October 3rd, 2012 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “various”

  1. I really have no idea of what to write… Various is such a various word :3

    By hjhjkadsf jhfdjkhffadj on 10.04.2012

  2. there are various interests in life that will end you up dead, some are easy to do like being interested in seeing the other side of the street, that got many people killed, others are harder to do

    By Bert Heymans URL on 10.04.2012

  3. there are various nefarious reasons to exist,
    long before you bury us these lessons do persist.
    when you’ve understood what little good there’s left for you to see,
    i hope you’ll come to realize the good in life is what will set you free.

    By megan on 10.04.2012

  4. I see things
    Various glimpses
    I want to hold them closer
    Your eyes
    Then fade
    You sit there
    To return to me
    To join the world
    Autism jail

    By recogirl URL on 10.04.2012

  5. It’s been weeks, and the symptoms have just kept coming, one after the other. I’m certain this last on will kill me. How much longer can I go on when the very air I breathe feels like razors in my chest? I very much fear for my last breathe; I don’t know if I want to take it…

    By Sean Duffy on 10.04.2012

  6. various monkeys eat cows and various items in various places with katniss everdeen. Yesterday I ate various potatoes and onion salads on Thursday. Now I’m eating various cat puddings. Yes!!

    By Allie and Megan on 10.04.2012

  7. Many. Sour. Too many to choose. Sour taste.

    By Jack Myller on 10.04.2012

  8. Various things were scattered around the room…. things I had never seem before. A clock, foreign paper money, a jacket…. Someone had been here.

    By Lee on 10.04.2012

  9. There have been various times that I thought I was happy, but it was always drenched in anguish and anger. Where can I turn? The world is burning through the papers I write and my pencils are melting into ash.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 10.04.2012

  10. I have various sources from which I “acquire” my inventory

    By Zachary Williams on 10.04.2012

  11. There are various ways in which we can write about the word various. One of the variations would be studying the origin of said word. Another way would be to do a blatant overview of the definition and or the changing of definitions through out several different time periods. A last way could very well be going into a critical analysis of what the word means psychologically or metaphorically, which therein, there are various ways in which we can study the various studies of the word various.

    By Stephanie on 10.04.2012

  12. Different people have different opinions and you cannot change them all. Various variety of ideas and morals make for a challenging and fantastic world. Those who think they know, do not know. Those who know they don’t know, know.

    By Roxxi Jaxx on 10.04.2012

  13. Colors. The variety of colors is astounding. A child will ask what the name of a certain color is and while you may have an answer for some, eventually all you will be saying is “very dark blue” and “very very dark blue.” But maybe that’s one of the greatest things about this world, there are so many types of different things, the mystery never dies.

    By bex URL on 10.04.2012

  14. maybe i dont know what this is all about– maybe we are put here to do something- something unknown–
    maybe we are just here to love- to fall inlove- to show the word we can love it and hope the the world can learn to love us back- in any way- in various ways- in the right way or even if its the wrong way- its still some type of love- one of the various way <3

    By kissing on 10.04.2012

  15. We need variety in our lives. It keeps things interesting. If you create jails of opportunity by not allowing yourself to explore different styles of living, you are not.

    By Taylor Craig on 10.04.2012

  16. What is various
    A form
    A place
    To go to
    And to come from
    Where it becomes endless and has only one
    With new beginnings
    At every corner
    That is if the world were set with corners
    As vast cities are
    What the world truly
    Whirl of the various

    By Joaquin nava on 10.04.2012

  17. diversity. different people, different things all coming together. and that’s just beautiful concept

    By Jodi on 10.04.2012

  18. Variety is the spice of life. Without variety life would be boring. So various is a word I like. It also rhymes with hilarious so its bound to make in into one of my poems sooner or later. Have you ever wondered why, though, this should be so? I mean that we like variety? That we crave it?

    By maha1 on 10.04.2012

  19. I scanned the room, searching for various things that could possibly help me. I’ve been stuck in this room for almost 48 hours and I was deprived of water and food…and a bathroom.

    By Meg is a Hero on 10.04.2012

  20. I remember having a choice between many things in my life at one point. Like right now, I have a choice between my loving boyfriend, barely taller than I am, and cute and considerate. Or I could choose my math tutor who is gorgeous and tall and everything that my current boyfriend is as well. I just love my boyfriend so much so I don’t know what to do.

    By Arianna on 10.04.2012

  21. Lots of things. I hardly know this word. AHH We talked about it in maths today. Opisite of constant. It’s a pretty word. “There are various colours on that wall”

    By Hannah Jones on 10.04.2012

  22. “Variety is the spice of life,” he wrote on the back of the beer coaster. I was proud of my differences for the first time all night, and I came back every Tuesday night afterwards.

    Random acts of kindness.

    By Shane on 10.04.2012

  23. I watched, fixated, as he scratched out various foreign letters into the parchment of my skin. One long nail dragged a line under a particularly important looking string of symbols circling my wrist. “Follow this one,” his voice creaked out as his rheumy Seer’s eyes stared into mine, “and nothing shall go wrong.”

    By WearyWater URL on 10.04.2012

  24. The various ways to say what you mean. There are some ways of being precise. There are others that just dance around the subject. I think my feelings are varied. But the intensity always springs up at the wrong times.

    By Diane on 10.04.2012

  25. The leaves that littered the sidewalk came in various stages of color, light, decomposition. Some were torn and browned, stomped on by thousands of feet thus far, almost a slick paste on the wet, gray sidewalk. Others still contained a second hue in addition to the brown. A remnant, a ghost of the oranges and yellows and vibrant reds that had filled them to the brim before they drifted down on the wet air. And then on top, those that fell last night. The snow would be coming soon and all the colors would be replaced by the white and the gray and the dirt and the wet. But now, in the chill, before the death had come completely, now there was still a bit of color to be seen

    By Becky on 10.04.2012

  26. coat off first,
    then her dress.
    heels toed off
    and hair a mess.
    jewelry removed,
    and bra unhooked.
    underwear slid off,
    rendering me mute.
    i undressed the rest
    and makeup smudged.
    i did not really mean to
    but i have had too much.
    the night came and went,
    i made her some breakfast
    she said she was running late.
    the order of this is a little fuzzy,
    she found her clothes strewn
    on the lampstand and floor.
    the underthings hid inside
    her continental handbag,
    her dress painted on,
    and her makeup too.
    she fixed her hair
    added earrings,
    then her heels.
    her coat last.
    i blinked, she
    was gone.

    By isa on 10.04.2012

  27. When we traverse the various dimensions of life we come to realize that there is no one way. When we can fall humbly and relish the divinity of the moment and be awed by the immensity of the life force within us, trivial dramas and anxieties melt away. There is a gift, it is called Now.

    By Laura Mary URL on 10.04.2012

  28. things make me happy. they are different, and unique, hence why I say that various things make me happy. Like sunshine, books, a pretty smile, a door held open, a snuggle from a puppy, and flowers. Random, various things make me happy.

    By Tara on 10.04.2012

  29. Various types of beakers lay around his room. Filled with various types of . . . liquids. He’s sure they were liquids when he filled them. But, ah, yes, he can completely turn some of the upside down without a single slide or drop or the stuff inside.

    By riley on 10.04.2012