March 12th, 2011 | 404 Entries

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404 Entries for “obsessed”

  1. She was obsessed by food-the thought of eating was always somewhere in her mind. Even when she was asleep her subconcious still held the idea that it was the essence of what life had to offer her. There were other pleasures but nothing ever came close to that mixture of joy and depair that she felt as she indulged

    By debbie k on 03.13.2011

  2. chocalte, sports, everything you want. i know i need. cant ever stop, doesnt wana stop, obsession. special education and laughing. football players and tackling, always going. never not wanting to stop, 3 s”s. cant belive i still writing, obsessed

    By dawn wurybotit on 03.13.2011

  3. Obsessed. Obsessed with everything about you. The feel of your skin. Your beautiful brown eyes. Your warm hugs. The way you looked into my eyes, for that first time. Your heartbeat. Everything that you could be, you are for me.

    By Kailee URL on 03.13.2011

  4. Blah.

    By Chris on 03.13.2011