March 3rd, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “sweat”

  1. Swear is what makes me think that I am more than just a living creature. I sweat when I am nervous, excited, afraid or even hungover. (Trust me, it’s not pretty).
    Sweat it out I tell myself, it’s going to be OK…

    By dylanelkeholt on 03.04.2012

  2. Sweat poured down my face as I ran the last lap of the race. Little did I know that I had lapped all the runners and that I was ahead of the game. My heart was beating fast and I could hear the screaming of the fans in the stand. The finish line was just inches away from my middle and I was ready to cross the line when all of a sudden I felt a snap from my calf. Ihautt the ground like a heavy bag of potatoes, grabbed my leg as tears flowed from my eyes the pain was almost more then I could take. My coach approached me, helped me off the ground and helped walk me across the finish line. With a lap ahead of all the runners, I still came in first even with the all. Sweat dripped across my brow as I rested my leg and realized I had won the race.

    By Cris N on 03.04.2012

  3. After I play DDR my face is smothered in sweat, my shirt soaked through. Sweat drips onto the carpet. I stumble to the sink, wash my face. I open the window and let the cold air cool my skin while I sit at my computer and do things that don’t require effort, like checking email.

    By Holden URL on 03.04.2012

  4. sweat is sweaty.You sweat when you do stuff. Like when you write about sweat. Or when it is hot. Or when you write about sweat in summer.

    By er on 03.04.2012

  5. The sweat poured from my forehead. My entire body was perspiring, but I barely even noticed. I was too focused. Concentrate. Focus. Those words streamed through my head. I had to make this shot. One chance. Focus. Concentrate. If I scored this basket we would win the championship. Focus. Concentrate. Shoot.

    By Andrea URL on 03.04.2012

  6. the perspiring dog was sweating all over the place, he was laying in the sun and his fur coat was soaked. he didn’t want to go inside because he enjoyed laying out in the fields.

    By Lola on 03.04.2012

  7. sweat is so gross. i feel like when you sweat, everyone just stares at you and doesn’t bother to tell you how ugly you look. then again, some men find it sexy when women sweat, especially when working out or having intercourse. i still think its disgusting!!!!

    By Daryne on 03.04.2012

  8. the window sweats
    sensing rain.
    music hums
    from inside- kitchen
    acts as a ballroom
    for two
    old lovers.

    By corey leigh kirby on 03.04.2012

  9. sweat. we never thought we could do it. but we did. in those minutes that we had, those sweet, precious moments, the drops that fell to the sheets and floor, the grass that we touched, all blessed with our perspiration. Help. No. Savor me. Because this is our last. For I will never see you again. Keep me safe.

    By Zoe N.R on 03.04.2012

  10. i was running and looking straight ahead, hoping to make it to the other side where my p e teacher currently stood. sweat was trickling down my face and i could feel it in my hair. i still continued to run faster knowing that later i would be grateful and proud of myself for it. irrespective of my heaving breaths and the pain in my side i ran.

    By famk on 03.04.2012

  11. Sweat is wet, hard, and can change a life.

    By Somms on 03.04.2012

  12. I pulled hard on the rope, sweat pouring down my face. The hot summer sun beat down on me as the stallion whinnied and leaped into the air. I help on tightly and braced myself, hoping to stay on and cursing myself for trying to do this without proper equipment. I had no clue what I was doing; I’d never trained a horse before. But here I was, and he was watching, and it was my only chance to impress him, to prove that I was worthy.

    By Jennifer on 03.04.2012

  13. Filthy. Wet. Hot. Humid. All of these uncomfortable adjectives, but I love it. I am dripping in liquid magma and its all coming from inside of me. I am the one who created this. My work is the result of this drippy, hot mess.

    By rachel URL on 03.04.2012

  14. Ah, sweat, the inevitable companion of athletes and fat kids in gym class alike. It stinks, but so does everything done without a little bit of it. Here’s to sweat, the sign of a job well done!

    By Jillian Hadley on 03.04.2012

  15. As she ran down the stairs her hands started to sweat and she wondered if she was going to fall. After all, she didn’t have the greatest balance in the world and she felt her feet becoming more clumsy because she was nervous. She was nervous he might catch her.

    By Nadia on 03.04.2012

  16. there is good sweat and bad. good when you workout – bad when you freakout.

    By aly on 03.04.2012

  17. “My God,” She breathed. The man coming out of his makeshift workshop wasn’t the man who came in. “You’re covered in sweat.”

    “I’m sure he wouldn’t give a shit.”

    By Hannah on 03.04.2012

  18. Sweat is the sweetest revenge on all those years you spent thinking you were not worth a dime. All those years you thought the only thing you could do was to be stoned all day…

    By Felix on 03.04.2012

  19. Blood, sweat, and tears poured down her face as she willfully tried to disentangle herself from the mouth of the mountain lion. She thrusted her knee forward in an attempt to throttle it’s sensitive pelvic area. This, she remembered, was why everyone said to never go on hikes alone.

    By Lexi Ulmer on 03.04.2012

  20. i love the way he smells when he gets done running. the sweat on his neck and chest are one of the most primal scents in the world. i also love how successful i feel when i ‘ve soaked a shirt in sweat after a hard work out. its the smell of sex and success and a combination like that it is not the easiest to come by, I might say

    By C on 03.04.2012

  21. the work that i have endured for the last years is finally paying off. I have lost my life and my will to live, but I have built up a pile of money, ominously resting above my head, crushing my shoulders and killing any possibility of pursuing my destiny.

    By A on 03.04.2012

  22. I was sitting in the locker room. My pulse running, my mind racing. I could hear everyone around me, but I wasn’t really listening. Sweat ran down my forehead. It ran down my back, my legs, my chest. I clenched the towel with my right fist and wiped the perspiration away. Today would be the last day that I’d ever let that happen again.

    By Amanda on 03.04.2012

  23. dirty rivers in an elevator going into the matrix where everything is green and keanu reeves wears horrible sunglasses that make him look like a techno freak. there are also trees and squirrels. with fur. horses sweat is white.

    By Celia on 03.04.2012

  24. dripping from pores as i exercise in the gym. what an extensive workout i thought to myself as i got off the running track. i need to go to the gym. and get homework done.

    By Taylor Van Maurik on 03.04.2012

  25. Blood, i tried so hard, I’m so tired. I don’t want to fight any more. its so hot. Why am i still dealing with all of this. I need to get some things off my chest. I’m sweating, i can’t breathe anymore. Leave me alone, i need someone to come and rescue me.

    By jasminalise URL on 03.04.2012

  26. I didn’t want to look back. I wanted to keep running and never think about anything that happened to me in the past. I wanted to feel the cold wind beat against my skin, feel the sweat pour down my face blinding my vision. Because I didn’t want to see anything else than what was ahead of me. But I turned around anyway. I tripped on my own feet, and fell on the grass, cutting my palms, still trying to hard not to care about anything than what was ahead of me.

    By Amanda on 03.04.2012

  27. He said he should shower, he was sweaty from the gym, but she couldn’t wait. She had him on the welcome mat.

    By Laura URL on 03.04.2012

  28. it’s so hot. sweat beads on my face. i look for something else to drink, ice cream, anything. a cold shower, again? it’s like this everyday between 9 am and 2 pm. that’s the tropics at the beach.

    By spacialle on 03.04.2012

  29. Dirty. The thing I am afraid to do. What I am least comfortable with. Friends used to make fun of the way I smelled in middle school. They said it was a mix of old and dog pee. Ever since, I don’t want to smell bad, ever. Because you never know. It’s strange that to people sweat equates with hard work, for me it is weakness.

    By Alexander on 03.04.2012

  30. The sweat poured off his brow. It dripped into his eyes, blurring his vision. With a shaking hand he wiped his eyes to restore his sight and then to remove some of the sweat. Even as he wiped it away, more seem to appear like a waterfall.

    He had only a few minutes left to cut the wire…which one, red and it might be bang and it’s all over, blue and all might be safe again!

    By ignominius URL on 03.04.2012

  31. Sweating is good for ones health. It isn’t the most fun thing; not by any means, but it keeps one alive. Sweating is an indication in a manner of speaking that you are living life. It means you are doing things that make you move, that keep you happy in a biological and in turn psychological manner. It releases enzymes that keep you happy in your darkest times. So to speak in a metaphorical manner; to sweat is to be happy.

    By S on 03.04.2012

  32. working out is my favourite thing. i love it. i love working hard, sweating. feeling sore the next day. its fantastic. its empowering. it makes me feel like a real women.

    By Paige on 03.04.2012

  33. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to do what I just did, but it will all be worth it in the end. I ran and ran, until I couldn’t run anymore, my heart was exploding in my chest and I nearly collapsed at the pain in my rib cage, but I was in a run or die situation and I wasn’t about to die. Panting like a dog left in the car on a hot day, I stopped and looked down at my abdomen. A thick crimson river slowly flowed and dried out of my wound. The amount of blood lost made me panic, but the depth I saw of the wound as I lifted my t-shirt made my pounding heart skip two beats. Two missed beats were all it took. I felt my wind pipe start to close up as I tried to steady my breathing. I was getting disoriented as I tried to sit down, but instead I fell to the ground. This was it. I was dying. My body trembled viciously and my breaths were beginning to get shorter and shorter. Until I finally gave up, and the world turned black.

    By Tristi Wants Brainz on 03.04.2012

  34. I drag my sweaty meat rag down upon her filthy pigface, pausing to pant as the heat in the room continues to increase, causing the balls to part and the legs to redden. I like it. I deserve it. I have been a bad man and I deserve to suffer.

    By Bob Kowchanski on 03.04.2012