September 5th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “whether”

  1. whether is often spelt wrong, as many people presume it is spelt wheather as in weather but with a H, but no you people who spell it that way are wrong.

    By kal on 09.05.2012

  2. I was unsure whether or not to trust her. I looked down at the growing fire and took her hand.

    She led me down a long hall and out into the open air.

    By GM Hill URL on 09.05.2012

  3. “In which direction did she go?” There was a pause. Whether left or right there was no truth in it, so he pointed straight ahead. Smiled and looked away.

    By Louise URL on 09.05.2012

  4. Whether or not the castle did stride through town, pompous and full of itself, it did travel through town one way or another as it’s footprints were littered throughout the streets. The idea of it’s arrogant walk was not a surprise, as most castles tend to be quite conceited.

    By The Tara URL on 09.05.2012

  5. It is such an indecisive word “whether you choose this decision or that” is what he said to me one afternoon under our favorite tree “you only really got one true choice.” Whether I choose him and stay in the country, or choose out there in the world to escape to. the city. He is right, there can really only be one true choice, and that choice ain’t him.

    By Li Poxto URL on 09.05.2012

  6. Whether or not they believed her didn’t matter. She knew what she saw. And if she had to go back to prove it, then so be it.

    Which is how she ended up stumbling through a forest, looking for a talking white rabbit when she tripped and managed to fall headfirst down a rabbit hole.

    By Bianca on 09.05.2012

  7. whether the weather is nice or not
    I’ll come to you
    through rain or snow
    or blistering heat
    I’m coming
    to see you

    By anon on 09.05.2012

  8. succeeding is determined by whether or not you chose to succeed. You, and only you, make the decision to succeed. Whether or not you live your life to the fullest, whether you love and let others love you, whether or not you apply yourself to the things you want to succeed in. It all depends on you.

    By Heather on 09.05.2012

  9. Whether she was alone or with others she was lost in her own mind, meandering through the woods of words and wonder yet to be worked. It was her solace, her contentment and most of all, her metier. So, with a soft smile she continued to nod and half listen to the world around her, one ear turned towards her own.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.05.2012

  10. wonder whether the weather will be warm or wet, windy, with wads of snow
    Well, it is winter

    By gsk URL on 09.05.2012

  11. The question had bothered her for months whether of not she should have taken that spur of the moment flight to the Barbados. It wasn’t that she regretted it or not enjoyed it. She just couldn’t shake the sense of something dark hanging over her once she returned.

    By Aimee on 09.05.2012

  12. Whether or not she presses charges doesn’t matter squat to me. I’ll do my time if I have to. But I’ll be back. Oh yes, I will be back. Bitch.

    By penny dreadful URL on 09.05.2012

  13. It’s not just to do or not to do. It’s a question of why we do. Choice is key in life and it exercise is a privilege that many do not get to express.

    By Joel URL on 09.05.2012

  14. Whether or not you agree. people have rights to make their own decisions and feel the way they feel. do you see people running after you claiming you have no right to be what you are or feel what you feel?

    By Nikki URL on 09.05.2012

  15. whether is a interesting word. connecting, contradiction with more than one meaning. whether rhymes with heather leather and forever. Well maybe not forever. But I like to think it does. Sometimes I dont think…

    By Nik on 09.05.2012

  16. Whether
    or not I live or die does not matter.
    or not I complete the task before me is what’s important.
    or not I want to, he does not care

    By Luke on 09.05.2012

  17. whether the weather keeps fading away, ive already been swept away. since i got tangled in your hair can i stay there. rain or shine will you be mine?

    By shawn on 09.05.2012

  18. Whether is a homophone, often confused with ‘weather’. Of course, they both have completely different meanings. ‘Whether’, specified in this context (contrary to the aforementioned alternative ‘weather’), is used often in conversation within sentences such as “I do not know whether to wear a coat or not”. This is a commonly used phrase in the middle class of England, when women are unable to decide whether they should convene to traditional colloquial fashion trends, or embark upon bacchanalian adventures of glee and wear leaves, biros, and cataclysmic entrepreneurs.

    By Richard Miah on 09.05.2012

  19. Whether I should write about this or my most profound thoght is just what will come from me.
    Since if I knew, I should not be writing, but acting.

    By Luna URL on 09.05.2012

  20. I have missed so many dreams, missed meeting people, missed going places just because I could not decide whether something was worth the risk. If you are faced with with a decision, don’t wonder about the “whethers”, but go for it!

    By Rosella Kasper on 09.05.2012

  21. Whether is a word of full meaning, hiden by the most obscure mask. Whether you can see it or not is just how you will pass.
    It can take all paths, it can just suspend the one unique doubt.
    For those who are not allowed, it will mantein itself dull.

    By Luna URL on 09.05.2012

  22. I’m not sure about this word. Whether it’s worth writing about or not. But I must, so here goes. Whether can be interpreted in many ways when it’s said aloud. It can also mean weather, as in rain or sun, as well as offering options and alternatives. It embodies doubt and uncertainty.

    By Joanna on 09.05.2012

  23. Whether you are or you aren’t, they’ll get you every time. It’s not a matter of knowing, being, the limey color of your hair tie, the geek-chic silk tie. It’s luck of the draw – whether you’re in the right place at the right time or the wrong one.

    By IOF on 09.05.2012

  24. Whether you eat the bread or not, is not my concern. It’s whether you replace it with something we can eat tomorrow. Justin said that there was no need for concern; he didn’t like whole wheat bread anyway, he’d find something he liked better in the fridge.

    By Melanie URL on 09.05.2012

  25. Whether or not I come is not the point. The point is you don’t treat people this way. It is much better to treat them that way.

    By teeda URL on 09.05.2012

  26. I didn’t know whether to surrender or fight, or whether I had the energy and strength to fight even if I wanted to. But I knew, somewhere inside of me that thinking this was just a distraction. I had no options, I could not surrender, I had to fight, and I had to win.

    By Bernadette URL on 09.05.2012

  27. what is the point? there are so many perspectives in life. opinions and veiws. so many people think they are right and so many people think they are wrong i don’t know whether to believe in my self with my little experience but willingness to follow my heart or to believe what other people, people of experience, tell me is true.

    By Patsy on 09.05.2012

  28. whether he love me back or not , I love him very much. Whether or not you believe me , I can’t sleep and I am in a hurry and I think you’re now knowing whether or not I write fast on keyboard

    By Hend on 09.05.2012

  29. whether this or whether that. Does it matter? No. Becuase as long as you are doing something the whether this or that doesn’t actually matter. Stop living with a whether this or that and just live. Because what is this? Whether I did this or whether I did that

    By Elizabeth on 09.05.2012

  30. whether this or whether that. Does it matter. Whether I go to the shops now or later. I will still be going to the shops. However whether I go now or later may change everything. It will shift my entire future.

    By Liz URL on 09.05.2012

  31. whether or not it is right to take yourself too seriously I don’t know. Don’t confuse whether with weather by the way. Two very different things. Whether is one weird word when you think about it. I mean look at it.

    By Laura URL on 09.05.2012

  32. Whether through the storm. No matter how tough or difficult, and no matter how strong the headwinds, push through. Whether the weather.

    By Addison on 09.05.2012

  33. Whether.. whether here, whether there, whether he or she. Whether rain or shine. It compares. Whether … such a strange word, odd way to place letters. Yeah…..

    By RachaelMuch URL on 09.05.2012

  34. Whether friends or enemies, everybody is important in your life. Whether they have taken everything from you or given you something wonderful, your life is changed because of them.

    By Serena on 09.05.2012

  35. The weather was nice. Sunlight streamed in through the windows. Whether that was a good or bad thing could be read by people’s faces. Some happy and some sad. Snow melting wasn’t really a good thing or a bad thing

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.05.2012

  36. i don’t know whether or not he’s lying when he says he loves me but i don’t care
    he’s said those three words and he can’t take them back
    he can’t take them back because those three words are mine and mine to keep

    By paige URL on 09.05.2012

  37. Whether or not she was going to leave was the ultimate question. She knew too well that she had no reason to stay where she was. She was better off going where the wind went and watch life unfold in front of her. Still, she felt a connection to her roots and felt sick over the very notion of leaving.

    By hearapianofall URL on 09.05.2012

  38. Whether or not she wanted to, she was going to have to go. Lillan said so, and what Lillan said was law, like it or not. And that’s how Miranda, with her shabby suitcase in one hand and a slightly ripped parasol in the other…

    By Iam Me URL on 09.05.2012

  39. Whether or not you read this, it’s going out into cyberspace, living on its own as a thought from one mind. Whether it’s worth reading will be determined by whoever reads it, which will probably be a couple of people who feel they’ve wasted their time.

    By C URL on 09.05.2012

  40. To be or not to be depends whether or not you want to be or need to be. Whether is generally associated with choice or decision or even force. Whether it happens is the main idea.

    By Annie URL on 09.05.2012