rest into my schedule. These next few days are going to be difficult for me to get through. There is so much work to finish before Sunday. I am so stressed! My brain feels like mush and I know part of it is because I haven’t gotten enough rest to function.

    By Moreau URL on 04.23.2015

  10. Resting is good for you. I need rest all the time. Resting helps me focus for the next day. Rest is essential to the body.

    By Timia on 04.23.2015

  11. In a resting position I lay, trying to decide on what to write. Inevitably failing. My chair is weak, creaky, and generally uncomfortable. What story is there to tell when everything has been written. What life is there left to live?

    By Hank URL on 04.23.2015

  12. sleep. relaxed. being at peace for a moment. forgetting about the troubles of the day and being entirely with yourself. time alone. mental health.

    By sierra on 04.23.2015

  13. “You need to be resting.” He gave her a look that she could easily read. ‘Sit the fuck down.’

    “But I don’t waannaaaa,” Hazel whined, flopping down on the couch.

    “Babe, come on. You’re 8 months pregnant. And no more flopping. It’s bad for the baby.” He set a hand on her huge stomach.

    “I’m just sick of being pregnant.”

    By grace on 04.23.2015

  14. standard procedure
    eyes closed
    hands crossed over heart
    that way we protect what mummifies first
    what’s hardest to see
    the jellied orbs of sight,
    the futile organ of life

    By Kairn URL on 04.23.2015

  15. my day today , was very bad, i need to rest now, i dont know than to talk but, i know than need to sleep ,good night

    By Milena on 04.23.2015

  16. One night i was resting and i was awaken by a very loud noise. Now most of the time when i am resting i do not get up for little noises but this was not the case. This was no little noise. It sounded as if a bowling ball was thrown from the top of my roof. I was very shaken up. These types of things didn’t happen. I was fear stricken. I slowly started to get up not sure what I was about to find out side my room.

    By Faith on 04.23.2015