March 2nd, 2012 | 326 Entries

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326 Entries for “weave”

  1. The threads wrap around me, twist about my body like a snakes. I had thought I could control them, thought I was strong enough. But I wasn’t. My arrogance would prove to be my death, a death drowning under a thousand grasping threads.

    By IceFox416 on 03.03.2012

  2. I love to weave with beads… beadweaving! My sister has woven fabric crafts on a loom, but now she wants to sell her loom because it’s so big.

    By Valerie on 03.03.2012

  3. Life is a tapestry that one can weave of many things. Bright colored clouds and laughter as well as the dark storms that come. However life comes to you, weave it in beauty whenever you can, that you will have a beautiful memory, woven from the threads that make it yours alone. ~linda marie pharaoh-carlson

    By Linda Carlson URL on 03.03.2012

  4. In and out of the people she weaved, attempting to get to her gate. The airport was so alive, with people with stories and purposes and other with no purpose but to wait for a while, all intertwining like fabric.

    By Quotes? Yes. on 03.03.2012

  5. Today, I was weaving a quilt.
    I used many colors.
    It was like a rainbow had formed on my quilt.
    Sometimes I wish I could sit on a rainbow.
    So I sat on my quilt.

    By Michelle URL on 03.03.2012

  6. weave a basket, a poem , a thought
    weave paterns in the minds eye, in the sky
    weave thoughts to fruition

    By jayanthi on 03.03.2012