September 5th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “whether”

  1. I don’t know whether to wear my jeans tomorrow or some leggings with a different top. The word whether is awful because it just makes decisions much harder, why does it exist? Anyway, I don’t think my jeans would be okay in warm weather but I still don’t know whether or not to do it.

    By Shan Purdy URL on 09.05.2012

  2. Whether you want to or not whether it’s right or it’s wrong whether it’s true or false or black or white or moral or not or sane or insane. Whether is the enabler for beautiful decisions and terrible mistakes.

    By Sarah on 09.05.2012

  3. Whether is nothing to do with weather. Whether the weather is good or whether it’s not, it’s not to do with rain, sun or snow, it’s to do with conditionality and choice. Silly people confusing whether with weather :/

    By Libs on 09.05.2012

  4. Whether or not he actually misses me is another subject. Right now it’s whether or not he’s being truthful. He hasn’t replied to me on anything in 4 days. And he said he’d be back in “10 minutes” in exactly 4 days, 3 hours, 21 minutes. Is that a bit stalkerish?

    By Marie on 09.05.2012

  5. It isn’t a matter of choice– it’s a matter of necessity. Whether or not you believe is irrelevant; I believe, and will always believe, in truth. I believe in love that is stronger than all else, and faith that is strongest when we are weak.

    I believe.

    By Courka URL on 09.05.2012

  6. whether i like chefs i will eat them because the weather is nice and sunny and i like cheese because it smells nice but whether i should eat it or sleep on it i don’t know because whether i do it or not i will still smell the tomatoes. and monkeys and bananas and lemons and limes and antelopes and monkeys and cheese and antelopes.

    By Zareen on 09.05.2012

  7. whether is a very interesting word because i have a slight idea of what it means but not positive so it looks very much like weather but it resembles we and there so im just going to leave it at that

    By shortone on 09.05.2012

  8. (yesterday’s word that i missed:

    “our last dollar.”

    “we can get buy ramen, good for five days.”


    “one for each day.”

    “but there’s two of us!”

    “we’ll split them, fatass.”

    “do you want me to starve?”

    “quit whining, my earphones are broken so i can’t even block you out.”

    “what’s the other option?”


    “you said, ‘we can.’ not ‘we will.’ how else are we going to spend it?”

    “i’m going to die with an idiot.”

    “what did i say?”

    “how else?”

    “you’re not very helpful…”

    “condoms. duh.”



    “what are we gonna need condoms for??”

    “well, i don’t want them to find me on the streets and take me to have an, what do they call it…”

    “the what?”

    “on CSI, finding out how people died…”

    “autopsy, yeah. i don’t want them to do an autopsy on me and it comes up that i have AIDS. or, worse, a baby.”

    “i don’t have AIDS!”

    “you don’t now. but tomorrow…”

    “it doesn’t work like that!”

    “just to be on the safe side.”

    “fine. but you definitely aren’t getting pregnant.”

    “what makes you so sure?”

    “i don’t think the little guys can swim very fast right now. phelps needs 12,000 calories a day, you know…”

    “you’re not malnourished, asshole. could use a run, actually…”

    “i’ll pass out! choke on my own vomit!”

    “more ramen for me, then.”

    “and the condoms?”

    “i guess they’re out of the question.”

    “do you want them to be?”

    “no. go buy them.”

    “sweetheart, you have such a way with words.”)

    (today’s word:

    a puppet over a precipice;
    this tightened string is cutting into my skin
    but i can’t just let go.)

    By isa on 09.05.2012

  9. whether he is doing this only because of social pressure i dont think i will ever know..whether she did it because she is nasty and just wants attention i wont know but i will always know that what i think can be distorted by what other people are experiencing!

    By shortone on 09.05.2012

  10. A split road – divided by choices, divided by ideas, divided by consequences. Making the choices, being free – that’s the essence of what we do, and whilst it’s hard at times, discovering what’s at the end of that road can sure be fun.

    By Ben on 09.05.2012

  11. Whether reminds me of weather, but thats besides the point. It’s like having to choose between things but not. I don’t know anymore, I just got kinda lost right now.

    By Clay on 09.05.2012

  12. of het nu regent, of waait, of dat de zon schijnt, of dat het sneeuwt, of vriest, of dat de kippen op stok gaan, of de zon onder, of de maan op, of de sterren aan de hemel staan, of ik niets meer kan zien, het maakt geen verschil, het enige dat verschilt is of

    By diederd on 09.05.2012

  13. It was not a question whether or not to do it; it was a question of when to do it. It was inevitable though they loathed to admit it and never would have done it if they hadn’t had to. To paint the Wall.

    By Random on 09.05.2012

  14. Its raining today, kind of gloomy. But sometimes its nice when its raining outside, kind of soothing and cleansing in a way. Fall is my favorite kind of whether. I love the semi-warm days and the cool nights, wearing jeans and sweaters. Football weather of course. The beautiful leaves, nothing better.

    By Katie on 09.05.2012

  15. Whether or not I chose to to, I was forced to. Going to a funeral is just so depressing!
    With all the crying, and wearing black suits, and the corpse, it’s all to creepy.

    By Zachary Williams on 09.05.2012

  16. It is a beautiful day out, whether it is sunny, rains or snows, the world is a beautiful place. I am grateful to live in it and so blessed to be alive.

    By Valeria on 09.05.2012

  17. or not…. People often confuse it with weather…… but its totally different…….

    By Lil on 09.05.2012

  18. I love the letter w, ’cause it’s a letter of the relative m. I’m not too found of the letter h, because i don’t like horses and horses are denoted by a word that begins with the letter h. Also, whether usually isn’t a good word to use at the end of a line of poetry because there are not a lot of words that rhyme with it because it ends with an unstressed syllable.

    By Julia on 09.05.2012

  19. when i think whether i am going to do something, the answer is usualy yes. it doesn’t matter if it stupid. it’s a nice word.

    By me on 09.05.2012

  20. “I don’t know. I just don’t know whether I should go or not.”
    “Any why wouldn’t you? Don’t you love me, don’t you want to be with me?” He leaned in closer, breathing the words into her ear.
    No, she thought. No, I don’t love you.

    By Raneem URL on 09.05.2012

  21. She didn’t know whether to tell him or to keep quiet. It was difficult decision she had been trying to postpone for quite a long time, but it couldn’t wait anymore. It was time to decide what would be better. To tell him herself, or let her sister do the job. She knew what the right choice was, but she also knew how scary saying the words out loud would be. Telling him the truth meant telling him what she had done. And his possible and probable reaction was, by far, what scared her the most.

    By Andrea on 09.05.2012

  22. Dean and Liza lay in their semi sunny bedroom
    with wrinkled flowery sheets
    pulled up to their waists.
    “What shall we do today darling?”
    Was the question Dean put to Liza.
    Smiling a lazy Liza type smile,
    relaxed from late morning love making,
    she finally replied in a slight whisper……
    “It depends on whether or not we want to get out of bed”

    By Karen on 09.05.2012

  23. whether you do or do not you are still making a decision. Focus on your breath and listen to what your body and heart are telling you. Breathe, focus, listen. These are the keys to a peaceful and purposeful life.

    By Kelly on 09.05.2012

  24. whether or not to go ahead with it, that is the question we all face all the time. Do we say yes or no? Do we accept or turn down? Whether or not we do something can change our entire lives in the space of one brief moment of time.

    By Beavis on 09.05.2012

  25. It’s hard to decide between two things you really want. Whether or not you will like your decision once it’s made.. She knew if she picked the wrong option, she would always be upset. She just couldn’t make up her mind about which pizza she wanted.. ;P

    By Maya Celeste on 09.05.2012

  26. whether
    the weather
    creates or kills
    she can’t be predicted
    any more than she can be defied

    oh, but oh
    we try
    and South Louisiana
    is worth it.

    By katiekieran URL on 09.05.2012

  27. I didn’t know whether I was going to make it. The hill seemed to be only getting steeper as I lumped my broken body towards the summit. My goal was shrinking from sight, getting farther away despite the progress I was making, however slow. The dark was looming and the temperature was beginning to fall, numbing my toes and creating frosty clouds from my dried mouth. I heaved to breathe, looking like an aged dragon fighting to keep his fire alight. The cold crashed inside my chest with each inhalation, causing an ironic burning that would subside as I released the breath, only to return again and again with every open lipped suck of frigid air. I began to feel a dizziness I’d not felt before. A sudden retreating inside myself and my awareness focussing behind my eyes. The dark appeared as if behind glass and removed its contact with my body. My hand movements dragged and slurred, leaving smudged reflections of where they’d been half a second earlier like distorted, over exposed fireworks against the night. A visible tracing of where my skin touched space. The mouth clouds I was making seemed to billow briefly as they formed then dropped to the hard ground, the moisture frozen instantly upon meeting the air. The hand tracings and smoky breath joined, one a canvas for the other creating beautiful, muted designs of colours mingled. My fingers and toes were frozen numb but every muscle began to pour as they suddenly relaxed and began to function without strain. My shoulders dropped and my aching legs lost their weight, each previously staggering step became effortless, the ground giving like a sponge. They seemed long and floating as if gravity suddenly reduced. The dark ahead of me swiftly swallowing me with its silence, as if entering a tunnel. Slow and blurry, the night drew in.

    By rhyme79 on 09.05.2012

  28. I dont know whether or not i should go. I feel sick not knowing what i should do. This kind of thing has never happened before, it would be new, but im scared. Its a bad idea. I dont know whether i should go.

    By Bonnie on 09.05.2012

  29. Whether you believe it or not – your actions have consequences, your choices make a difference in the path you take and you can choose to be happy.

    By Katherine on 09.05.2012

  30. the whether is like the personality of the planet and tell us how the earth is feealing!

    By juan on 09.05.2012

  31. …Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them?…

    Oh, Shakespeare, you always manage to invade my brain.

    A quote for every occasion, moment, thought, feeling, word.

    By Eris on 09.05.2012

  32. Warm sunny good change

    By goldenzoe on 09.05.2012

  33. whether you like it or not i’m just going to write a little text. I don’t know if it’s going to be long because i’m running out of time. But whether it is finished or not i’m just going to continue.

    By Louis Van Capppellen URL on 09.05.2012

  34. Whether reminds me that all of life is about options from whether to live or die to whether to inhale of exhale. it is an option to be free and remain so. To do nothing is a option over whether to get involved. I love America and whether I chose to defend her is an option, I do not take lightly.

    By Olson Rogers URL on 09.05.2012

  35. This is a confusing word! I always get it confused with weather :P But this morning i had to decide whether or not to wear my jacket depending on the weather ;)

    By Kaylee_That_Girl_Nicole!! on 09.05.2012

  36. Whether or not i wanted to go was not up to me. Not only did my capturers not speak my own language, but they were also not of my own planet! They took me away in the night… i haven’t seen the small blue spinning planet ever since…

    By JENNADOUBU URL on 09.05.2012

  37. I don’t know whether the weather is good or not. It could be bad, but I’m stuck inside this box that this serial killer has placed me inside of. Fortunately, I can smell him…or is it a HER?????? i can smell her perfume…. or maybe that’s his girlfriend’s smell. i wonder if she knows about this. it makes me sad, but it’s her own damn fault. i’m the one being killed.

    By 1D on 09.05.2012

  38. Whether or not I weather or not
    the storm comes from a million miles
    to crash on the instant that strikes forth
    in the mesh of framework
    with which life moves forward
    and sees itself in the light of the sun
    for the invisible worm
    will fly and come whether or not
    we weather the storm.

    By t44 on 09.05.2012

  39. it might be a great song. I rather be with you than dance, by myself, in the darkness and solitude of the stage.
    I’ll try to catch up. I promise. It’s worth it.

    By ana on 09.05.2012

  40. Whether or not you decide to move is one thing, but if you want to stay here you need to tell me what to do because I can’t keep putting my life on hold for you, I shouldn’t be, and I shouldn’t have started in the first place. What’s the point? What’s in it for me? I need you to make a decision so I can make mine. Isn’t that pathetic?

    By Meg on 09.05.2012