August 25th, 2008 | 1,041 Entries

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1,041 Entries for “wanting”

  1. I want to find the sky in the depths of the ocean. I want to find the sun in a forest of trees. I want to find a diamond shining out from the gravel of pebbles at my feet.

    I want you. I don’t know where to find you. You have been in my dreams and I see you in my imagination, but I can’t find you in the mud that is my world.

    by Wendi Kelly on 08.30.2008
  2. Wanting is a horrible thing. Needing is necessary; wanting is not. Wanting is how jealousy forms. Wanting what others have. Wanting without sacrificing to get it.

    by Jo on 08.30.2008
  3. needing something, wanting it so badly it hurts – feeling lonely because there is something missing, and that is what you are wanting. Aspiring towards dreams that may or may not happen. being without.

    by Beccy Taylor on 08.30.2008
  4. my name house colony birth place is i am in delhi you

    by hrishi on 08.30.2008
  5. The sun was wanting a kiss from the moon, but it was an unwilling partner. Since time began the hope of union was a lost cause, for it was the wanting, the longing, the need for dark to reach for day and day to reach for night that created the universe.

    by m. jones on 08.30.2008
  6. I have been wanting to become a freelance writer and photographer or many years now. I just have not clue how to go about doing that. I am at such a loss. I really want to find a way to “break out” and become a writer and write my own book. That would be awesome!!! And certainly a dream come true. I could take my pictures and all them to my book too.

    by Kimberly on 08.30.2008
  7. hey,what t say about..is so important to want something,do n o t matter what,but i love to want anything

    by Dady on 08.30.2008
  8. I am still wanting more. Not to much just more.
    My life is good really really good, but there is something lacking. Is it within me? Do I not do enough of the things I want? What is it I want?
    I have no idea. I just know I want more.
    My life is full. I am just lacking.

    by Prudy on 08.30.2008
  9. i want things in life when i know there is no way i will get it. why do we want? because we dont have it. or because we just truely want it. im not sure. but my dad wants me to look around. i wonder what the percentage is of people who want something, and then actually get it.

    by Indigo P on 08.30.2008
  10. Always wanting something more, you reach for the doorknob &turn. There’s a dark, empty room on the other side &as you step inside, you realize this room is full of all your hopes, dreams &wants. What’s the difference between wanting &needing? You can keep on wantingwantingwanting &you’ll still end up with that dark, empty room.

    by Lust on 08.30.2008
  11. Wanting…
    it is often all consuming
    yet inherently ineffective

    by mvr on 08.30.2008
  12. the power to want something. how powerful it is. wanting something something that you may never get, somethng you may never achieve.

    by Brodie on 08.30.2008
  13. always left wanting more
    wondering what was missing
    is it out there or within?
    In the moment
    there is no wanting

    by peakingduck on 08.30.2008
  14. what else is there to think about, but the holes in what we have. wanting. that’s all there was to him, but he was just like anyone else. it’s really too bad he never saw what he already had. but even his family wanted more.

    by julia on 08.30.2008
  15. I’m wanting you.
    I’m wanting you badly.
    I’m wanting you so badly.
    I’m wanting you so badly I’m going to kick your ass when I next see you for making me want you so badly.

    by theresa on 08.30.2008
  16. i was wanting, she was wanting, they wanted the same things, yet, they were left wanting, should we want to want? or want to get? should actions you want to take, give what you want to give?’ this is what i want to know, wanting sux, but, they can also want to suck, or it can suck to want. how do you want to want? its something that we all want to know

    by Mike Hunt on 08.30.2008
  17. a house and one good office place in bhopal

    by navin on 08.30.2008
  18. from the moment i saw her, i knew i wanted her, i knew i needed her, she was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen, and i would do whatever it took for her to be mine.

    by John on 08.30.2008
  19. It left me wanting; the constant yearning for more.
    I always go there alone.
    Alone so the addiction is not detected.
    Late at night; busy, crowded afternoons.
    The doughnut shoppe.

    by mannequin on 08.30.2008
  20. like sugar
    tempting and rushing
    creep silently with the quiet roar
    unexpected surrender
    unexpected perseverance
    alight in everything red
    fortitude crumbles

    by chaos silvano on 08.30.2008
  21. needing, desiring, hoping, feeling, thinking, seeking, thirsting, wishing, believing, awaiting, coveting, relishing,

    by Tiffannii on 08.30.2008
  22. to smell your face

    by nathan on 08.30.2008
  23. nothing was wanting. only the air he breathed and the wind which pushed it further into his lungs then he could imagine. it took no effort. it took no skill. only the desire to live and he wanted to live more then anything else.

    by rory on 08.30.2008
  24. patient productive spiritual person to have enough courage to challenge me , especially when i fight them the hardest to help me be the person god intended me to be. to be able to return the favor to the universe, which will cause a positive ripple in the waves of life.hopefully the person im with is that person .

    by djdatgirl on 08.30.2008
  25. people who are wanting just need to accomplish or achieve that which they are so wanting then all becomes better and they feel better

    by timothy hole on 08.30.2008
  26. I remember wanting a ride on my uncle’s motorcycle. I ran into the house, changed from my long blue skirt to jeans, and sprinted back outside to where he stood with his brother and my mother. They looked at me and laughed. That’s when I first blushed from wanting.

    by TSR on 08.30.2008
  27. i want him to be with me. Now. In the dark, under these christmas lights. I miss him and I dont even know him. Not really. Not like I want to know him. He is so far from me, thousands and thousands of miles, but with those three words, a small part of my flutters and happiness overwelms me. He is my life, and I dont know him. I wish i knew him. I wish things were easier I wish he was my boy next door and we could be together always.

    by Dana on 08.30.2008
  28. a friend who is still a friend but a feeling of wanting him more kills and hurts. its simple to say i dont want but hard to feel so.. what if they want you too as much as you.. would you say something or just wait?

    by Jansait on 08.30.2008
  29. I am wanting a boy. Someone to love me. Someone to hold me. Wanting is such a crazy feeling. I know that God is all I need, and I prolly don’t want Him as much as I want a significant other. That’s terrible to say. I want to want Him more. Wanting. Something I desire. I want power and fame, but is that really what this life is all about? NO! it’s about wanting a relationship with Christ. The almighty Lord.

    by dani on 08.30.2008
  30. blah blah blah want blah blah

    by LOLiyffu on 08.30.2008
  31. Wanting. Wanting everything. Wanting more than anything. Feeling like there’s not enough, like it won’t ever happen. Feeling like I don’t have the tools. Wondering. What will it take? Am I good enough? Do I deserve it? Feeling like it’s almost out of my grasp.

    by Karl on 08.30.2008
  32. It never stops. She wanted a digital camera. She got it. Then she wanted a better digital camera. Then she wanted a better everything. Wanting. It never stops. When a woman stops wanting, she’s ready to die. How can we learn to be happy and satisfied?

    by Mrs. H on 08.30.2008
  33. desire, need, rekindling, fatigue

    by Rachael Fishman on 08.30.2008
  34. I think that wanting is what keeps us moving on. We want fame, we want order, we want to live. We want to be happy. Don’t we?

    by Limor on 08.30.2008
  35. I am wanting to be free. Free from everything around me. Free from the hurt and pain I put everyone through. Free from my selfishness. Free from everything I do wrong. I want to be happy with myself. I want help. I want love. I want peace. I want to be free to be me

    by Ashley Cooper on 08.30.2008
  36. i want a better life.
    not a better love life though.
    becuase the one i have right now is amazing.
    but a better life with my family.
    my friends are perfect.
    everything is perfect.
    but my family SUCKS.
    acholic dad.
    cracked out mom.
    i mean we have money ALOT OF IT.
    but our relationships with each other sucks, my brothers and sisters are good, parents just… well SUCK.

    by jessica on 08.30.2008
  37. So once I saw this hamburger and I was like “OH my god, I want you.” But I had a dollar. The burger was $1.01. I didn’t know what to do. I’ve never wanted something so much in my entire life. “I have to have you,” I said, “I know we belong together.” I wanted to get out of my car. I wanted to bust into Burger Bob’s and steal the burger. I wanted. I wanted. I wanted

    by Danielley on 08.30.2008
  38. I want it
    damn, this is a long time.

    by Betsy on 08.29.2008
  39. I have been wanting and I have found myself wanting. Wanting but without knowing what. wanting not to be wanting I wish the wanting would end and I could be satisfied.

    by Maurak on 08.29.2008
  40. i want to be hidden in the mist of life. work behind the scenes and make everything right!

    by leo on 08.29.2008