October 4th, 2012 | 300 Entries

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300 Entries for “walls”

  1. The walls around me fail to block out the ambient cries of cars speeding down the interstate, and I can’t help but wonder how many people there are leaving some place and going somewhere else. Each one an independent entity with their own path and desire. It makes me feel…distant.

    By agloe on 10.04.2012

  2. Walls. She stayed within the same walls within her school, occasionally pondering what could be discovered beyond. It had been a long journey for her, the seconds, the minutes, the hours, weeks, terms, semesters and years that had past confined within her own educational foundation. Then an opportunity arose, and she saw it beyond the horizon- forever residing as she moved towards it. Now what seemed impossible, to escape the cloistered environment was only a few words and a city trip away. At the horizon- she felt like she had reached freedom.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 10.04.2012

  3. Walls – big, looming and foreboding. The castle walls rose up in front of Marie. She thought of how she would scale them to escape the kingdom she had been trapped in for over 100 years. She searched for a foothold, a rope, a ladder, anything that would help her up and get her out.

    By onegirl URL on 10.04.2012

  4. Writing on walls is graffiti. Writing on a paper is an art. How did graffiti get such a bad rep? Think of all the public notices on walls.

    By Rosa Tyabji on 10.04.2012

  5. purple glass room walls quite dry and with predictable angles

    By Aviv Cohn on 10.04.2012

  6. I built these walls so I can see who is willing to knock them down. These walls protect me from any one not willing to see the real me. Over time these walls grow higher. I sit on top of this wall as it grows, a princess waiting for her prince. Maybe when I look down, he’ll be climbing and he’ll climb these walls until he finally reaches me. By then I’ll tear my walls down. But until then, these walls grow higher and higher.

    By Aly Fieber URL on 10.05.2012

  7. There are walls that surround me
    and a floor under my feet,
    a roof above my head – that makes
    a house that’s really neat!

    By alleycat URL on 10.05.2012

  8. Cool for climbing on when I was a kid. They could be defended against other kids or jumped off to prove your bravery. Also climbing big walls showed off how good you were at climbing.

    By Brian OSullivan on 10.05.2012

  9. The walls were eating her alive. They sucked into the cracks of her pores, suffocating, demanding, pressing in. Soothing? To be without them… would to be exposed. Naked. Unshielded. So she sucked in a breath and carried on, dragging them with her.

    By S on 10.05.2012

  10. Walls are all around me, closing me in. White walls, cold walls, walls that hold secrets. These walls know all there is to know; they have seen it all. They have seen the beauty, but they have also seen the destruction. They know too much.

    By Gem on 10.05.2012

  11. Walls, are very thin, some can be heard through precariously I dont know why but they never seem to go, they’re always there for you when you want them to be, why not its all a game in the end, life is what you make it, fuck the haters they’re all cunts.
    I LOVE WALLS they will be there til the end of time.

    By Hallam Bailey on 10.05.2012

  12. “Within these walls I will do what I want. Does that make me a bad person?” She said this with a bell-like tone, as though launching a challenge towards me.

    She was renting a room in my house. What made her a bad person in my opinion was her fey and fauning nature and attention seeking behavours. If I ignored her entirely she would eventually become a problem. I need to redirect her, get her to focus her attention on a sympathetic target.

    By Meredyth URL on 10.05.2012

  13. One day, I walked in to a walls. He was a huge man, that man. Made me think he was actually a wall. His name was Jeremy Walls.

    By seokhyun on 10.05.2012

  14. Child, tear down the walls you built
    And mounted all around you
    When in an adolescent rage
    Our world seemed to confound you.

    Man, sheath your sword up to the hilt
    No threats of harm surround you;
    Phantom perceptions form the cage
    Of the cabled haze that wound you.

    Elder swelter all mass of guilt
    That through the years has found you
    Your failings true or on the page
    Are all but playings on the stage
    Remember, thou art now a sage
    To the lived-in world that hounds you.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 10.05.2012

  15. all the walls in my room are white. the paint has gone bad and i want to change. i wish i could change the colour of my walls. rest, walls are really important to show the seperation between the rooms. walls around you can be very interesting to look at when studying

    By zoya URL on 10.05.2012

  16. There were walls in his mind. He kept them there to make sure he never had to think about those times again, and most of the time, it worked. But there were days… His walls had never been perfect. They had holes in the stangest of places; a smell here, a word there, sent him spinning into a montage of memories he’d never quite been able to eras And each time, he’d brave the flood, feel it getting into him through his nose and mouth, filling his lungs with panic and regret. And pain. Always pain. And each time he’d walk through the rubble and each time he had to build another wall – just another cellophane barrier between him and the life he has now.

    By Pi URL on 10.05.2012

  17. Tyler smiled to himself, watching her with the rune-crafter in her hands. Her eyes were sharp sapphire beacons of intelligence, and he knew that she was somehow totally in tune with the marks under her fingers. But at the same time, she was so guarded, as if by prison bars or huge walls that she had built for her own protection. He wondered if there was a way inside them, because she desperately needed to see the outside world.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 10.05.2012

  18. I’m always intrigued by just one word. You know I am not sure that it is possible to write just one word, at least for me. One always seems to lead to another and another and before you know it I am writing an entire paragraph. Then that expands to a whole page , you know I do believe that I enjoy writing a lot. It is great fun anf can be very informative!

    By William Gillies URL on 10.05.2012

  19. It felt like the cat town. Like I could be trapped.

    Like I could be pushed,
    be falling
    be taken down.

    Lose my castle, lose my stone walls, lose all the horses and all the kings men.

    Stay there forever, don’t move an inch.
    Just like the cat town.

    By genahtastic URL on 10.05.2012

  20. walls, there almost always certain to keep the dangerous stuff out but they never fail at not letting the truly life changing in

    By hi as a mofo on 10.05.2012

  21. they are blank, so ready to be inspiring once a little effort is put in, it’s almost it’s own version of self expression just before it starts. it could depict everything. it is mystery.

    By emily on 10.05.2012

  22. I wrote about walls yesterday. Being in a different time zone from America isn’t too fun sometimes but sometimes I feel good, like I’m thinking outside the box, outside the walls you could say. Since I’ve moved I’ve learned to love America as my home but not as a country.

    By Rowan URL on 10.05.2012

  23. we people have walls within us as long as we have this judge.

    By ahmet on 10.05.2012

  24. The thin slabs of crystal shifted in front of Christian again. Without thinking, this time he ran up to it and started to slam into it with the bat as hard as he could.
    For a while, Nellie stared. She turned her head to the side, opened her mouth, and said, “What’s that?”
    Christian stopped and turned his head towards her.
    “We haf’ta to get to the other side, Nel.”
    “Oh.” She frowned and rapped her knuckles against the wall.
    “Is it gonna break?” Nellie hit her fist against the crystal and yelped, shaking her hand out.
    “Hope so. Can’t be here all day,” he said.

    By Jaron Chatani on 10.05.2012

  25. should be broken when in hearts.they protect you if they are around a building or your house.great ice cream walls yum yum.

    By saira on 10.05.2012

  26. walls will fall, walls of doubt and despair shall be remove from your life, once you have make to commitment to follow Christ. A blessed life is there for all who is strong enough to turn their back on the world, knock those wall of low esteem and say I am a son of the one and true God.

    By victor URL on 10.05.2012

  27. theres all kinds of walls, wooden walls, concrete walls even metaphorical walls, the ones we build up in our lives to stop people from hurting us. so i guess walls are bloody important now arent they they shelter us from the rain

    By Sasha on 10.05.2012

  28. It didn’t matter where he turned. Vines and large plants that seemed to reach out to grab him were on all the walls. He was trapped within the darkened hallows of an unknown world and in every direction he was stopped. There had to be a way out. He refused to give up and join the numbers who had preceded him…never to be seen again….

    By Cim URL on 10.05.2012

  29. Are walls. They hold up structures such as a house.. a castle.. and lots of stuff.

    By Sam on 10.05.2012

  30. These Walls, cold and close; the only respite that tiny, flaky hatch. The solitude whips me into a frenzy until I freeze, again. These Walls, all 99.

    By Barber URL on 10.05.2012

  31. keep us closed in. safe. protected. isolated. far away. intimate. together. far apart. create barriers. create distinctions.

    By Hillary Miller on 10.05.2012

  32. walls can be orange or pink or purple,people can put up walls or paint them of rainbows and butterflys,walls are great for climbing and not so great for brick walls,hitting one is surprising and hard,but thats life and the nature of walls,can be broken down or built up,tear down your walls my friend

    By kim on 10.05.2012

  33. Walls are what keeps us from each other. They are also what protects us. Walls are the fundament of any succelful place to live. Walls are a neccesity. Walls come in any shape or size and does not have to be physical object. Walls can be mental constructions, separating us from the parts of life we wish to avoid.

    By Ske on 10.05.2012

  34. the walls seemed to cave in around him. J felt the pulsing in his ears, pushing further and further into his unconscious. Stones began to tumble against him as he fell to the ground, screaming inside against the growing picture of death.

    By Karen URL on 10.05.2012

  35. walls have everything to keep you safe, no matter what you can always count on walls to be there to protect you from any kind of danger. unless theres an earthquake or something. but walls have a millions secrets that can never be revealed they have eyes that see everything and ears to hear all. yes your safe in 4 walls. what if i say to you that every wall has a billion things that you could find out. you think your the first person to be in them? well your not. at least 30 other people have been in there before you. what else can i say?

    By Kirsty-Lee Kent on 10.05.2012

  36. Walking into walls
    Revert back
    Begin again
    You are hopeless
    Says the jagged mind
    There’s another one
    Start it up
    Revert back
    You are angles
    You are not free
    But here
    Up and down
    Maybe yes
    Revert back
    And walk out
    Walk out of the walled place
    Who said you had to live there?

    By Laura Mary URL on 10.05.2012

  37. the walls were bleeding with brown slime from the cracks and fissures that filled the room with a nasty odor that noone had ever fathomed in the deepespt thought and recollection.

    By trkstr67 URL on 10.05.2012

  38. Everyone should have walls around their deepest thought in their minds. while keeping all secrest with yourself could be somewhat harmful to your psychological conditions, being too ingenuous is also to be avoided.

    By ifuknowwhatimean on 10.05.2012

  39. There is nothing surrounding him anymore, nothing of the walls which used to cage him in. They have fallen away, as if only mere sheets of paper, torn away by the wind. He stands and faces the sky, letting time pass as it may. Letting his fate finally catch him, the one he’d been running from so long.

    By tan URL on 10.05.2012

  40. Isabel put walls around her, caging herself in this suffocating room. She didn’t want people to see the real her, or to even see her. She looked at the walls in hate, but she didn’t want to take them down. She was compelled to put a cage around herself, so even if people knocked down the walls they wouldn’t get to her.

    By StephanieZ URL on 10.05.2012