March 13th, 2011 | 475 Entries

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475 Entries for “wand”

  1. I point my wand at the sky and do not fail to think of the phallic associations. I cast a spell of wanting, though wish the phallus was not in my way. I want to be different. I want to change. I want to live differently to the way I live now. Gods and Goddesses, grant me this boon.

    By Fran URL on 03.13.2011

  2. It contains magic and releases it to curse a spell on someone or to make people into frogs or any other animal. It is a great tool to own.

    By Gaz URL on 03.13.2011

  3. when I wave my wand I become fully capatable of handling all my challenges today.

    By vicvic83 URL on 03.13.2011

  4. i wish i had a wand, i would wish myself away with it if it was possible. how amazing it would be to soar above the clouds, or swim to the deepest realms of the ocean.
    wand not wand want

    By mel*** URL on 03.13.2011

  5. With on flick of her wand the entire orchestra raised their instruments in anticipation. As the curtain rose the ominous music set the tone for the first act of the play. The

    By Kimberly URL on 03.13.2011

  6. Right now would be the perfect time for a wand. One of those clear plastic ones with liquid and glitter stars that fall slowly as you turn them over. Maybe this time it could cure heartbreak.

    By sukijune URL on 03.13.2011

  7. I feel some source of evil brandishing it over us, a motion as if he would be throwing a fleece blanket over the world, fabric tailing the horizontal edge of a wand as we are blanketed in silence.

    By Ann X. URL on 03.13.2011

  8. I would use a wand to make a poem magically appear, a poem that sums up all life’s troubles, happiness, and every emotion imaginable in a few lines,, maybe 4 or 5 lines.

    By Gaz URL on 03.13.2011

  9. Harry Potter is amazing. He was definitely a huge part of my childhood and contributed a lot to my upbringing. Through him, I learned what real magic was. The magic of your imagination. Wands are cool. I want one.

    By Saba on 03.13.2011

  10. closed handed, with a whole life ahead of you. all creations seem to be tangible, this will hold the future for you. wooden, metal, any material to make the magic happen.

    By Jake Kornblum URL on 03.13.2011

  11. i was given a wand and told i could do with it whatever i wanted. i could do one thing that i’ve always wanted with just the flick of a wand. so i wished him away, although i loved him. i loved him, but it hurt to love him. i was always afraid he was going to leave or not love me anymore, so i wished him away. at first i didn’t think the wand worked but when i woke up the next day he was gone forever. i made my true love disappear with the flick of a magical twig

    By katelyn jean URL on 03.13.2011

  12. He gripped the stick in his hand as hard as he could, his knuckles turning white as his finger nails dug into the palm of his hand.taking a deep breath he calmed himself. okay. think. he glanced down at the stock.it was little more than a twig, hardly adequate defense.

    he felt something tug at the back of his mind, a memory. childhood. a stick of wood. so much more than that to the young boy he once had been. in his fantasies, this thin stick would have been a mighty defense. a wand, that could be used to ward off evil. he would be powerful, in those fantasies.

    By Starbuck on 03.13.2011

  13. This is stupid.


    I know it’s a plot to talk of magic, Harry Potter, party magicians and Terry Pratchett and other crap that I don’t care about.

    Cos it’s not real. And to even indulge in such a fantasy is pathetic.

    By Lana URL on 03.13.2011

  14. harry potter and lots of other wizards have wands. i don’t know where the whole wand thing got started, but i guess some guy grabbed a stick, went and found someone he didn’t like and hit them with the stick. when they asked why he did it, he stuck it in their eye and when they died of infection he was happy.

    By Ricky on 03.13.2011

  15. I’m playing WoW right now. I have a wand only on my resto spec tho. :) I am an addict. A female addict and I’m proud of it. Guys, I do exist. ;)

    By Jasmii URL on 03.13.2011

  16. harry potter. thats all i can think of. his awesome, majestical magic spells and his amazingness packed into these books of my childhood are something great to look back on. its no wonder ‘wand’ makes me think of him! i loved these books with a passion.. im still waiting on my Hogwarts letter! and im 19…

    By kanda on 03.13.2011

  17. what the eff is a wand, ive never even heard of it before. oh wells it makes for soemthing interesting to write about, i was standing on the peir with my wand, ohhh its a wand, okay like harry potter and shizz, sickk. yeah so i was kickign it with hagrid and shit and he was like… harry ! stop being such a maddog !

    By sam daff on 03.13.2011

  18. Wand? As in magic wand? I’d love to have one. They have a Harry Potter themed wand on ThinkGeek that I seriously thought about adding to my wish list. But seriously, what would I do with it? A universal remote in the form of a magic wand would be cool, though. Wouldn’t it?

    By Doris URL on 03.13.2011

  19. A wand can make anything happen, it can do anything. if only that could be the way of life whatever you wanted appeared, but then maybe life would be to easy. But magic does exist, only in tiny ways that is hard to see.

    By megan goyette on 03.13.2011

  20. Wands; who needs ’em.

    By Christina on 03.13.2011

  21. Harry Potter has been my idol my whole life. the way he handles all this shit and he’s still so brave in the face of danger is so amazing. i wish i was a wizard so badly so that i could be given a wand to protect the things important to me.

    By Kristin Kleinman on 03.13.2011

  22. harry potter. wants are made of wood they do fun things like magic. wands are not real but lots of little kids have them. a magician is sometimes useless without his wand, which is a little ridiculous, don’t you think?

    By Hannah on 03.13.2011

  23. I walked thru the forest aprehensive to the world I’d discovered. I’d never seen the toadstools so massive. The trees resembled castle towers. I couldn’t fathom what would make the vegetation grow so large. Then I recalled “ah yes, The Wand has the sniffles! I must get him medicine while I’m in the market today.”
    I trudged thru the grass and considered how silly things had become by a simple cold.

    By Courtney Mckenzie on 03.13.2011

  24. There once was a wizard, who had a special wand. The wand was golden, with rubies set into it’s handle. It was one of the most powerful wands in all of Mardena. One day the wizard lost his wand, and it wound in the hand of Pelium, the move evil wizard in all of Mardena.

    By Ashley on 03.13.2011

  25. swishing magical mist lies down over me, the swirls blow, they blow through and over me, i breathe haltingly, let it wash over me, wishing i could stop it all, that i had a wand to create and destroy it all…

    By t on 03.13.2011

  26. I felt that I needed to use my wand, but I hadn’t dared to wish it before. It was dangerous and beautiful and above all unknown to me. I took out my wand and poised myself.

    By Amy on 03.13.2011

  27. wand. like the magical ones? they make wonderful things happen. cinderella got her dress that way. im pretty sure i want to look like cinderella at my wedding. wedding wand. that’s what i’ll use. hmmmmmmmm. wander? i wonder …no, i wander if those two things are related.

    By Jillian Edwards on 03.13.2011

  28. I really like watching movie “harry Potter” In the first period, there is a scene

    By hathaway on 03.13.2011

  29. A magical fairy wand that’s pink. It has ribbons around the handle. It’s covered in glitter. There’s a star at the end, that glows so brightly you can hardly see it’s shape.

    By Summer on 03.14.2011

  30. The wand is but a twig
    the fruit but a fig
    but truth is akin
    to the wand within
    like a fire burning bright
    it sets my heart’s delight
    And motion brings with it
    a final place to sit

    By Matt H URL on 03.14.2011

  31. I dont have a wand right now. But I really want one, Cuz after seeing the moive on Harry Potter, I really looking forward to go to the magic schools!!!

    By hathaway on 03.14.2011

  32. You wave it, everyone knows that. Where we differ is in what we hope will happen once we’ve done the deed.

    By wristwatch URL on 03.14.2011

  33. I waved my wand and concentrated. There was a swirl of multi-coloured sparkles, and there, sitting on the table was a cake. It was glorious, all chocolate and sprinkles and cream. Tears dripped down my cheeks as I began to eat.

    By Talei on 03.14.2011

  34. The wizard raised his wand. “It’s time to end this once and for all!” he shrieked. Light burst forth and in an instant the robot blew up, shards of circuitry flying through the air.

    By Julia on 03.14.2011

  35. Hermione pulled out her wand from her pocket, her hands shaking. It was dark and she was in the Forbidden Forest, with the moonlight peeking through the dismal looking tall trees. She was looking for him.

    By ishbit URL on 03.14.2011

  36. Wonder

    She WONDERs whether she’ll ever find the act AMUSING of the NARCISSISTIC DEVIL

    By Roocher URL on 03.14.2011

  37. Magic. The wand is the tool of choice for the magician, although in anybody else’s hands the simple piece of stick wouldn’t be worth ‘two shakes’. The magician is in tune with nature.

    By Dennis Duty URL on 03.14.2011

  38. All I want to talk about is Harry Potter, funny how that is huh? I bet I wont be the only one. But instead of talking about wands can I talk about the number seven? You know, the biblical number. Seven years at Hogwarts, seven horcruxs, seven Weasley children, seven members on a quidditch team… think about it. She knew what she was talking about…

    By Brigette Michel URL on 03.14.2011

  39. wands remind me of harry potter. i loved harry potter and read the books many times over. the movies were great too, and i am very excited to see the last one when it comes out this summer. the magic fascinated me and i still secretly dream of becoming a wizard.

    By bob on 03.14.2011

  40. The wand rested comfortably in her hand. Perfect. Subtle, but powerful vibrations hummed with overlapping whispers of promise. The promise of power. The promise of precision. She only hoped it wasn’t male.

    By Saronai URL on 03.14.2011