April 27th, 2009 | 206 Entries

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206 Entries for “waltz”

  1. I have never learned to waltz and I doubt that I ever will. I enjoyed dance when I took it as a freshman in high school, but I honestly had no talent for it. It was fun to spend time exercising with my friends though. I sometimes wish I was better at dancing, but I have other skills that I have learned to value more. Other skills that will be more marketable when I start searching for employment.

    By Ellen on 04.28.2009

  2. I took my time to watch you gracefully pace your way across the floor. Your hand so delicate in mine. We danced until the sun came alive, a walts that took my breath away.

    By nicholas on 04.28.2009

  3. I want to go on a waltz with you, in the sky to the moon and the stars with my black strapless dress, and your blue tuxedo. Swinging around your arms in a light of wonder, there is nothing I could ask for, greater, better than this moment. Just imagine what it would be like, to waltz with the mirrors and know what it means to love.

    By Rachel on 04.28.2009

  4. the bears were waltzing two by two to the turns of a stupid professor who said not yet not yet not yet

    By stephanie Vannucci on 04.28.2009

  5. dance sing me you happy two love smile music people content hope kind exciting

    By lee on 04.28.2009

  6. Don’t talk to me. Just stop. I’ve seen this before, I’m not being sold on it. It’s an act. A performance. This isn’t you talking, this is your creation, what you do to get out of situations, pretend they’re not there or, hell, I don’t know, to exacerbate them? Just stop, stop this whole thing.

    By dm on 04.28.2009