October 5th, 2011 | 433 Entries

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433 Entries for “warned”

  1. “You’ve been warned.”

    The voice of the man was stern and commanding.

    I had a choice.

    I could either kill myself, or my best friend.

    I look at him. “What should I do?”

    He gives me his answer.

    And I obey.

    By Annie on 10.05.2011

  2. He was warned. She was warned. They were all warned. The possibility of impending danger attending New York City’s Halloween Parade was as certain as turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Paige, immediately knocked down, trampled to death by an oncoming crowd, after shots were fired into the crowd. Hearing gun fire, the crowd became an uncontrollable mob of gobblings, monsters and freaks of all kinds in the best makeup money did buy. Paige, Markus and Diamond had just arrived. Paige saw a friend from home and left her friend and brother to say hello. Markus began to moved fast, lightening speed, in an attempt to save his sister, but was met with drunkards pushing and shoving him in the opposite direction. Diamond, Paige’s best friend behaved like New Yorkers and bullied her way through the crowd until she found herself standing over Markus, protecting him from further maurading abuse, saw her best friend, Paige, since elementary school, stomped to death by Frankenstein, Dora, the Pillsbury Dough boy and a police officer, all of whom were running for the lives. Paige and Markus’ mother had warned her children about going into the city. “There’s always trouble in that place,” Diamond recalled Paige mother voice, as the morturay attendants raised the gurnny with her friend’s dead body, loading it into the morturary van. We had been warned, Paige, Markus and I. We just laughed at Paige and Markus’s mother’s fear. Paige said, ” mother your paranonia is showing.” Laughing, they left Paige’s home. Paige’s mother embrassed forgot to kiss her baby girl goodbye.

    By precious1026 URL on 10.05.2011

  3. The buzzing is what warned them to stay away, though they couldn’t tell it was buzzing until they were within spitting distance — before that, it was just a steady, thin hum that had them heading toward the hive.

    By Marian writes URL on 10.05.2011

  4. I was warned
    about the danger
    of giving my heart
    away to a stranger
    but at the time
    it seemed so freeing
    til past its prime
    he crushed my being

    By SprawlingInk URL on 10.05.2011

  5. The receptionist in my work’s lobby warned me not to look in the package. An unhappy little cupcake sat there, reminding me it was my birthday.

    By Kolton URL on 10.05.2011

  6. I warned you to stay out!
    But, but, but
    That’s right. Now I’m going to kick you in the butt.
    No! I just wanted to…
    Oh you want me to kick you twice?! Can do!
    That isn’t what I meant!

    By Melia/Aj URL on 10.05.2011

  7. There had been a sign. But we had only shrugged and ignored. And now he lay on the floor. And the red was everywhere. A smell of iron in the air. We should have known. There had been a sign.

    By Johanna URL on 10.05.2011

  8. He was warned about that stick. Charlie you bit me Charlie that really hurt:(

    By cbfan16 URL on 10.05.2011

  9. I warned you not to fuck with me
    i am a civil person
    but i can ease my way into your mind
    i was warned that things wouldn’t work out
    i was warned that this would all be hard work

    i warned you that i was odd
    that i needed my distance
    i needed my independence
    maybe you should have taken me seriously

    By jillmjacobs URL on 10.05.2011

  10. I tried to warn him. I tried to tell him that it would be a bad decision on his part. Did he listen? No. It was always like this. Not once did he ever consider what I’ve been trying to tell him, not once did he consider the gravity of the situation. Not once did he ever consider what I’d feel were he to perish because of his bad decisions.

    By Beatrice URL on 10.05.2011

  11. You were warned. I warned you. You thought you could handle me but you were wrong. It was only fair that I warned you about who I am. What I do. WHO I am. It wouldn’t have been fair other wise. But despite my warning here you are. Here we are together. Okay then. Let’s do this. Together.

    By kylegene on 10.05.2011

  12. I think of a red light or a stop sign. I also think of friends which then makes me think of trust. I also think of yellow light on a traffic light.

    By Karli on 10.05.2011

  13. warned of what? danger? consequences? mysterious word, what do you talk of? this sounds like a plot waiting to be uncovered. what lies behind you? what’s your story? WARNED. different from the lowercase but the same.

    By LilyLou on 10.05.2011

  14. joey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!iii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By cbfan16 URL on 10.05.2011

  15. you have been warned on what the rules are for this game. Warned of dangers of listening to false warnings echoed in strangers ears brought to mouths that shout “warning!warning!” with no visible threat in sight. But who are you hiding from?

    By Luna Espiritu on 10.05.2011

  16. “Stay back, human. You don’t know what you’re dealing with.”
    To her surprise, Artemis nodded.
    “You know what? You are correct. I should not be doing this.” he said.
    And then the book became much shorter.

    By T. S. Patrick URL on 10.05.2011

  17. Alex was waned but still hates me! All I can say was he was warned.

    By tatertot URL on 10.05.2011

  18. I was never warned on Neopets before they closed my account and I was pissed off because what I was frozen for made no sense as I did not scam anyone, the guy sent me something and TOLD me I could have it
    then filed a report against me. Seriously man? I mean, he was my friend. What could he gain from doing that? |: I was just a little kid.

    By Rae URL on 10.05.2011

  19. Be wary. Be watchful.
    I tell you, go no further. You brush me aside like a troublesome fly.
    I tell you, be careful. You leap without looking, ignoring my wisdom.
    I tell you, it’s dangerous. You scoff.
    None shall return, none have ever returned. To go is death, to return is impossible.
    So go. Leave me. Ignore me now.
    But….you have been warned.

    By Artimas URL on 10.05.2011

  20. I warned all the students that not doing the reading would have dire consequences, but one really didn’t listen. He actually teased the others for doing their reading, but I’m sure he regretted it later when he did not receive a check plus like he wanted to. And what’s with a check plus anyway? So ambiguous.

    By Lora on 10.05.2011

  21. I warned you this would happen. I told you. I knew. But you, you’re so smart, you know everything. Don’t worry you said. It won’t happen. It won’t matter. Well what are we supposed to do now? And what do we name it?

    By jasmith URL on 10.05.2011

  22. I warned myself before getting into this that I would have to stay strong and not be easily persuaded by his beliefs. While they are close to mine, I fear that anything he says might sound “right.” I need to be careful.

    By CellarDoor on 10.05.2011

  23. i warned her,
    i told her that the cost of life was torturous.
    but she still came.
    she took the hearts of hundreds of people,
    but when time came the cost of life came with it.
    only when she left.
    everyone she met and liked her were the ones to morn and din pain.
    i told her,
    again and again.
    but she didn’t listen… Sorry

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog URL on 10.05.2011

  24. You have been warned, said the dog when he turned to leave. Warned? Thought the cat. Warned about what? I have stood here and watched from this window for seven years now. Who are you, you puppy, to suddenly come in here and think that with a brief grunt and a growl you can take my place.

    By Charlotte Vera on 10.05.2011

  25. A warning turmed up o. His flaring white screen. “warning- incomming missile” it spelledi n glaring red colours, blinking in and outvof existence as if the letters where lethally affraid that they would be forgotten like some unwanted and disabled step child

    By Jacob on 10.05.2011

  26. I had been warned about this. If any trouble arose, even if it weren’t my fault, I would be the one to leave. It wasn’t fair by any means, but that was what would happen. All I wanted was for my wishes to be respected, after all, I live here too. But no, I forgot what I had been warned and went against them and now I find myself without a home again.

    By MgM URL on 10.05.2011

  27. The other day, when I was going to my house , someone suddenly shouted me watch out!” Then I through my self to the floor, I was shocked. I wasn´t sure about what was going on but I didn´t wanted to rise up.

    By Felipe Arango P. URL on 10.05.2011

  28. He warned them of the pain to come.
    And one turned away.
    He warned them of the friends they’d lose.
    And some hid their face for a while.
    He warned them that the ultimate price would have to be paid.
    And they came willingingly.

    By Verette URL on 10.05.2011

  29. they warned me about this life. warned me of the hardships and pain. they warned me about you. they warned me of terrors too big to think of. but they never warned me that happiness was a useless conquest

    By heather URL on 10.05.2011

  30. I smoke cigarettes & I am warned every time I light up about the consequences. But I can’t quit. & the sad thing is I really want to. Today my 4-year old daughter reminded me of the “book that said smoking will make you SICK!” …I don’t even want to think about the future of my health.

    By grateful to Bee URL on 10.05.2011

  31. I was warned that love would never be simple. They told me I would fall in it and it would hurt like nothing else, but of course, I just had to go and fall in love. I warned myself over and over again that he wasn’t any good for me. But now I’m the one stuck warning my friends that love sucks, and I haven’t felt love since.

    By Madison Bryce URL on 10.05.2011

  32. i was warned not to fall in love with you but i did i was warned not to fall for you again but i did now look what i have become lonely

    By taylor URL on 10.05.2011

  33. He was warned from the very first day of the game he played and the decision he would have to make. I miss him now, but in the end he was warned…. I love you and that is all I have to say.

    By VannaBugg_Yoo URL on 10.05.2011

  34. I got a little afraid when I read ‘warned’ this big on my screen.

    I’m afraid of being warned and not heeding.

    The big words came to me like saying “I warned you” and it frightened my heart. lol

    By Cathy URL on 10.05.2011

  35. i was warned not to be with her, by my own self. but i did. and i regretted. it sucked the entire while. you should never ignore the warning signs of the self. nature has designed us to have a defense. we should respect that. ignoring warnings makes us bad people.

    By kalyan on 10.05.2011

  36. Warmed by the glow of the ashes from the fire that once heated the room. Warmed by the memory of the whispers in the night.

    By david URL on 10.05.2011

  37. They told me not to listen, and I didn’t. Maybe that was for the best, because she heard everything. I don’t know anything, so I’m safe. For now, I guess. But a small part of me still wants to have heard it all, to have that knowledge, even if it means becoming hunted.

    By Cinnia URL on 10.05.2011

  38. “Du wurdest gewarnt” sagte der Mann in dem Trenchcoat. Ralf warf sich sofort auf den Boden und griff nach dem Messer und warf es ihm ins Gesicht.

    By MegaFreund on 10.05.2011

  39. She coughed gently, but the pain wracked her frail body. She scratched her bald head, a tick she had developed since the chemo started. If only she had known in her twenties…. but no one can warn you about these things.

    By Ashley Mills on 10.05.2011

  40. The noise kept blaring in my ear, while I ran out the door. A voice seemed to follow me everywhere, whispering “we warned you”. No matter how much I kept running the whispers wouldn’t stop. I thought I was going mad, mad as a hatter. The earth shook underneath me and I fell down with my blankets wrapped up in a mess around me.

    By Tamara Saitcevsky URL on 10.05.2011