October 5th, 2011 | 433 Entries

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433 Entries for “warned”

  1. The whole world warns you about the dangers of getting into the arts, and gettin ga bachelors of arts. they all give you the same idea of the struggling artist, how you can’t survive off art, and how you should be useful with your life. Our lives are constant warnings of paths that we shouldn’t take, and they completely contradict what we’re taught in school. That you can be anything you want to be, but with civilization, that’s a myth.

    By Iman Baobeid on 10.05.2011

  2. I warned myself so many times…
    I warned myself not to fall for him, but I did.
    I fell so hard. I hope he doesn’t break my heart – like all the ones before.

    By Samantha Rose Schaefer URL on 10.05.2011

  3. He had been warned. The male had been warned not to follow her that night. That lonesome night in the forest. She warned him not to follow her, for then he would be in great danger. Now he was holding onto to the edge, fearing for his life.

    By STAR.FREEDOM URL on 10.05.2011

  4. warned…thats a good one. not along the lines of what i was expecting though. i guess i was warned. i thought i heeded that warning but i guess not. now i face shame. a great shame. i have honestly, well not really probably, nver been mor scared in my life. this isnt a heart racing on the edge fear. but rather a dreadful moat of disease and decay which i am forced to wade in. it is thick like a bog with absolutely no beauty. it allows me enough freedom to move but never escape. there are no trees in this moat, as if i were truely just in a bog, no branches to reach out for. no hope here. but it is not a sea, and even if it were even seas have shores. hopelessness is temporary for hope is permanently eternal. no matter how far out to sea or deep in this moat i go there is always a shore. now i must muster myself and head for it. and when i reach it i must never fall in again.

    By daniel cook URL on 10.05.2011

  5. I warned you to stay away from my heart. You keep it cold when I need it to be warmed from the start. You have been warned. You heart will be torn.

    By Shira URL on 10.05.2011

  6. This reminds me of my ex boyfriend and how he had Xs tattooed on his forearm and he told everyone he was straight edge but it wasn’t because he was straight edge. It was because he was tired of people pulling him back and telling him he could not do something. He told me only 3 people in his entire life knew the real story behind this tattoo and I was one of them.

    By Allie on 10.05.2011

  7. “You were warned” he said and pointed the gun at the man. The man pleaded with his killer, he had a family he said, little kids who needed their father. The killer thought back to his own childhood, his gun lowered slightly.

    By Neflis URL on 10.05.2011

  8. “I warned you that it would get worse. The feelings you have, you need to let them out, you are turning into a monster. Just let it out child. Just let it go. You need help, just admit it. I’m here for you, always. You can do this, you will make it through. I promise.” God said to me.

    By Liz on 10.05.2011

  9. Gewarnt hat mich niemand. Die haben alle gedacht, ich wüsste, dass ich mit den Händen nicht zu nah an das Ding rankommen soll. Die wussten alle, was dort für einen Sog ist und dass es ab einem bestimmten Punkt kein zurück mehr gibt. Als sie schrien, war es schon zu spät.

    By Lisa URL on 10.05.2011

  10. i have been warned that my current relationship is self destructive, meaningless and I am being used. But i do not heed the warnings, i am a self destructive manic depressive who is in love with a man who may never truly love me back. this is my solemn dirge of everyday life and i live with the regret of dying inside

    By Cara on 10.05.2011

  11. She warned me that this would happen. My back is not 20 any more. It’s 55. It can’t take hours of running after an 18 month old. It can’t take getting him into and out of the car. It can’t take it. That’s all. No ifs and buts about it.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 10.05.2011

  12. being warned. being aware. being more aware than you were before. it’s a beat, a rhythm, a sign in the song of life: rings of dissonance that alert you to something that is happening, that wakes you out of apathy.

    By Sean-Joseph URL on 10.05.2011

  13. I’ve been warned. I don’t listen. I repeat mistakes over and over. I don’t stop. I run instead of walk. I’ve been burned, but nothing I can’t handle, again and again.

    By dan URL on 10.05.2011

  14. I can’t say that he hadn’t warned me, but I was too stubborn to listen. After all, aren’t I superwoman? I can multitask till the cows come in from the pasture and I can still party all night long.

    By spartica URL on 10.05.2011

  15. You were warned to stay out of my life. I can’t understand why you feel the need to invade my world again and again. When I have opened the door a crack, you have crashed in and wreaked havoc, time and again. The door is shut now. Stay away.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 10.05.2011

  16. He was warned. Yet, he still went through with it. That allure, the promise of satisfaction was too powerful, too overwhelming to fall from the weak punches of a simple warning. He finished it. And he regretted in seconds. Ever since, he died.

    By Michael URL on 10.05.2011

  17. He warned me that things would end up this way, if I stayed, but I couldn’t resist. He was a part of me now and I was a part of him and there was nothing that could change this. It was inevitable that we would forever be intwined in each others webs.

    By katie on 10.05.2011

  18. He had warned me of the impending visit, but I’d let it slip my mind, down in the cracks between what was for dinner and where to park. But then there he was, uniformed and standing straight as a board, waiting for me to say something. I couldn’t say a word.

    By Les URL on 10.05.2011

  19. I warned myself a thousand times that doing wrong wasn’t helping me.
    But I was stubborn and rarely listened to myself.
    So i continued to do that things that killed.
    My body craving sweet relief
    My mind never giving it to it.
    It was a tug of war I just couldn’t seem to win.

    By Jordan URL on 10.05.2011

  20. I was warned not to do it. Not to fall. Not to take the chance and be pushed down. I was warned not to jump the abyss. But I did, and I am still breathing to tell the story.

    By Jordyn Bennett on 10.05.2011

  21. She pulled at her bonds, but the rope would not give. Her heart raced as she watched the door he would be back at any moment. She should have listened to her friends. The door opened, she struggled harder, until the flash of steel in the dim light stilled her with fear. Her last thought… she had been warned.

    By Elise URL on 10.05.2011

  22. i warned you man i did. not good this not good. but when i see warning.. i just want to do it more.. or you know shits going down. like warning caution electric fence i’m like woahahahahaha no way am i touching that … and if you do.. i warned you.

    By Amy Rose on 10.05.2011

  23. I guess I’ve been warned about this. It’s not like I didn’t know what would happen. They say that the only people who really understand it are other people who’ve been there, and I guess now the question is, am I smart enough to admit to myself how smart I’m not and to heed those warnings? I guess we’ll find out. Smart money’s on no.

    By msannethrope URL on 10.05.2011

  24. to tell someone about it before hand. ie I warned you that she would break your heart, but did you listen to me.

    By Lottie on 10.05.2011

  25. “You remember now…I warned you about smoking while siphoning gas out of that truck”. Those were the last words he ever heard, and the last time she ever saw him.

    By johken URL on 10.05.2011

  26. i todl you i warned you against going to the store. now look, you’ve got a gunshot wound and your turtle has done missing. what are you doing to do now? i knew this woudl happen. i knew it. how are you goign to replace the turtle?? oh nevermind about the blood, it will dry up. btw, i just bought a new turtle home, i guess i’ll have to return it now.

    By Jen on 10.05.2011

  27. I warned you not to go in my room again. I told you I’d have to kill you. I meant it. get on the floor. I have something for you. I’m going to blow your fucking brains out. any last words? goodbye you rotten little shit. ugh.

    By jake on 10.05.2011

  28. They warned me. They all warned me. But I didn’t listen. As usual. I had to dive in for myself. But they warned me. They remind me of their warnings now that it’s over. I wish I listened. But how could I just play it safe? I had to know, even though they warned me.

    By kalee on 10.05.2011

  29. i’ve been warned since the beginning that if i couldn’t handle his needs that i shouldn’t be with him.
    he’s suffering and so am i.
    and now i’m too invested to let go.
    maybe i should have listened.

    By sarah marie URL on 10.05.2011

  30. he warned me not to fall in love with him. i didn’t listen.
    this will probably not work out, at all, but i still love him and i always will.
    he’s special.
    to me, anyway.
    warned, huh.
    they warned me not to be naive.
    we should warn kids about the world out there.
    how many seconds left now, ahahh.
    i’m not creative enough for this shit.

    By kaye URL on 10.05.2011

  31. ‘You’ve been warned’, they say, threateningly. Warned, like being branded with a fear you never knew was there. Sirens set off in my head, when there was only a pure still silence, like a calm sunset-lit ocean, waves washing in and out, and in and out and now, suddenly – a crashing and whelping and wind started, waves of grey steel roaring their way to me. From an armchair to an abyss. I have been warned. Everything I do now is done with a scar of fear.

    By siobhan347 URL on 10.05.2011

  32. Warned. Being warned. Warning. Isn’t it human nature to ignore warnings? Especially from others. Even the ones we give to ourselves. Warn. But I want to experience. And then think, Damn…I should have listened to that warning.

    By Sky URL on 10.05.2011

  33. “You’ve been warned!” Be careful, something bad is going to happen, there are consequences for your behavior, don’t do that anymore, I am not responsible for the next thing out of my mouth, I warned you!

    By Denise URL on 10.05.2011

  34. he warned me. his toxicity levels diverting each glance, second and third in the twilight.

    By Nicole on 10.05.2011

  35. what

    By svet on 10.05.2011

  36. I was warned about being….

    By cbfan16 URL on 10.05.2011

  37. Nature warns us, earthquakes, natural hazards are the warnings
    even though we are warned by nature many a time, we still have to learn our lessons from those warnings

    By tulasiram on 10.05.2011

  38. I told him not to come in. I warned him that nothing good would happen if he took one, single step inside that house. Did he listen to me? Of course not. This was David. He always did exactly what he wanted to do. So, he marched up the front steps, through back the screen door and banged against the doorframe.

    By kiki URL on 10.05.2011

  39. I warned you it would be like this. But you would not listen. Now you are mad. At me? Unfair. Unfair because I warned you. I warned you but you chose opposite. You cannot blame me. You walked into this in full knowing. But maybe not. Maybe your eyes and ears were closed. Is that why you didn’t heed the warning?

    By lily on 10.05.2011

  40. I warned you not to do that. Stop warning me about everything… I can do what I want. Warning, Warning, Warning … shut up and just stop monitoring me. Stop trying to control and administer the justice. Just let me do what I want, if you don’t like it leave. Don’t warn me.

    By hannah on 10.05.2011