May 12th, 2010 | 286 Entries

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286 Entries for “wealth”

  1. Despite all her wealth, Julianna was still poor. She was poor in health, poor in spirit, and poor in just about everything else. What she had in money, she lacked in all other aspects of her life. It was crazy of her to think she’d be able to find someone to love her.

    By Mandy on 05.13.2010

  2. Wealth. A beauteous aspect of our present world. Once, we traded in mere items of value to us – pigs, embroidery, thoughts and wisdom. Now, we rely upon these paper dollars and silver coins and fake gold, killing one another for another buck. Is this fair? Is this real? Is this how we should respond to change, through hiding behind piles of money?

    By Aran URL on 05.13.2010

  3. I never was wealthy. But he loved me anyway. I gave him all I had, and he returned such generosity. It was all I needed. I suppose, in an odd way, I am wealthy through him.

    By kristen on 05.13.2010

  4. it means nothing unless you have happiness to go behind it. what good is money if you arent happy. sure it can buy you everything you’ve probably always wanted, but i’d rather be happy and poor than wealthy and sad. wealth usually falls into the ahdns of those who don’t deserve it and usually always change the good people into bad as well .. it’s a sad sad thing.

    By alison on 05.13.2010

  5. There’s more to the world than money because you can be wealthy in so many other ways.

    By sweeterthansunshine URL on 05.13.2010

  6. if i had it, it would solve my problems. it would be able to eliminate almost all that has gone wrong in my life and the reason that we fight most of the time. im sorry

    By alison on 05.13.2010