October 4th, 2012 | 300 Entries

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300 Entries for “walls”

  1. I didn’t see it there. I just walked right into it. It was just in the middle of my room. It was confusing. Why would there be a wall in my room? Maybe I’m forgetting something…

    By Dino Dragonrider on 10.05.2012

  2. They scream at me.

    I do not know who they are, or what they look like.

    I have never seen them, know them only by their voice, the disturbance of the air.

    Yelling, “knock it off! Keep it quiet!”

    By patrick on 10.05.2012

  3. She always hated them. The walls. They stared at her. Laughed. The pure white burned her eyes. Sometimes they whispered to her. Other times they were silent. She didn’t like them. They were mean. They told her she would never leave, that she would be stuck in them forever. Sometimes they talk too loud, and she has to yell, scream, beg before they stop. When that happens, an angel, clothed in white, sticks something in her arm that makes the walls quiet. Everything goes dark and, for a moment, it is peaceful.

    But then the dark fades. And the walls begin talking again.

    Why can’t the darkness stay?

    By Alari on 10.05.2012

  4. Walls are all around us, but what do they really contain? Beauty, hatred, lust or just your pet dog? How far do the walls go? Not just the physical ones, but the ones we mentally put up? How can we break them down?

    By Lexi URL on 10.05.2012

  5. There are walls everywhere, separating us from them keeping out the riff-raft, stopping the flow of communication. I want to break down every wall I encounter. Just bust it down. Not to hurt, belittle or persuade, just to connect the unconnected. Where there is a wall there is no way.

    By Teresa Johnson on 10.05.2012

  6. They’re closing in on me. I can’t breathe. What am I supposed to do? I’m going to die. But then, I get an idea. I take the pen out of my hat and start to draw on the walls: one half plus one half equals one whole. I erase the W and escape.

    By Isis on 10.05.2012

  7. Tottempoles, in open air
    Tribal drums under the tree
    Church buildings and an uncontainable God!

    No walls!

    By pfungwa on 10.05.2012

  8. i was surrounded with thick n dark walls … nt an opening … they came nearer n nearer and i felt suffocated … i needed bright light .. i was trying to search it all over .. n when i was about to be lost in the darkness of the walls i found a light .. it burnt like a candle … that light was a part of me … a burning desire inside me .. that would help me move out of these dark walls ans let me enjoy all the brightness of the life

    By siya on 10.05.2012

  9. his walls were deep but there was something beautiful about his pain, the pain made me want to fix him, to help but he shut me down time and time again i met those walls and they became my friend. they became the only thing i knew and the closest thing that i came to loving him.

    By ashley on 10.05.2012

  10. The walls around me are closing in, tightening, restricting, I feel them getting ever closer, suffocating, I see it out of the corner of my eye, there is nothing left of me but these walls. I am the wall.

    By Allison on 10.05.2012

  11. There are walls between people, barriers that must be torn down. We wake in the morning and build it brick by brick until our only contact with the other side is the small pinprick holes that we leave in the plaster, our only contact with those beyond our walls even scaring us as the garish light of day outside gives us fear that it may be fire, indeed, and not sunlight.

    By Carmen Laughlin on 10.05.2012

  12. anger with someone
    big wall of china

    By val on 10.05.2012

  13. When I woke up, all I could see were the walls. Not just 4, like a normal room. There were hundreds surrounding me. It was the biggest room I’d ever seen. I was in there alone. I was petrified. On one wall, I spotted a door. I automatically ran towards this wall but it kept getting further and further away. Then a thought hit me, that scared me beyond belief. I was going to die here. Alone. Surrounded by the walls.

    By Libby on 10.05.2012

  14. All around me. I’m trapped. I tried so hard to bring them down. I just can’t.

    By Jack Myller on 10.05.2012

  15. Walls surround me.
    Enclose me
    Keep me from the world.
    I long to be free
    But freedom scares me.
    There is no greater responsibility than that of freedom.
    There is no greater burden than that of responsibility.

    By dan URL on 10.05.2012

  16. The walls are falling. Caving. I never really understood how walls could cave in. They don’t resemble a cave at all, they just sort of crumble. So why don’t they crumble? Why don’t they fall? It’s all figurative.

    By allison on 10.05.2012

  17. i can’t breathe the walls are sealing me in, i can’t do this I’m stuck in a maze of emotion with no escape. why can’t you answer me?

    By LuckyNo.13 on 10.05.2012

  18. the ivy was crawling up the walls, which were crumbling in odd places. Sometimes she liked to walk along the walls and imagine she was the wintergreen ivy tangling, bumbling up, but after last night she felt just like the small rocky parts that were flaking away from the huge stone pieces. She was breaking away and very close to free fall. Alistair interrupted her stormy musings. She could always spot him from a mile away.

    By Kristi Wilcox on 10.05.2012

  19. walls. there were walls all around me and I couldn’t break out. They were closing in on me, they were suffocating me, they were killing me. I will never get passed these walls.

    By Veronica SF on 10.05.2012

  20. The songs of praise bounced off the walls of the church. The sermon would be afterward, but for now, Emma let her heart fly and her hands raise in joy! The walls could not hold in the love of Christ.

    By Emma on 10.05.2012

  21. Walls are put up to block. To restrict. To keep out info. To keep out change. Walls are put up in fear. In fear of what will happen on the outside…..

    By Christy Fennewald on 10.05.2012

  22. the walls are empty. i see them. they are blue. the walls have yellow trim. they are curvy. there are bodies in the walls. the bodies are burning. i am behind the walls. i can smell the flesh. the walls never end. i wish i were a wall. if i were spiderman i could climb walls. awesomee.

    By alexandra on 10.05.2012

  23. Sugar walls. Think of the sugar walls. Sweet gorgeous ugly sugar walls. They definitely close you in. With pressure and rhythm they devour you. Are you ready to die? They let none escape and are more valuable then oil or water.

    By Billy on 10.05.2012

  24. Really tall ones like the ones on the great wall of china. which i guess is just one wall.

    giving you vertigo as you crane upwards to look at the bricks piled on each other like a mass of gray clouds, or a thick stack of pancakes without the syrupy drizzle of a ruptured dam

    man you are out of practice with this

    By Kybard on 10.05.2012

  25. walls. walls are everywhere around us. we are surrounded by walls in school, in town, in our own house. can we get away from the walls? this wont happen. because the walls will not leave us alone.

    By mccrazy URL on 10.05.2012

  26. The walls,
    on the cricket are tough,
    they squeak, they bleed,
    and something about them runs in green streaks
    that tell me the night is coming,
    coming for me
    to tell me something about today.
    Which has already passed.
    The walls, they squeak,
    they bleed
    and the cricket, it speaks.

    By Daniel R. URL on 10.05.2012

  27. Walls help keep things out and make whatever is inside feel alone. Walls divide and can have color. Walls seem to be a barrier that can be personalized. Walls build up and can be torn down.

    By kat on 10.05.2012

  28. the walls were as white as a fresh coat of snow on a frail wintermorning. Jason sighed at the sight of his bare surroundings and decided to stay in bed for the whole day. Or so, he thought. Not much later, a knock on the door plucked him right out of his deep dream.

    By Sofie on 10.05.2012

  29. walls –
    ice cream.
    one sided.
    or feelings –
    well, you decide. (:

    By Acacyia on 10.05.2012

  30. White solid things in the shape of blocks. We dont think about it much, but these walls keep us warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

    By val on 10.05.2012

  31. The walls shot up out of the earth. The bits of dirt, dust and debris rocketing off of its sides raining down upon us. It blinded our vision of what was to be the prison that surrounded us by soaring to the sky.

    By John Komarek on 10.05.2012

  32. There are walls surrounding me
    They are blue and everything on them is true
    They make me think how this world is so big
    And I am yet so small
    Thats my story about the walls

    By Isobella on 10.05.2012

  33. When I woke up, all I could see were the walls. Not just 4, like a normal room. There were hundreds surrounding me. It was the biggest room I’d ever seen. I was in there alone. I was petrified. On one wall, I spotted a door. I automatically ran towards this wall but it kept getting further and further away. Then a thought hit me, that scared me beyond belief. I was going to die here. Alone. Surrounded by the walls.

    By Libby Eaton on 10.05.2012

  34. The walls were closing in on him. They felt smaller and smaller with each passing day. Was this really happening? Or was it all in his head? His head? His head? Why was the sound repeating in his head? He had to know.

    By L on 10.05.2012

  35. they close in on you when you least expect it.

    By mariajacky URL on 10.05.2012

  36. Walls. Barriers. Things that keep us apart. Why do we even build such things around ourselves? For many years I have been wondering. Now, I have been answered. I have built numerous barriers surrounding me, and I realized that it wasn’t that I wanted to keep people out. It was because I wanted to find out who cared for me enough to break them just to be with me.

    By Demetria Malfoy URL on 10.05.2012

  37. Walls. Suffocating me. Smothering me with air. I have to get out. I can’t stand this for much longer. I try to hold on, try to remember the fresh air, the blue sky. Find some reason to sit through this nightmare. yet, every day, it’ grows harder. Every days, it wears me down further. I can’t hold on…

    By Delphine on 10.05.2012

  38. I build up walls around my emotions, protecting my feelings and beliefs. I shut people out, and shut myself in. I am, a wall.

    By Zachary Williams on 10.05.2012

  39. something that is always in my way makes me want climb it and see what would happen if i could hang somethng on it. would like to be at the berlin wall.

    By thomas on 10.05.2012

  40. walls.
    better than human.
    worse than a friend.
    we talk, they listen.
    we start, they stop.
    we are humans.
    they are walls.

    By nureffe on 10.05.2012