April 26th, 2009 | 156 Entries

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156 Entries for “gentle”

  1. I stopped and looked at the gentle smile that the girl had on her face. She was very cute just sitting there with that smile. She looked very kind and gentle just outside my window this morning with the warm sun shining through. I had heard that we were getting new neighbors but I didn’t know that one of them would be so cute, and my age.

    By Josh Richau on 04.27.2009

  2. It’s a bird! NO it’s a plane! No it’s Superman! Nope it’s just a gentle soul out to save the world because they were blessed with superpowers. It’s crazy what the people call them, evil people wanting to harm others when all they want to do is help people.

    By Jamblebee on 04.27.2009

  3. She is it.
    And then she isn’t.
    Can she not decide?
    Is it a matter of chance,
    Or does she enjoy juggling this heart around?
    Be gentle, lass,
    It breaks easily.

    By K. A. Coldwell on 04.27.2009

  4. Be gentle. It’s been a hard day and I just need a little space to myself for a while.
    I know I have been like this for a few weeks now, but it’s been a difficult time for me.
    Yes, I still love you, but we need the money more than ever, don’t we?

    By Spikeyboy on 04.27.2009

  5. calm, coolin, soothing,cotton, silk, mother, humpback whale, god, love,

    By Danielle on 04.27.2009

  6. nice caring considerate happiness flowers plants nature the letter G やさしい mom easter valentines Gabbi powerful

    By Gabbi on 04.27.2009

  7. Gentle is the way you pushed my hair out of my eyes the first night I spent in your bed, plastered past reasoning and broken from the break-up with a boyfriend who wasn’t half the man you are and who couldn’t give me half the happiness.

    By Brinya on 04.27.2009

  8. Your gentleness in our romance
    The way you look me in my eyes
    And I always wanna be with you
    I thought you’d want forever too

    By Scarlet on 04.27.2009

  9. I am a gentle woman. kind and loving. i like to sit and look at trees and feel the breeze. I am a gentle person, who loves unconditionally

    By leah on 04.27.2009

  10. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a break today, all that has past is gone, tomorrow is not here yet. Be in the present with yourself and live in the now. It is all that matters anyway. And do the same for those around you. They are fragile, too.

    By Paulie on 04.27.2009

  11. wind on my cheek

    By Raindog on 04.27.2009

  12. a gentle breeze is all i need
    take it back or give it to me
    you face your fears, leave them all to me
    you tried your best and you just left
    this days will be passing by
    as soon as you start to start to realize

    I’m all thats left
    you can only regonize shadows and I’m hard to find
    please no regrets
    they cause the __________ of the mind

    By EMily on 04.27.2009

  13. It was more gentle than I expected. Well, not that I expected it. We bumped forward, like butterflies, him barely believing, me uncertain as to why I wasn’t. Our lips touched, hesitated for a moment. Then we kissed. It was 5am. Electrifying.

    By Hannah on 04.27.2009

  14. a six letter word that means to do something softly and not rough. it’s used when talking about holding a baby and some animals, like lambs, are gentle

    By nisa on 04.27.2009

  15. He burshed my bangs out of my face and kissed me gently. “This is going to be such a good year for you,” he yelled over the din of the crowded nightclub. I smiled, the underlying sadness going unnoticed by him. Yes, I thought, it was going to be a very good year for me. I gave his hand a light squeeze and took a sip of my drink. My good year would start by leaving him.

    By Dana on 04.27.2009

  16. If I were to ever touch you, it would be a gentle touch. A caress. So light, you would barely feel it. Just to know something like you exists. You glow. You radiate. I can only hope to be in your presence one day.

    By Kara Chiasson on 04.27.2009

  17. gentle… is that like a joke word? who says that!!! all u have to say is “oh be careful” no “oh be gentle” gentle makes u sound like some kind of pussy ahahahaa jaykay <333

    By uh-knee-suh on 04.27.2009

  18. Soft lace, outlining the curves of your words
    You lay naked in the syntax
    And tempt me with seductive jargon

    By kimberly on 04.27.2009

  19. gentle reminds me of my cat. he’s soft and fragile and i must be gentle when i handle him. he’s so soft and fluffy. he’s a little mean too. he bites and scratches often.

    By maria on 04.27.2009

  20. “She likes her gentlemen to be gentle. Was that a mecadopper or better pencil?” These are lines that stare out making sense but turn into this strange so of conundrum because “oh, that boys a slag.” He’s the best she ever had, but it’s just a memory now. Dreams aren’t daft as they seem when she dreams them up. To be honest, I think I have the lyrics wrong.

    By Clare on 04.27.2009

  21. Gentlemen and the gentle voice of the leaves; God who is heard in the gentle wind.
    Feathers. Kittens, Words, Whispers.

    A hug when it is needed most. A shy smile.

    By Katha on 04.27.2009

  22. the gentle rocking of the ship was the lullaby that drifted my thoughts from the next days chores to thoughts of pillowy sleep. i awoke the next morning steadily aware of a change in my surroundings. the ship had stopped at a port.

    By carl on 04.27.2009

  23. the gentleness that could be seen in his eyes was amazing. it’s like she had finally found a guy who was truly sweet. someone who expected nothing of her, and just wanted to be with her. it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

    By allison on 04.27.2009

  24. Fingers rush against soothing winds
    gentle melodies wave past
    in my skin.

    Your touch is like a drug.
    Sighs escape my lips
    and my insides sing
    lullabies of pleasure.

    By Shelbeh on 04.27.2009

  25. The breeze of the sweltering summer day caressed my face. I stood there, thinking about the last time I talked to someone–anyone–about what happened the last time that I had dared take a chance. It was a little silly, but I was, and that’s all that mattered.

    By david on 04.27.2009

  26. Orrin smiled gently towards Nikoli. Stepping towards him, he placed the palm of his hand softly on the nape of his neck, allowing his fingertips to caress his flesh. “Nikoli,” he began, “I love you very much.” Then he proceeded to say the words he’d always longed to offer someone. “Everything is going to be alright.”

    By Ash on 04.27.2009

  27. gentle hands caress gently prickling hairs on soft necks where rays of sunlight softly touched
    gentle eyelids flutter over gently smiling eyes where sadness fleeting rests

    By madeleine on 04.27.2009

  28. The bear took one look at me and I knew things would turn out alright. I mean, they had to. That was the only way things could go, it was a rule, unspoken between bear and myself. I looked her in the eyes, I made my look soft, gentle, I caressed her fur with my plaintive look and she grew calm, her heart slowed, we were at peace with one another.

    By dm on 04.27.2009

  29. i miss the gentle breezes of the spring air. i wish he would touch my neck gently or whisper his soft sweet nothings in my ear like he used to.

    gentle is not a word used often any more.
    our world is harsh
    and egotistical.

    By annabel on 04.27.2009

  30. i am gentle, but not always, my love is gentle for those I love dearly. gentle reminds me of babies. Newborn babies. gentlemen. gently down the stream. why do I keep thinking of babies? gentle is a work of art.

    By foxie on 04.27.2009

  31. His hands aren’t the most soft things in the world, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t gentle. I’ve never known hands so kind as his. I could lay in his grasp all day and not care what goes on around me. I could be in my last hours and want only to be there.

    By Amber on 04.27.2009

  32. Oh, how gentle the heart of an animal that doesn’t know. Doesn’t know all the pain and hurt in the world. Doesn’t know jealousy or suffering. Only the love of his companion and master. Even when abused, they are gentle.

    By Amber on 04.27.2009

  33. The gentle breeze blew in the window. I stretched and opened my eyes to sunshine. It was long past time to get up. I had a lot to accomplish today.

    By becky on 04.27.2009

  34. Some weird pervert stroking ones leg sounds pretty fucking gay if you ask me have no reason why i thought that but i did quotes are the weirdest things

    By Dylan Waitt on 04.27.2009

  35. The breeze envolvopled me and caressed my soul. Taking it on a world pool of an adventure. Draggin me down to the bottom of the sea then taking me into the heavens until finally letting me float back down to my peaceful dreams.

    By Sarah S. on 04.27.2009

  36. his gentle touch had my body trembling. i was so unbeliveably nervous. he was sensitive and fierce. he had incredible attitude. he drew me in so quickly. i wish i knew his name.

    By taylor on 04.27.2009