August 25th, 2008 | 1,041 Entries

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1,041 Entries for “wanting”

  1. i want to be loved and to love. and to be truly wanted

    by l on 08.29.2008
  2. I want you to be inside of me I want you to love me I want you to know everything I’ve been thinking. I need you, I don’t just want you and I want everything to be alright again. Like it was. When we were happy and you would lie beside me breathing softly. It was dark and in the dark, in my sleep, I could feel your wanting and my wanting matching up into happiness.

    by Andrea on 08.29.2008
  3. wanting something bad is something that people think about all the time.
    its like how you want a new pair of shoes, or how you want more money.
    well live doesn’t always work that way.
    so here are some easy ways to save your money.
    1. Always look for things on clearance.
    2. Use coupons when grocery shopping.
    3. Don’t splurge on things you don’t need.
    And Finally 4. If You Have Pets…Don’t Spend Your Money On Expensive Food That Says Is Better Than Any Other Brand…Almost all of them will give them the same thing.

    by Lady Bong Hit on 08.29.2008
  4. ask

    by hemarli on 08.29.2008
  5. I was always wanting something. As soon as I got what I thought I wanted, I was wanting something else. Then I wanted not to be wanting. Could I control my self or would my wanting control me?

    by GrrtheGreat on 08.29.2008
  6. I have been wanting and I have found myself wanting. Wanting but without knowing what. wanting not to be wanting I wish the wanting would end and I could be satisfied.

    by Maurak on 08.29.2008
  7. love and fulfulment happyness

    by dave on 08.29.2008
  8. wanting what you can’t have. wanting what you already have. wanting desperately and being unable to have. the wanting is what drives us. without the wanting, there is no way to accomplish anything. i have accomplished the most growth in the times i have wanted.

    by Jessica on 08.29.2008
  9. I’m wanting to find out the meaning of your disappearance. I wanting to know why you left. did you do it on purpose? Or was it the drugs? Or was it HIM? I fear your gone. I’m wanting you. Again.

    by Kim on 08.29.2008
  10. i want to go to the edge of the world and find somehthing fun to look at, i want to go to the place where nobody else has been and i want to go to the one place that EVERYONE has been. i wish wanting was something that i could go for. but it isnt, its just something that happens. its a curse. to want is an evil thing to happen nobody ever wants it to happen. wanting is the one thing in the world that i dont want.

    by libby on 08.29.2008
  11. most the world

    by clyde on 08.29.2008
  12. my life being rebourne…

    trying to understand im writing thoes things being that ithey are irreveralant to the word…

    I was wanting food and I put some pizza in the toaster.. im gonna be happy soon

    wantingm wanting, wanting… I waNT ALOT,.. Bt need little

    by Rob on 08.29.2008
  13. Wanting and needing are two completely different things. You may say you “need” something, but put into consideration: If you don’t have it, will you die? Is it of great importance to have something? Does it affect a something on a great scale if you have it or not? If you want something, you can live without it.

    by SpartanMetal88 on 08.29.2008
  14. To take a bath. I took one yesterday but today was a vigorous day of stuff and doing things.

    by Joe on 08.29.2008
  15. wanting to understand why i feel like this. i’m pretty sure everyone wants the same thing. if you want, it’s selfish. what about need? why is that okay? why do we let wanting effect us so much?

    by moo on 08.29.2008
  16. i don’t know what i want. I do know what it is to want. I wanted her. More than anything. I wanted the perfect life, a pure love. That was taken from me. Do I want her anymore? I can’t tell. So I have waited. And have found no answer. Every time I come to this site, I write about her.

    by brett on 08.29.2008
  17. fingertips to lips and lust
    never stops when you’re
    wanting all that you need and dream of because you’re
    a liar and you always have been
    who knows what you really want when you
    lie to everyone about the .truth.
    bite and sleep together.

    by Olivia on 08.29.2008
  18. I wanna not hurt like this anymore. i wanna know why the hell this is happening. i…i… can’t.

    by booahh on 08.29.2008
  19. It’s all I am but can’t express openly. (That took me 10 seconds of stillness to finally express in this 60 second rant.) Another 10 second pause and I faced with finally admitting she’s all I want. Her and one kiss tomorrow–the 1-year anniversary of our first one. Ah, Labor Day weekend again. Ah, every key figure we dance around to hide our secret is out of town again. I was never sure of you or this. I’m still not. All I am sure of is that I like our reciprocity when we allow ourselves to have it. And our heat. And that I’m in love with you.

    by Raisins on 08.29.2008
  20. I spend all my time wanting more, more than I have and more than I could ever obtain. But, amidst all this want and greed I stop and realize that wanting is normal. And that I should allow things to come to me as they do because I’ll never be satisfied.

    by Lindsey on 08.29.2008
  21. the apple is forever out of reach
    until my joints creak and pop
    and still you are so far away
    from me.

    by sylvia on 08.29.2008
  22. i wanting am thing in good faith of part thing is this the waort of the prom queen i like my wanting fried with liver on pickles in the dust in san fran i like pigs and goats and the fourth letter of every sentence. i like it when you call me big papa

    by joel on 08.29.2008
  23. I am wanting to write a love song, or a poem, or a sonnet.
    Instead, I am far too focused on last year, on summer assignments, and on the way I felt today.
    I want you for always.
    I want to have fun.
    I want this year to be the best it can be.
    I want everything, and yet only one thing.
    I want you to know that I will always love you.
    Want is a powerful thing.
    Belief is more powerful.
    And I do believe. I want to believe. I do.

    by Julia. on 08.29.2008
  24. I’ve been wanting this for oh so long… Why can’t I have it? What’s missing from it? Is it a need? Is it much more like a desire? I think it’s a desire. A special category in the want feild. Wanting with fire. Desire. Wanting very badly. Like cake.

    by t.sterling on 08.29.2008
  25. I have been wanting for a long time to tell you how I feel. No doubt, I’ve tried. I’ve tried again and again. And no matter how many times I tell you that I love you, it will never be enough.
    No number of stars in this night sky could express it enough.
    Not puppy love, like my feelings are for beautiful people like Paul McCartney.
    but real love.
    as in, I want to spend our lives together.
    just me and you.
    perfection in that there are flaws. wonderful flaws.

    by Stella Heather on 08.29.2008
  26. I want to be famous. I want to ride on a horse with a prince, in the mountains. I want to end lonliness, anger, and rejecteness. I want the world to be a better place through words, and writing. I want the world to learn by its mistakes.

    by hl on 08.29.2008
  27. I am wanting the purpose to make my life good. I am wanting to do my task as English teaching this Monday well. I am wanting many things more but dont have enough time to type here.

    by truong on 08.29.2008
  28. wanting Tomi badly

    by Seye Kuyinu on 08.29.2008
  29. purple fantasies. outstretched hands. sideways glances. watching. listening for unspoken communications.

    by anodyne on 08.29.2008
  30. Wanting this, wanting that…I want, I want, I want. It seems like that’s all I hear these days. Do kids know how to work for anything anymore? Do they know the value of a dollar? Make them earn that money to buy what they really want! Make them work for it.

    by Lori on 08.29.2008
  31. I want to be loved unconditionally. I want to be respected or atleast left alone when I am bad company. I want to be a better person with more patience for listening. I want to be a better listener.

    by Annabree on 08.29.2008
  32. yearning for, begging, yearning to have something, need something, or think you need something loving something to feel the need to have it trying to get something. trying to take something, or keep something. feeling like something belongs with you. needing it to survive. its the bane of ones existance.

    by allie on 08.29.2008
  33. Wanting is not the need of something but the urge to have it. We have these ebery day. A shoe in the store window or a friendship of alifetime. With these wants, he fulfill orur desires and satifsy ourselves.

    by heather on 08.29.2008
  34. I’ve always wanted to own a car. To get it, I had to get a job. What I did was go to the grocery store. They were closed so I broke in at night in order to get an application. I brought it back the next morning but the cfops arrested me for breaking and entering so I didn’t get the job. I went to another job but i had a criminal record so I had to move to Venzuala.

    by Seth on 08.29.2008
  35. I want to have it. It seems so vital in my life. It seems like it belongs there, and yet, I don’t have it. Why? It almost seems like I would give anything TO have it. And yet I don’t. It’s just not fair some times. It belongs in my life. I want it, I just WANT IT. But I can’t have it. I guess that’s the whole point in life. To want what you can’t have. You want yin, you want yang. Forbidden fruit is so much sweeter, right? Yeah. Just not fair.

    by Tori on 08.29.2008
  36. I just want to be held, want someone to run their fingers through my hair and caress my arms. I don’t want large empty promises, I don’t want intimacy. I just want physical touch: your touch. Hold me?

    by JG on 08.29.2008
  37. Wow this is cool. It really gets you going. Just write about one word in 60 seconds.

    Woops I fumbled a bit there… but hey I have something on paper… um er web space lol.

    by Bronwyn on 08.29.2008
  38. wanting is crazy, it’s like it consumes everything about yourself and ther’s no controling it because we’re only humna
    laksdj what do i want, who knows, butcause it doeesn’t matter in the end, only that i have what i need, cuz what else do we really need? Things we want end up taking over our minds and mkae sthings matter more than life, which is never a good thing. LIfe life to the fulest

    by polly on 08.29.2008
  39. Why is it always wanting. I’m always wanting, some more important then other things. I want money, I want the new game. I want to make my friends and family happy. But I want bigger things. I want to impress, and I want to have pride in myself. I want to achieve great things, and obtain glory and happiness. But so does everyone. But maybe I want it more.

    by Jonathan on 08.29.2008
  40. Wanting something. You are always in need of something, or at least you feel like you need something. Wanting is was motivates you, and its what drives you do better, or to progress.

    You want to go out and have fun with your friends. You need money, you want money, you want a job. The wanting connects everything, and motives you.

    by Jonathan on 08.29.2008