July 2nd, 2013 | 144 Entries

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144 Entries for “willful”

  1. how willing are you to do something? Are you an easy going individual or a person who is hard to deal with? Im a willful

    By Jatensia Calhoun on 07.03.2013

  2. There are many things that we are thankful for and people we don’t mind helping but for whom are we willful? Its an ability to open our hearts.

    By Kyle on 07.03.2013

  3. Willful. When I think of willful I think of willful disobedience. I don’t know why but I do. Maybe because that’s how I’ve always heard it used.

    By India on 07.03.2013

  4. This word defines the ability to enable ones self to do things that are not easily obtained.

    By wade norwood on 07.03.2013

  5. Subserviant, follower, goat it was easy at first now I’m running out of things to say. Willfully Lazy. Tie is up, willifully incompetent easy enough, misspelled most of this. Woops. Time started again, that sounds odd doesn’t it. That time would ever stop in the first place just to start back up. Key in the iginition, turn it hard.

    By Connor on 07.03.2013

  6. I am a willful worker. I can will myself into anything. All but one, to desire.

    By Danaé on 07.03.2013

  7. erzaehl mir doch nichts, das war volle absicht, du satansbraten. was glaubst du eigentlich, was jetzt geschieht; so gehts bestimmt nicht weiter. weisst du und jedes mal muss ichs dir auf neue sagen, und jedes mal stellst dus wieder an. dreisstes balg

    By berenique on 07.03.2013

  8. Exert your everything onto nothing, and persist until you come away with something you want.

    By Soft URL on 07.03.2013

  9. She was willful. There were two kids and a cat at home that needed her. She looked up at the hot sun, blistering her face and lips. What the little moisture her body could muster small sparse drops of sweat formed on her cheek. Slowly she got up, hunched, stumbling and continued to walk forward to what she hoped was civilization.

    By One and Only Profligacy on 07.03.2013

  10. Willful is to be willing to do something. Willing to be generous, willing to be kind, willing to be helpful, willing to be caring. If we were all willful to do things like that, imagine what a beautiful world we could live in. We have to learn to be more willful as humans. Lend a helping hand, be willing to go the extra mile.

    By Kayla on 07.03.2013

  11. I’ve always been told I’m obstinate, stubborn, I suppose I prefer the term wilful though, it has a more positive ring to it. Plus who wants to put on their CV that they’re contumacious, it doesn’t exactly scream ‘EMPLOY ME!’. So I think I’ll stick with wilful.

    By Unholynight13 on 07.03.2013

  12. I wilfully pulled the cot into the ambulance. I knew that I needed a cool head, but my little brother had just been shot-I don’t know what I’d do if- I lost the thought. Gotta focus on the present.

    By Emmy Loo Hoo on 07.03.2013

  13. This new attitude was addicting and he couldn’t wait to get started. Pressed against the gates, he was determined to succeed this time. Not to fail this time. He was confident for once.

    By natalie on 07.03.2013

  14. Some days, we have to push our selves out of bed to face the day. The days we do it because we have to can be some of the hardest days of our lives. When we do this willfully, we can find purpose in the mundane and seek out e

    By Caleigh Darragh URL on 07.03.2013

  15. It wasn’t easy. He wasn’t perfect, but then again, neither was she. They didn’t have much but they had each other. And she was determined to make it work.

    By Alvina on 07.03.2013

  16. I sit in a strangers apartment watching his cats for the entirety of the holiday. Was I willful? I don’t think I ever remember volunteering for this position. I think it was merely that I had no where better to be than here, in a strangers home, watching his cats feed on my dreams of living a fulfilling and purposeful life…that was dark.

    By innominategirl on 07.03.2013

  17. Full of will. That’s willful right? I’m not willful, never been close, I would rather sit down and watch everyone suffer and fail or succeed and prosper. I don’t have the urge to get things done. Maybe because you’ve always told me I couldn’t.

    By Fiona on 07.03.2013

  18. There was something about the curve of her body as she walked, kneeling down and sniffing the ivy leaves she was named after. He couldn’t quite place what made her seem so strong, so powerful. Adrian knew this wasn’t just one of his stupid crushes, he could tell by the way seeing her jump from rock to rock along the stream didn’t just arouse him or make him slightly giddy, but it filled him with interest. She was a strong one, Ivy, the way she killed fish cleanly with sharpened sticks and he could imagine her returning home covered head to toe in mud, laughing as she tossed her mom the fish to gut, clean and cook for a fresh dinner. Willful, that was what she was. Strong and willful, with the power to help her family survive even with the constant budget cuts on her dad’s already low-pay job. There truly was nobody like Ivy, not in Adrian’s eyes.

    By Jocelyn on 07.03.2013

  19. well but we walked here just yesterday and there wasn’t much to say then either i have seen such powers of ambiguity though the faces speak clearly go away with your desires and dreams as reality is made of concrete and though it breaks down it doesn’t as quickly as other building materials

    By reluctant URL on 07.03.2013

  20. thinking about people climbing mountains. babies who cry until they can walk on their own. tug of war. strong and stubborn. goals achieved. having the determination to – anything. strength.

    By Jill Von Buskirk on 07.03.2013

  21. making a choice to do something that doesn’t come naturally to you. something you have to be intentional about. act of disobedience. a suspension of disbelief.

    By angela URL on 07.03.2013

  22. She was a willful child, stubborn and sharp-tongued. Almost every day it seemed to take all of Pa’s self-control not to give her the strap for her obstinacy.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.03.2013

  23. the willful neglect of the puppy was nothing less than an atrocity. How could anyone build such a nasty personality within themselves to do what was done to that canine? Thatpuppy had done nothing but live. And whoever did such a dastardly deed to the animal will forever burn in a special hell.

    By trkstr67 on 07.03.2013

  24. As willful as she is, we know that darkness will win in the end, as it always does. This light-favoring world has lived a good, long life, but just as Prospit falls to Derse time and time again, Zalgo will break through. Even the powers of the Universal Guardian, who has been destined to defend both Earth and Univery, will fall to the wrath of Zalgo. Theresa is brave and eager, a seemingly worthwhile contingency, but hopeless.

    By Chabo on 07.03.2013