July 3rd, 2013 | 126 Entries

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126 Entries for “intent”

  1. yes, I have intented a lot of things in my whole life but I am asking myself right now which of them I really wanted to do because I have understood that life is too short to do things without enjoy them, without feeling them without feel passion doing them and that, that is important.

    By kelly on 07.04.2013

  2. Intent is the toughest thing to prove. We’ve got motive, we’ve got prints, but how the hell do you show this asshole intended to do anything more than scare her? I’m not a goddamn mindreader, are you?

    By JV on 07.04.2013

  3. Everyone’s intent is different as they express it through their words. We react instinctively to these things by showing fear, love, hate, sorrow, or joy.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.04.2013

  4. HIs intent was to get here asap. he couldn’t sit in his cubicle for a minute longer when he knew his girl needed him. But he also needed the pay to take care of her. He sat there hoping, praying, begging, not that she’d understand his predicament, but that she’ll be alright, and happy.

    By Elakkiya on 07.04.2013

  5. I intend well but it doesn’t come off that way. People cannot face their own faults. I try to help by pointing them out. It doesn’t work.

    By Dan Lamey on 07.04.2013

  6. I had every intent to finish this sente…

    By victor ferreira on 07.04.2013