March 1st, 2012 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “lantern”

  1. oh hey lantern didnt see you there oh whats that you need a clean oh yeah sorry, forgot maybe another day yano yeah so bye for now have a nice dusty life on that shelf of yours with the soiders yeah okay bye now…………hehe how cool i love justin bieber mwahhh

    By laura hughes on 03.02.2012

  2. i like lanterns. they light up the darkness. sometimes they let you see things you dont want to see but it’s always better to see what’s in your path rather than not know. then you can prepare for what is their. they are really useful for when you go camping and can squash a lot of fears. so yeah, pretty useful i’d say.

    By hannah on 03.02.2012

  3. the night as dark as light, as light as all the colors. As opposites that contrast, that compliment, that erase, that love each other. And just one lantern, in space, floating, being.

    By Nathalie on 03.02.2012

  4. It flickers in the distance, a beacon for all that is right, and I approach it with reservation, oddly, tiptoeing my happiness away to grasp the false glow. And it doesn’t so much reveal it’s surrounding but the glare off my outreached hand and the flash of a dream so perfect, so useless.

    By MFIII on 03.02.2012

  5. There was a lantern sitting out at dusk, amidst the rampant wind and the cursory crab grass. It sat on the edge of an old wooden porch, nonchalantly surveying the darkened woods.
    There was a tavern at the end of the world where nothing but time sat.

    By Annabel on 03.02.2012

  6. As the lantern glowed faintly in the hallway, the thunder roared outside and flashes of blue lightening lit the room. Shadows danced on the wall and her imagination, that was the night she learned to not be afraid of the dark things and to embrace the beauty that was.

    By Melissa on 03.02.2012

  7. first learning to study body language in a morgue.
    at least, we should position these people to look peaceful.

    By robyn URL on 03.02.2012

  8. these are the days when such things no longer hold the importance as it had in those days. sometimes when i see them beautifully shining from doorways in the most random places i wonder how such things are no longer used in home and how people no longer appreciate the soft light it gives of.

    By taz on 03.02.2012

  9. the glow of the lantern ‘
    like a pale moon
    seeping through my veins
    stumbling upon my soul
    lurking in the depths of my heart
    your lantern approaches
    it is here to stay

    By Carli Freeman on 03.02.2012