August 30th, 2008 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “delay”

  1. clock, wake up, règles, restaurant, école, encore en retard,p

    by heloise on 09.01.2008
  2. it’s a…
    you know when…
    if I could…
    are you sure you wouldn’t…
    um that is to say if…
    or have you…
    err how is it you would say…
    sorry my arrested development
    is developmentally delayed?

    by hndgrant on 09.01.2008
  3. Without delay I decided to pack in my job and go backpacking through Scotland.
    I met the most interesting olf people in little pubs accross the country.
    I ended up in a small church, talking to the old priest.

    by Lorraine on 09.01.2008
  4. it was early in the morning and the bus to falkirk as always had experienced a delay, it was worth as she got on asymetric hair cut bobbing top low as normal in the summer.

    by just me on 09.01.2008
  5. I was waiting for you. Standing at the gates looking down the street; where I always see you walking. I look at my watch: you’re late. Or maybe I missed you. I got delayed, but it wasn’t my fault. Stupid bus-driver taking his time. What if you left without me? Or did I get the wrong day? The right time? Oh, that’s okay. I see you now.

    by giantlawnmower on 09.01.2008
  6. My hearts racing and I don’t want to wait. I will wait, but I don’t want to . The seconds are honey, drizzling thickly and getting stuck together taking every minute to extremes. I want to breathe and hurry it along but my breath is to fast and too shallow. I want it now and it wont happen.

    by Laura Cruickshank on 09.01.2008
  7. I’m going to wait to write this until a little later.

    (my submission is delayed)


    by Tames on 09.01.2008
  8. a tug on the sleeve
    a word whispered in an ear.
    one smile or twich of the eye.
    our secret movements have it all
    as we delay the boarder guards
    with a slight suggestion
    as to what they might be fighting against.

    by helen on 09.01.2008
  9. lay in delay with silent desire. i’m early and late. i’m after and before. i have no time but i’m filled with it..

    by sasha on 09.01.2008
  10. There was a delay in the train schedule. Sandra hoped Jeff would wait for her at the other end, hoped he would believe that she really needed to see him, hoped that he would smile when she did this time. The train was still not there. She tapped her feet.

    by megan on 09.01.2008
  11. This is either the congressman or Tatoo talking about the thing they put around your neck at the hawaii airport

    by Susan Schmaltz on 09.01.2008
  12. when you are delayed you will not get on time for your appointment, delay can also be when a train comes a bit late, so you have to wait which is pretty annoying.

    by geran on 09.01.2008
  13. Delay. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Hold.

    Delay. Delay. Delay.

    Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Hold.

    Delay. Delay.

    Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Hold.



    by liam on 09.01.2008
  14. She paced infront of the arrival board at the airport. His flight was delayed. She was worried, the weather had been horrible. She was surprised they had even left Portland. Her worrisome thoughts were continuously inturepted by the sounds of friends and family reuniting and the constant click of suitcase wheels on the bumpy floor. She sat down and waited, please, please let him be okay were the words she repeated in her mind. Let him be alright.

    by Sydni on 09.01.2008
  15. There’s not much for me to say about you. Your presence in my life like silence, like love, like awaiting my own death. I waited and waited and waited for you. Under a quilt in the living room, I waited. Delay, you bastard. I’m through.

    by jkvern on 09.01.2008
  16. waiting for people to hurry up! like brenda who takes things so calmly sometimes i want to do things fast but there’s delays.

    by rodolfo on 09.01.2008
  17. airplane late accident snow inclement weather two hour school work rush sorry traffic unexpected

    by Marysa on 09.01.2008
  18. I hate being delayed it pisses me off and it makes me feel really stressed out espectially when going to the theatre and i want to be ontime and read the program and go to the bathroom and then i’m running late and it’s raining and there’s not parking and someone says i just wanna go home but i wanna see the plaaaaaay

    by laura on 09.01.2008
  19. delay is what happens when you feel, when you hesitate. delay is weakness and will leave you dead. If you delay you will be screwed. Thats just that.

    by Locke on 09.01.2008
  20. Sometimes the delay I feel in my life is astounding. When is my life going to flourish or die. There is such a delay between the desires of obtaining a life filled with accomplishment not only socially but personally.

    by Jonathan Knox on 09.01.2008
  21. There was no delay. There couldn’t be a delay. Not today, please, not today, he thought. I can’t stand looking like a fool again. Not if she’s there. For god sake put the money in the account and let me get out of here damnit.

    by Evans Prater on 09.01.2008
  22. What happened? Why isn’t she here yet? She said she was going to hop a cab – it doesn’t take that long to drive down the island. Why ever would she be late? Am I being stood up? There must be another. She doesn’t love me. She loves another, and not me. How depressing – how typical. Why can’t I ever be loved? Why can’t my love be in this next taxi?

    by Chris Fox on 09.01.2008
  23. it’s what i try to do when i’m fucking my girlfriend–you have to delay your orgasm so that she can get something out of it, too. women aren’t built to enjoy sex the way men are, so you need to make sure that they get their fulfillment.

    also, it’s what i did about college after high school.

    by gary on 09.01.2008
  24. ……………………….wait, i think i have it!

    by halflight on 09.01.2008
  25. i delay, i should write. i should do all i want to get closer to what i want, that’s what life is, to be better, right? how can it not be better if you don’t delay with what you want? infinite possibilities lead to – everything.

    by David on 09.01.2008
  26. i hate when i get delayed as it just pisses me off for the rest of the day or for the rest of the journey. i make a point of not delaying any1 else cause i know how much it annoys me so why cant people show me the same courtesey

    by david mckinlay on 09.01.2008
  27. was san francisco

    by missy on 09.01.2008
  28. something i really really hate. although ive got os much time on my hands – my whole life – i still hate the feeling of losing time. maybe im too hectic. maybe im just scared. i g uess we need some delay to feel times meaning

    by Macele on 09.01.2008
  29. jan

    by dave on 09.01.2008
  30. I sat on the bleak gray chairs, itching at my back, gnawing almost. My eyes wondered over the others, reading, playing, waiting. The plane was delayed. As if it wasn’t torturous enough that it had been 13 years since I had left forever.

    by sho on 09.01.2008
  31. The hesitation, every time I lift a pen, or put my fingers to the keys and attempt to empty the closet brimming with my reveries.

    by Anonymous on 09.01.2008