October 4th, 2011 | 385 Entries

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385 Entries for “morality”

  1. some people have no morals. speaking of one family member, you know who you are. i wish you had some morality, you probably don’t even know what that means. good luck in your marriage you whore.

    By anon on 10.05.2011

  2. In your warped perspective of the world, you hold onto stupid beliefs that you, YOU, out of all people, had a sense of morality.

    YOU who drank in the corner of bars and fucked most (in their drunken stupor) bothered to talking to you there.

    YOU who seemingly fucked up her life and if not for detachment, would’ve have fucked up everyone else as well.

    YOU who smoked sticks of tar and nicotine because you thought, maybe in the long run, it would be beneficial for you.

    YOU who believes excessively that “sometimes you need to be CRUEL to be KIND”




    By Jules Looke URL on 10.05.2011

  3. morality mortality rate 100% we all die eventually. we all shuffle off this mortal coil. live every day as if it’s your last. leave only good in your wake. let your actions speak for you. words mean nothing if not backed up by action.

    By havingsaidthat URL on 10.05.2011

  4. A very important element in the making up of a society. morality equates humanity, without it there can de no

    By Bil-kist JA-H on 10.05.2011

  5. what an interesting word
    to propose on this day
    as it seems my actions
    aren’t moral anyway
    i’m ethically aware
    but unconsciously a bitch
    by the way i offer myself
    because virgos make me sick
    they lure me in
    with their intense emotion
    and the look in their eyes
    makes me feel like i’m rolling
    i was a good girl last week
    and now i’m petrified
    by my own actions
    and my ugly disguise
    rid with guilt
    behind my blue stare
    is a frightened young girl
    with fake red hair

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 10.05.2011

  6. This concept is foreign to me. I will live the best life I am able, and that will be enough. A man eats and is full. Only God is never satisfied.

    By Laura on 10.05.2011

  7. Having to do with the study of “mores” in a culture. One type of moral behavior may be explained by the belief of the use of the “moral standards” of “The Golden Rule”, which states that one should treat others as you would desire to be treated yorself. Primarilybased upon the Judao-Christian tenets of living a blameless life and helping others.

    By camillen URL on 10.05.2011

  8. substantive. yes. what is morality really? substantive. unsubstantive. wind on our nose. breaths in the air.

    By Terry on 10.05.2011

  9. i don’t know if i have any morals, i just live off of instinct. i take life as it comes, or at least i try to. it doesn’t make sense to me to have preconceived rules about how to do things when everything is so subjective, when emotions exist. two situations are never the same.

    By Molly Evans-Stocks on 10.05.2011

  10. Your ways are not my ways. My words are not your words. So I hand you the line and you’ll reach it higher until I see it straight up and down. You’ll hold my plumb line, and I’ll know to climb and to rest towards You.

    By Bethany on 10.05.2011

  11. Your ways are not my ways. My words are not your words. So I hand you the line and you’ll reach it higher until I see it straight up and down. You’ll hold my plumb line, and I’ll know to climb and to rest towards You. Always looking up and seeing your face, consistently glancing down to know that up is worth the more of You and lack of me.

    By Bethany URL on 10.05.2011

  12. Morality was the lowest on his list of things to do. But then it would appear that morality is a word to use when pointing fingers at someone not behaving like we are.

    By david URL on 10.05.2011

  13. morality is very important to me it is the basis of which I live my life. The Bible has a great moral code but it’s so much more than that. Morality can sometimes be entrapping. That’s what the ancient Jews struggled with with their Law. But Christ is the central message of the Bible and he lived a moral life and showed us how to live it to, yes, but the real message is that he died for us.

    By Matt Briede URL on 10.05.2011

  14. morality’s cool, i guess. doesn’t seem like many people give two shits anymore. my idea of morality… the golden rule, i suppose… is that just my catholic upbringing coming out? i think it’s good though, i think it’s the best way to go. treat others the way you want to be treated. why shit on someone else? it’ll only come back to you in the end.

    By holly on 10.05.2011

  15. If ethics are concrete implementations on morals, and morals are implementations of values, and values are a reelection of one’s intrinsic personality, then what does it mean when you say a person or their actions are”immoral”? It just means you Fisher with their personality.

    By Codex URL on 10.05.2011

  16. morals fall out my mouth like molars and
    mortals can’t mold to more of the lore until
    we meet the elite
    and let them eat
    what ethics we have left

    By [entury Goth|c Med!um URL on 10.05.2011

  17. Morality is a type of characteristic that determines whether someone is good or not. it also influences decisions made.

    By Michael Thrasher URL on 10.05.2011

  18. God, country, beliefs, and values are all an important element in personal integrity. Do not let governments choose what your morality should be. We all know it when we see it yet many want to choose what your should see. Much like prohibition the few have a misguided opportunity to rule over the many.

    By aboutfigurines URL on 10.05.2011

  19. Having morality is having morals, its being pure and not giving in to evils, its having fun without crossing the line and its about not being unclean, its about being reborn in christ.

    By Kelandry on 10.05.2011

  20. It’s such a funny word and one that’s thrown around all of the time. my version of morality might be completely different than yours. a “moral woman” has such a puritan tone to it – but i’m not sure that’s a bad thing anymore. morals can be so far away from ethical. christians should be moral; does that mean they are? or any other religion touting their moral and ethical beliefs . . . some of the most immoral people i’ve met have managed to dress in a tight morality suit.

    By CDB URL on 10.05.2011

  21. Morality is everything we are, everything we’re about, everything we stand for. It is the essence of our lives. It decides everything we do and how we do it.

    By Randi on 10.05.2011

  22. Who defines morality? Is it someone else, or something inside us? Is it passed on from our parents or some higher authority?
    Its something we all live with every day, yet no one seems to be able to agree on what it is and who’s is right.

    By brad on 10.05.2011

  23. I got this word before I figured out I needed to sign up for an account for this site which got me thinking about how many accounts I have on the interenet which is getting to be ridiculous. I need to spend lest time on the internet. I’m not really sure what else to say regarding this word and I don’t honestly feel all that bad about it. We got Red Robin for lunch today, it’s CSR appreciation week. Go me. and everyone Iw ork with.

    By KaseyAnne on 10.05.2011

  24. Morality is something we base our decisions on. It helps us to be a better person but in a way it creates guilt if we feel when we are not being moral.

    By Mer on 10.05.2011

  25. christianity. good boys and girls. values. playing it safe. making good decisions. taking the straight and narrow path. right and wrong. differences in opinions. trying to do what is right. treating others as if they matter. following the rules.

    By Jenn on 10.05.2011