May 31st, 2018 | 11 Entries

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11 Entries for “weekly”

  1. 1weekly= Watches Each Every Kinetics Leveraging Y.

    By Garz on 06.01.2018

  2. My skin would go from transparent to luminous periodically. When I was with her, it happened weekly. Some days you could see me in the dark and through sunlight and I felt complete.

    By estefania on 06.01.2018

  3. weekly she litters my arms with stickers. day by day, they accumulate, shiny rainbows and red apples and yellow smiley faces. she kisses my skin before she places each sticker on with such care and precision. Where she got these stickers, I cannot say. All I know is that i never feel sad anymore.

    By Gabby Morreale on 06.01.2018

  4. Tired of all these weekly tasks, just want to run away at once and grab some fresh air. Breathe a lot and do some power Yoga.

    By Shraddha URL on 06.01.2018

  5. The time between now and when she was supposed to leave dwindled faster every minute. Somehow the units of measurement weren’t consistent from one second to the next. If it hadn’t been physically impossible, she would have thought the rotation of the earth was speeding up.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.01.2018

  6. the flower opened every week.
    petals unfolding, golden memory.
    morning circled around to devour the evening.

    By batteryman on 06.01.2018

  7. Weekly, I am trying to write something daily and what i get to write for is “weekly”. Is this irony or something else?

    I go over my plans and finances weekly on the weekend.

    By Shanmuga on 06.01.2018

  8. The weekly grind of getting up at the same time every day going into the same job for the same amount of pay is killing him. It is not how he had pictured his life to be. He had big dreams. Dreams of pouring into his writing and producing movies by the time he hit this stage in his life. He was trying his hardest not to get depressed, yet he still found himself slowly slipping into the deep dark hole that is hard for him to get out of.

    By Cris Nole on 06.01.2018

  9. We met at the Channel Five coffee shop on a weekly basis, always ordering mochas and always waiting for a Channel Five news bus to be situated outside. We knew why the shop had that name, though – it was because the owner’s last name was Channel, and he was the fifth child out of seven in his family. He went by Chan colloquially, and he always winked at me when he handed me my drink.

    “We’re not dating,” I’d always remind him, trying not to pay attention my attractive friend as she waited for me at the corner table.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.01.2018

  10. I think weekly is a nice word for advertisment, like ” Weekly sale” or “Weekly trials for free!”
    It can be used in so many ways, and is a great method to get customers, it can also mean something about how you do something, each week.

    – Anton

    By Anton on 06.01.2018

  11. This is a weekly issue with you -she sat down, hands covering her face. He knew she has covering her watering eyes – and I’m just so tired right now. Of this, of you. -She stayed silent for a couple of minutes before adding -get out, i don’t want you here anymore.

    By Bramsy on 06.01.2018