February 5th, 2019 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “wedding”

  1. My wedding day was one of the best days of my life. Everyone I cared about–friends, family–all in the same place, celebrating my union with my best friend.

    By Jonathan on 02.05.2019

  2. Sometimes, I wish I could relive my own wedding – all the colors and the music and cheering as I kissed my bride, and we held our hands up triumphantly in the afternoon light, fingers woven together, hearts now intertwined. I’d love to go back to days in which I felt warm, and calm, and safe – when little demons weren’t gnawing at my stomach and heart, and I could keep food down easier, like the amazing catering at the reception.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.05.2019

  3. The air is warm, sunshine beating down through breaks in the clouds. The white drapery softly defuses it. I squint against the light, only to blink back tears. The sun disappears to me along with the world. The only thing left is my bride. My wife. Today, she is my wife.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.05.2019

  4. My wedding took place in 2010 on Super Bowl Sunday. I married my husband in a small church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both of our families were present at our small but intimate ceremony. After-wards, all of our family members came to our home to enjoy Chicken Wings and watch the Superbowl. The Saint were against the Colts, and the New Orleans Saints took the champisonship.

    By Alicia Ajla on 02.05.2019

  5. I am hoping it will happen very soon for me.

    By N. Chockalingam on 02.05.2019

  6. “Everybody’s heard of the Big Fat Indian Wedding, of course? Haven’t they?” pointed out Anayra sarcastically to her aunts and their friends from the foreign country who were looking at her flabbergast. She was being made to wear a ton of jewelry, her body swimming in layers of silk. But there was not a speck of love in the air.

    By Shalini URL on 02.05.2019

  7. The wedding had to be called off because Rachel realised she didnt love him. She didn’t stay to officially call it off though, she just ran away.

    By aprilstone80 on 02.06.2019

  8. Bells ring, clanging joyously.

    I stand outside, leaning against the warmth of the flagstones, huddling away from the still-bitter spring wind.

    The happy couple leaves through the great sandstone arch, showered with flowers and positively mobbed by well-wishers. I tag along, slowly, because there’s nothing else I have to do.

    My own chance at this left a long time ago. May as well have hope for someone else.

    By Sparklespirit on 02.06.2019

  9. A wedding should be a joyous day, but many times people make it too stressful.

    By okayfine on 02.06.2019

  10. I love weddings! I love the white and happiness there and all the people dancing and stuff. I like the dresses more than anything though. Being a fashionista, Im always looking at the clothes.

    By Peighton on 02.06.2019

  11. Gathering people who love you to enjoy the joining of two committed lives. Seeing folks from all over you don’t get to see every day. Reunion and celebration. Plans, dreams and beginnings

    By Debbie on 02.06.2019

  12. two people getting married and are in love. an occasion with lots of people come to celebrate a great day for two people. everyone wants this.

    By Tyler on 02.06.2019

  13. i cant wait fotr my own wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really cant1 or anyones…i love weddingd! there just so amazing! the food is also amazing! i always askif there will be food there, if there isnt…than u can count me out!

    By deann on 02.06.2019

  14. Bright yellow lights lit her face. A general chattering filled the air. Those were the days…

    By Annika on 02.06.2019

  15. She could hear the organ in the background, so cliche for this kind of moment.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.06.2019

  16. The cake was tall and white, not a spot of frosting out of place. It stood on the table in the center of the room, looming over the guests like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so perfectly white and so level that the thought of cutting it was unbearable.

    By snowthatremembers on 02.06.2019

  17. The only wedding I’ve ever been to was my mom and dads. I didn’t go to my aunts’ wedding because I wasn’t invited.

    By Alexandria on 02.06.2019

  18. What’s behind the veil?

    By and& on 02.06.2019

  19. A wedding is a solemn ceremony, formulated at the end of Rennaisance. It started with the dowry as the original ritual; however, as that no longer applied to modern relationships, it developed into the ceremony of the exchange of rings. Further, elucidated, this ceremony included the solemnization by a priest – who, by power of the Church, made it law – and thus, we have our sanctimonious wedding ceremony.

    By Eric Harrell on 02.06.2019

  20. i come to wedding next week with my parents, i love weddings! thank you for invited me, angela. I appreciated. Your wedding dress is beautiful.

    By Ketlin on 02.06.2019

  21. He enters the room, little snowflakes gently making their way from the crown of his head down, never settling. An eternity and this was his favorite part, seeing them for the first time. He always showed up early to see them while they at peace. He takes a bit of that too, for himself, before claiming it all.
    The house groans and pops in its veins to outdated radiator heaters, but not a single step creaks the aching floorboards. He is a professional, there are no nerves left to spare.
    He takes one last look. The eyes don’t stir, it’s been a dreamless, fitful night. But they do not open. Strands of hair curl over the skin lazily. You’ll never have lost it, he thinks, but its’ grey tint would have only brought you closer to me. He spies a pair of glasses, thick with lens. You’ll have gone blind, he thinks, but I would have been here for you anyway. He spies stripes of daisy yellow on the neck of a pajama top sticking out from underneath an over fluffed quilt. You never would have stopped painting yourself in such bright, offensive colors, he thinks, but I would have taken you in them then as I do now.
    There is no thrill to his bare bones, but he brushes the strands of hair away from the face out of habit. He turns it towards him, and the light sleeper doesn’t wake. They never do. He leans in, a soft, lipless kiss,
    another promise to forever walk them home through the dark.

    By Ai URL on 02.06.2019

  22. I work a lot of weddings because I am the makeup artist. I cry at almost every single wedding I have been too because I love, love. Weddings are my favorite thing about summer. They both make me equally happy.

    By Jenniva C on 02.06.2019

  23. A long time ago in a kingdom far away I had been slated to marry him, be bedded as his wife and have his kids, while he squashed peasent uprisings, mettled in underhanded power plays, and tax the threadbare breeches off the poorest of the poor. But as I stood there in a wedding gown made of spider silk, moth tears, and jeweled serpent scales I asked the mirror on the wall: “Is this the best I can do? Is this where I peak?” I just don’t know anymore.” It was then to my shock and awe that the mirror fell off the wall and a great big dragon broke in and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Why be a queen when I could be a childless, all powerful Empress? No mortal would ever be my equal and according to dragon tradition I didn’t even have to be monogamous. I just had to attend the quarterly dragon court proceedings to make or revise laws, settle complaints, collect my tithe, plan new conquests, and the rest of my time would belong to me. So I burned my former betrothed’s holdings to the ground until the ransom was paid and a yearly tithe established. I have to admit: it was better than having kids with that inbred, Uncle Son Brother.

    By Genetic Diversity 4 The Win URL on 02.06.2019

  24. I’m about to be on my way to the wedding, and now, at 3:00am, there’s freezing rain plummeting from the sky. I have to pray to my great-grandmother who controls the weather that my plans won’t be delayed. Can’t stop thinking about what you said, when I arrived to the house freshly pelted by hail (“At least it’s not freezing rain”). Can’t stop thinking about what you asked, after your computer screens went dark and you turned off the music that kept you working (“Were you testing me?”). Tell me, what does it mean that you gave additional thought to that fleet, parting moment between us two weeks ago? Tell me, what do you think it means that you began to wonder whether I set up a test for you – and, if I did, you knew you failed it?

    By Fox Hedgehog on 02.07.2019

  25. There were doves. Freakin’ doves! Allison rolled her eyes and then feigned an awed smile. Everyone was clapping, and so she joined them, even though she was seething inside.

    By DarkJanuary on 02.07.2019

  26. I can’t wait to have my wedding. I don’t want anything big but I do want everyone who has supported me to be there along with all my family.

    By Naomi Comeaux on 02.07.2019

  27. Planear una boda es costoso, agobiante y desgastador. Planearla en pareja es la prueba real de una pareja, al más mínimo desajuste o discusión todo debería ser cancelado y no continuar con nada.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 02.07.2019

  28. Weddings are considered the most important day of some people’s lives, but also the most stressful days. Some people decide that instead of a wedding, they will just elope.

    By April Stone on 02.07.2019

  29. love. commitment, partnership romance together families celebration

    By Loreen URL on 02.07.2019

  30. should be the best day of your life. fake people fake feelings lots of booze everyone watching you as you say a forever that will never last.

    By ninegoats on 02.07.2019

  31. i dont really know how to do this. my brain is wed to the idea of my misery. i write the same thing everytime i write. maybe i am a shitty writer. why cant i write today, it all sounds so cliche. all my writing does. fuck this day into oblivion.

    By neutral-dick-hotel on 02.07.2019

  32. something very special and stressful, that i’m not looking forward to.

    By collette mullin URL on 02.07.2019

  33. A wedding is when man and woman are joined as one in marriage.

    By Caleb Simmons on 02.07.2019

  34. It was so disappointing, the wedding of my stepdaughter. I had raised her since she was 14-years-old and gotten her through an endless string of mishaps and bad circumstances. It would’ve been nice to be recognized for something… anything.

    By Christine Borglum on 02.07.2019

  35. In the end, the institution of marriage seems null and void against the glaring reality of human instinct and intuition. It might be outdated and another way to lock people into a certain behavior.

    By bluedoor8 on 02.07.2019

  36. Weddings are a time of happiness and love but most people these days make it stressful. Its all about the money, food, guests, and dresses and tuxes.

    By Peighton on 02.07.2019