May 13th, 2010 | 268 Entries

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268 Entries for “lack”

  1. the beat in her heart was missing
    and he couldn’t find any new way
    to keep her breathing.

    By Sarah Walton URL on 05.14.2010

  2. I lack only the courage to go without that which I do not need.

    I now lack anything else to say for the remaining 30 seconds…

    By eluxdesign URL on 05.14.2010

  3. They always say you lack something. Imagination. Spark. Wisdom. Maturity. I hate it when they try to put it in such a way that it’s okay for them to say you’re stupid.

    By ifahh URL on 05.14.2010

  4. The cat lacked any sense of curiosity whatsoever. He wasn’t interested in the bag, the catnip or what was in his toy box. Instead, he sat at the edge of my desk, staring at me as if to say “write faster.”

    By Teresa Mariano URL on 05.14.2010

  5. Simple as it may seem, it really means a lot. Lack of sex, lack of love, lack of food and water when it is needed. Lack of sex is really where it’s at. I don’t even know why this is the most important thing currently up on my list, but really it is it. It is where all my troubles lie. It is because I live, I exist, I die. I know this is the reason for most people

    By Deej on 05.14.2010

  6. Lack soul, lack heart, what will we do wth so many lacks in our lives

    By Silvia on 05.14.2010

  7. He lacked many things in life. Love, dignity, everything. Though, for some reason he didn’t seem to care. Sometimes it’s not the things that you don’t have that matter, it’s the things you do have. At the very least he had his computer, and that could double as everything else he needed in live. Too bad you can’t eat the cookies on your laptop.

    By Guro on 05.14.2010

  8. There are many things he lacked in life. Mittens, a scarf, fun times. At least he could freeze to death in peace, and that’s the one thing that he didn’t lack.

    By guro URL on 05.14.2010

  9. In this world there is a lack of love, a lack of compassion, a lack of humanity.
    Great, we became civilised and more advanced, but have we lost something along the way?
    There seems to be a real lack of love. Really.
    I think we should all take a leaf out of the late great Jimmy Hendrix’s book, when the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace :)

    By Emily on 05.14.2010

  10. The red-silked men lounged down the market roads, their eyes devoid of all human affection. They stared blankly to the horrified children, unable to contemplate a world where money controlled society.

    By Sean on 05.14.2010

  11. Harder than you would think: to lack something essential, a basic necessity for life.

    By Zora on 05.14.2010

  12. This website apears to be lacking. Why is lack the only word available? Do other words become available when you prove that you don’t lack the wordiness to create great works of literary genius?

    By Dana on 05.14.2010

  13. lack. having a lack of whatever is not good.
    i have a lack of money right now (who doesnt?).
    Which means i cant go travellin. Which means lack of joy in life!!
    Wanna travel again! AHH

    By M URL on 05.14.2010

  14. to lack is to not have, to not feel. A felling of loss and emptiness. A feeling of abandonment, a feeling of sorrow.

    By Nick on 05.14.2010

  15. i lack the motivation at the moment for planing my future. i failed my goals, and am starting from scratch but i lack the boot in the ass.

    By G. Morgan on 05.14.2010

  16. Once upon a time there was a girl named Lack. It was a funny name that lacked reason. But it was one that she was quite proud of.

    By Rachel on 05.14.2010

  17. i lack the courage to address what i lack

    By annie cooperstone on 05.14.2010

  18. Ur lack or things is horrible! You should do more things instead of lacking in those qualities. We should stop lacking in our niceness and be loyal. :)

    By athena on 05.14.2010

  19. What ever we think about, we magnify so it is important to look at all that we do have in life and not what we lack.

    By Paulie on 05.14.2010

  20. a lack of feeling is also a feeling

    By leah URL on 05.14.2010

  21. lacking the faith to stay, lacking the courage to leave. lack is as lack does and i will forever be lacking. lacking knowledge of myself.

    By Julie URL on 05.14.2010

  22. what am I lacking in life? this is what i ask myself every day.
    Why can’t i be awesome and not lack anything?
    but perhaps its not me at all whose lacking?
    Maybe its everything and everyone else around me whose really the ones lacking?

    By Tara URL on 05.14.2010

  23. I lack the guts to stand up and fight like my brother. I have tried to emulate his confidence along with the push my mother always gave me. But I am not the same person as him.

    By Nilofar URL on 05.14.2010

  24. lack of communication. a deficit. what do i lack? my life has a sever lack of time. lack.

    By Paul on 05.14.2010

  25. I lack the ability to go on. What’s the point? If there is not some great destiny I was meant for and do, what is the point? And even with that, humans are just a stain on the universe anyway.

    By Kenzie URL on 05.14.2010

  26. Lack is a hole in your chest, a space of something missing, a hole in the universe where something isn’t that once was, that should still be, but isn’t.

    By Magdalena on 05.14.2010

  27. i lack. WE lack. i will continue to TRY not to. but it is partly my nature. OUR nature. I want to be better.

    By inb on 05.14.2010

  28. My life always feels like it lacks something. I am a fortunate girl with good family, friends, boyfriend, job. I’m in school and doing well. But something is always lacking and I am always searching for the missing piece. I think its just a lack of adventure.

    By Sara on 05.14.2010