May 29th, 2018 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “cone”

  1. Would you like three dollars for an ice cream cone? I can come with you, so you don’t have to be alone. I’ll get myself a sundae, with a cherry on top. Enjoy the treat during the heat. Ignore the assholes on the street. When it comes to being yourself and happy, you never have to stop.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.29.2018

  2. I once fell down a cone, I think it was in a dream. One moment semi conscious, just drifting on the edge of sleep about to tilt and submerge into the dreamy abyss. And all of a sudden I was falling into a glittery cone.

    By Sarah on 05.29.2018

  3. One side of the cone says “Terrific!”. The other side says “Terrible!”. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

    By okayfine on 05.29.2018

  4. The ice cream dripped from the cone, slowly, toward her wrist. She wanted to lick it, to catch every beautiful bite before it was lost to the 90-degree weather. But as she walked to the car and took the first lick, the scoop fell off the cone. Plop! And smashed into a mess on the sidewalk.

    By Ilene on 05.29.2018

  5. All it took was a click of the switch and the whirring of the screen as it descended to disrupt their advance on Leon: their focus on him was disturbed, their concentration broken. The demons hesitated, perceiving there might be easier prey around. The slight mechanical noises had stopped their advance, it was as if a cone of silence had descended, as they tried to work out what was happening.

    As the slideshow started the room lights dimmed and I saw them quietly watching the screen, their eyes moving left and right trying to focus on the blurred projected images, trying to sense any foreign presence.

    There was very little time to escape: I gently closed the door, lept down the stairs and was running to my car as I exited the building. Leon meanwhile had kicked out the window and jumped. He was waiting at the car as I arrived and the sound of the pack catching up with us was close behind.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.29.2018

  6. She liked the side of her hand, thinking. “Well, it can’t get worse.”
    He snorted, which only emphasized the ice cream that dripped off the tip of his nose. “You have to be kidding me.”
    “You’ve jinxed us now for sure.”
    “Have not.”
    “Really? No one ever said, ‘it can’t get worse’ and it got better.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 05.30.2018

  7. The mountain stood on the horizon like an impossibly steep cone, its sides glowing red in the light of the setting sun. They couldn’t seem to reach it no matter how far they pushed themselves to walk each day. They got mired in a morass of brambles and ditches, and their progress was achingly slow.

    By awriterbythesea URL on 05.30.2018

  8. The small cone like object sat on top of my head, reminding me what day it was. My birthday. The day my twin brother died three years ago. He had gotten hypothermia, and I miss him so dearly– so badly.

    By Isabella Baton on 05.30.2018

  9. Chocolate dripped down the cone. The sun was high noon. She stood stunned at the site of a man she had not seen in a decade. Forgetting she had ice cream in her hands, she let it drip down into her arm. She was shocked at what her eyes caught a glimpse of and how quickly her heart went back in time.

    By Cris Nole on 05.30.2018

  10. The mound of ice cream melted and trickled down the sides of the cone until my fingers where sticky.

    By Sara on 05.30.2018

  11. ice cream on a hot sunny day, children running around through sprinklers, summer days, bumpy, brown, sweet, delicious

    By Sharpies on 05.30.2018

  12. The driving instructor was furious. I kept hitting the cones in the road. I was not paying attention to the instructor, just thinking why vlc choose the traffic cone for their icon.

    By Shanmuga URL on 05.30.2018

  13. Cone-head is all I can think about from when I was a young lady watching Sat. Night Live with my brothers and sisters, as we laughed hysterically until we were all crying. Great memeories

    By Donna Whiting on 05.30.2018

  14. She was sweating. And her feet burned. Thirst tortured her. But she was determined to wait it out. The reward. She could already feel the rough surface in her palm, the cold drop sliding down the side and then she heard the bell. Finally.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 05.30.2018

  15. no sprinkles two scoops a spork and maple syrup ON A CONE

    By Mr.584903 URL on 05.30.2018

  16. The orange traffic cones lay in disarray around the parking lot. The teacher, Mr. Henrickson, turned wearily to face a student who was sheepishly sliding out of the rusty weathered truck.

    “Not quite how what I meant by ease off the clutch,” Mr. Henrickson sighed, running one hand through the wisps on his balding head. “Although I guess this run was better than the last.”

    The student, Mollie grimaced and turned to see a few of her classmates murmuring. Two of the classmates were out right laughing, one of the two held up his phone. Mollie guessed the boy must have video taped her attempt at driving and she slouched as she made her way to the rest of the class.

    All Mollie could think as she trudged home that day, was that walking was much easier and saved her so much more embarrassment.

    By Megan Manwaring on 05.30.2018

  17. the ice cream dripped down my chin and i smiled. the smell of sunblock and sea always made me so happy. i loved summer. i loved Summer.

    “hey, hurry up!” Summer called from the shore, waving her arms wildly. i grinned

    By Rhea on 05.30.2018

  18. Ice cream cone. The hard crunchy shell juxtaposed with the creamy cool sweet treat. Orange. A warning in the long stretch of road to beware of a dangerous hazard ahead.

    By Ashley on 05.30.2018

  19. traffic
    Ice cream

    By Megan on 05.31.2018

  20. I love ice cream cones. They make ice cream worth eating. I remember when waffle cones first came to TCBY – The Country’s Best Yogurt. I was ten years old and it is one of my favorite memories with my mom. TCBY and cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone! Yum!

    By Rebecca on 05.31.2018

  21. i ate a ice cream cone while talking with my friend. it was tasty

    By hailey on 05.31.2018

  22. i ate a ice cream cone while talking with my friend. it was tasty. although it also pushed away my troubles.

    By hailey on 05.31.2018

  23. Cone…so many things: traffic, icecream, Coneheads the movie. I hate that guy from Coneheads: that one who believes in aliens…Dan Aykroyd? I also hate Bill Murray. Am I okay? Aren’t I supposed to like Bill Murray?

    By Jessie on 05.31.2018

  24. i ate a ice cream cone with my best friend it was really tasty and good

    By hailey on 05.31.2018

  25. The cone fell done, breaking the silence. The noise jumped around, echoing, calling to the creatures around them and giving their location away. They didn’t care for carefulness anymore. Now they started to run as fast as they could

    By Bramsy URL on 05.31.2018

  26. Stella couldn’t do anything but stare at her $5 ice cream cone that was now laying, raspberry ice cream side down, on the ground. The cone seemed to stare up at her in laughter, as if it had jumped from her hand on purpose.
    That had been the last of her allowance for the month, too. She had worked hard, dusting her Mother’s endless amount of bookshelves, cleaning the window shutters, scavenging for her brother’s dirty socks and throwing them laundry whenever she found them (she had never understood why he had so many, or why they seemed to pop up in the oddest places around the house).
    Now it was all in vain as the pinkish cream melted into the concrete. She knew she should’ve bought something else, but she had been hungry, and she’d been curious about the flavor.

    By Julie URL on 05.31.2018

  27. I tried calculating the dimensions of my embarrassment, tried to put my feelings into numbers since I’ve failed to put it into words. All I could come up with was a three cubic centimeter white, weather resistant cone.

    By estefania URL on 05.31.2018