June 1st, 2018 | 8 Entries

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8 Entries for “wrecked”

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    By cialis URL on 06.02.2018

  2. She looked over in the other lane, where everyone else was slowing down and looking, too. The mangled carcass of a car was limply hanging on the lamppost. She swallowed. Hopefully there hadn’t been injuries. She somehow felt responsible, even though she was only passing by.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.02.2018

  3. The ship lay on the beach. You could still see where the mast once must have proudly stood, but meanwhile the villagers had taken the wood only a large hole was left. The figurehead was dangling from the rim.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.02.2018

  4. She destroyed my house. She wrecked my car. And on top of that, she stole my heart. I knew that was a big mistake to love her, but it was mine to make. She was pure living TNT, and soon, she’d make a fool of me. She’d lead me down a twisted path and strand me in the aftermath. I’d be just like that automobile – a broken pile of junk and steel.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.02.2018

  5. The crazed woman wrecked my car again. I swear, how many times do I have to tell her to slow the fuck down. This time she was putting on lipstick while going around a curve on her way home form work. Why would she need to put on lipstick to come home to me?

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 06.02.2018

  6. It’s wrecked, Radamant said, clearly upset.

    It’s wrecked? I’m wrecked! Hah!” The Skeleton King swayed left and right.

    “We’re taking on water fast!” Radamant pleaded.

    The Skeleton King threw the bottle of rum into the assaulting rock. He hiccuped and fell overboard.

    By Rover on 06.02.2018

  7. ship wrecked a long ago in that sea. nobody can found any remains
    but after a

    By sid on 06.02.2018

  8. my life was wrecked. the money i had stoeln from the company was about to be discovered. i had no explanations good reas

    By Hannli on 06.02.2018