December 21st, 2009 | 388 Entries

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388 Entries for “wallpaper”

  1. wallpaper. shmallpaper. paper. zig zags. papers.

    By danielle Luna on 12.22.2009

  2. Painted over wallpaper. No, worse. Stuccoed over, painted over wallpaper. In swirly texture. The thought defeats me. The boys’ want their room redone. Sand this mess? Scrape it all off. Or procrastinate. Well, naturally, the latter. But their little brother’s room was done. It’s not fair to them. Wallpaper.

    By Anonymous on 12.22.2009

  3. wallpaper is awesome so wallpaper mine is fkjasldkadljkdgfbjfdbd.jfxkbds.jkd.gjbsrgj.srngsdr;gaerlgheroigherioghseroigsehrgseirhgieorgesrogihsergiosrghesrighgdsrhg’dgrdg segserkjgh esger;erergijdrgjdgioaefw8weiharkgnmfsgbsr5w960usshtrjinglkvv#:QIOWETWGSIZRDFB0 OKCZ;VL YHMTJGN JOXFMKRDHTGNC ‘IDXRE’OL<BFMJ/DFIN/KXFLJIHREUY4;HISDGKNLZkdhierru5rodjklfmn,cv ndhmteijdlfkmnv ,mndfkhijteu594 eijdhtkntheus54io5jklrtmn.gd,dhtek5yi409ehtdnpfk;l,5

    By REggie on 12.22.2009

  4. Blue wallpaper, covered in ducks, a reminder of my childhood. Put up by my mother who didn’t come home, marveled at by my father who’s never there. God, how I love ducks.

    By Liz E. on 12.22.2009

  5. flat narrative
    broad perspective

    By Anonymous on 12.22.2009

  6. wallpaper is an interesting thing. i will redo my house in beaufitul wallpaper that hides the things that life has to osdlkjfas dflajs

    By Anonymous on 12.22.2009

  7. stripes covered my walls while i was little. striped wallpaper. does that say something about my life? something about lines? am i structured? will i ever go outside the lines? i think i have gone outside the lines. yeah i sent my math

    By anna on 12.22.2009

  8. I hate wallpaper. Except the one on my laptop, it’s pretty sweet I must say.. my brother thinks it’s fake (it’s an out-of-focus picture of a city at night and it’s swanky) but he’s a liar and my parents love me more. JUST KIDDING. But I’m still the favorite. Ah. Jokes.

    December 22nd, 2009.

    By Christine D. O. on 12.22.2009

  9. We spent hours tearing down my wallpaper in little strips. Scraping it with butter knives and splashing water on it. We were bored, tired, and never wanted to do that again. Yet it was the first time we did something together.

    By Norelle on 12.22.2009

  10. The wallpaper in my room is covered in stars and moons and suns. As if I need more reminders that I am spacey and I have no idea about Earth. I get it, hint taken. Irresponsible and totally have my head in the clouds. Stop nagging, wallpaper, stop nagging.

    By Kelsey Owens on 12.22.2009

  11. crumpled,
    the sadness that eats my heart
    I remember you;
    your smiles and your laughter
    bright eyes
    skin like
    white paper.

    By rai on 12.22.2009

  12. The wallpaper was green and gold. Not what he had been expecting, for a place like this, but it was a nice touch, all the same. It reminded him of a home. Any home. A home.

    By Ashton on 12.22.2009

  13. it is rely gay at first but than its almost frequently late for school.Sucsesss mtf!

    By StephenJ.Agardy on 12.22.2009

  14. wallpaper is the word that was given to a friend of mine.

    is there just one word in the whole internet?

    Or just on this site?


    communication doesn’t mean as much, if you don’t say anything.

    By Anonymous on 12.22.2009

  15. a facade, a cover up, no better than a big carpet to hide the dust under. true walls deserve renovations, top of the line paints. wallpaper will make you feel trapped beneath the bullshit which is facade.

    By eleia on 12.22.2009

  16. flowers, animals, loved ones. great to be able to have them appear on our wallpapers. be it an actual wall, mobile phone or computer.

    By j on 12.22.2009

  17. the walls surrounded me. there was no escaping this hell. first they were white, then red, then a sickly pink and cream wallpaper coated the windowless walls. the wallpaper had flowers and stripes- similar to one my grandmother had. i hated wallpaper. i hated the way it covered up what was behind it. like covering up lies, like covering up the truth, like hiding something. like hiding the past. i knew my sanity was slipping away oh so slowly and saw the walls slowly begin to recede. they blurred into oblivion. i was now in an unknown world, only comforted by my own thoughts and the white floor beneath me. but there was no comfort here, no. none at all. this was the world successful doctors write books about and try to make medicine for. there is no medicine for this. there is no way they could know what it is like in this world. this is crazy world. this is invisible world. this is the thoughts of a mans mind- coated in wallpaper

    By molly on 12.22.2009

  18. aniques centered around wallpaper in a victorian house, look so cool. Dark ambers. Warm forest greens. And shimmering golds. My idea of the perfect wallpaper would have all

    By amt on 12.22.2009

  19. the wallpaper on the walls was an indication of how horrible this dump had become over the past three or so decades. It was yellowed, peeling, flecked with build-ups of who knows what.

    By Anonymous on 12.22.2009

  20. it covers our walls. it sits inconspicuously. but have you ever thought about the sticky stuff? they always say, what if walls could talk? well, what about wallpaper? I dare say, the story it’d tell would be much more interesting. it’s born to be colorful. I’m just saying.

    By shelby on 12.22.2009

  21. The boy stared at the wallpaper with delight. Never before had he seen so many clowns. Clowns scared the boy, but he didn’t care. All that mattered was that he felt something. His parents didn’t pay attention to him now that there was a new baby in the house.

    By Jesse on 12.22.2009

  22. Thick glue and patience cannot hold the cracks that appear through the wallpaper.

    By B on 12.22.2009

  23. COlorrufil stuff with flowers at my aunts.

    By Anonymous on 12.22.2009

  24. I like walpaper i think it is a little outdated but it adds a lot to a room I think it use to be used a lot more than it is now it looked good in out old victorian home i lived in growing up but I would never put it up in my own place. Too much work and you have to update it.

    By Leah on 12.22.2009

  25. I hate wallpaper! it is so ugly, and always peels off the walls after a few years! Sometimes though if done correctly it can be beautiful! Not usually though! that’s for sure!

    By Sarah on 12.22.2009

  26. the wallpaper wouldn’t come off no matter how much acid gunk i lathered on the wall.the memories of you tainted this poor excuse for a girlfriend.ex-girlfriend rather.and the walls.desperate,i tear it off layer by layer.the thick and heavy scent of your blood strong and potent.

    By Peleterre on 12.22.2009

  27. the wallpaper in my room is covered in posters
    memorabilia of the good times
    and then next to my poster
    of yo gabba gabba
    and just above the one of fall out boy
    your picture hangs on my wall
    as a reminder to
    before i leap
    and save myself before
    you drop me.
    even pete wentz can’t stop you now
    don’t know where you’ve gone but
    that’s it.

    By melissa on 12.22.2009

  28. My mom has had the same wallpaper since I was a baby. I use to count all the flowers on one strip and to this day, I still have no clue how many flowers were printed on the wall.

    We painted over the wallpaper last week. I guess I’ll never know.

    By Cassie on 12.22.2009