December 7th, 2010 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “willow”

  1. wasting withered wishes dangling from a dream. carried by the wind in an uproar up rooted temperament. freedom whistles a sad lament between the feathered branches.

    By ryan on 12.08.2010

  2. willow is a girl. her full name is willowtree, but she will go by willow. i don’t much understand willow. she is the total oppostire of her name. by this i mean that she is clutzy and has no taste for anything. i expect somebody like willow to be, for lack of a better word, willowy. not this willow. god she’s annoying. sometimes i just want to punch her face it. and don’t get me wrong, i feel bad for feeling that way, but what can i do? i really want to punch her! for instance, just the other day, she came up to me and pushed me into a garbage can. who does she thing she is? seriously? this is me we’re talking about, nobody pushes me around

    By taylor on 12.08.2010

  3. This grows in the riparian wilderness drinks without stopping sprouts small leaves and can be cloned into your backyard easily, but you must remember to water, water water, and then water some more. These guys are really thirsty.

    By Dell Blair on 12.08.2010