December 22nd, 2009 | 463 Entries

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463 Entries for “tray”

  1. Nursing home. It makes me sad to be in nursing homes. they have to eat bad food, like jello. I hate sad old people. Playing my viola in a nursing home also made me sad. The ladies working there were nice, the old people were actually mean. I cannnot believe life can get this sad.

    By Liz on 12.24.2009

  2. A tray? Just the tray of my life. i see things and i hear voicis…What’sleft after? Nothing just my golden skin.

    By Thomas on 12.24.2009

  3. You can put many things on trays. rays, mays, hays etc rhyme with trays………….Trays can hold food or flowers, anything you wish them hold (of course that it is possible to hold).

    By Anonymous on 12.24.2009

  4. it’s gray little silver thing that contains banana peals and yesterday’s left overs

    By Jessica on 12.24.2009

  5. the tray sat on the table filled with golden tears around and around they spiraled the tray its self had golden sobs excaping into the town and howling as the wolves slowly approached

    By autum on 12.24.2009

  6. food silver purple bleh bleh bleehh mouth tray blehh blehh blehh tea tray tea cup cup o tea cup of joe. Joe people named joe people named sophie sophie is mee!

    By Sophie Deutsch on 12.24.2009

  7. Please place your tray into the upright position so we may prepare for landing. We hope you had a pleasant trip!

    By Peaceable on 12.24.2009

  8. i have a tray of food. i like food. i like trays with food.School trays were the best. I wish I could have some school trays instead of dishes. They were sturdy and none of your food had to touch. Hm, well, fruit trays are good too.

    By Ashley on 12.24.2009

  9. “Are you going to eat that?” Bill asked, gesturing towards my untouched dinner. I shook my head, and pushed the tray across the table towards him. Grinning, he tucked in, with fragments of food scattering across the table.

    “Every day, you do this.”

    By zempir on 12.24.2009

  10. Airplanes are scary the first time you ride on them. I have always wondered why it was imperative to return your tray to their upright position? Can the plane not land successfully with them down? Very odd indeed.

    By JTB on 12.24.2009

  11. she flipped up the tray in anger spilling the contents of the craft project all over the floor. Metalic dust covered the floor making the black carpet shimmer like the night sky. she was alone

    By Ian/ on 12.24.2009

  12. tray

    By sara Reed on 12.24.2009

  13. is like the most amazing word ever. I really enjoy the word, because its so beautiful, its rly the most wonderful word ever created. I think its the most exclusive and non-ugly word ever. RLY

    By Sondre on 12.24.2009

  14. where you put food in a cafeteria
    you can place a labtop on it
    where ashes go from a ciggarette
    a guys name

    By Beau on 12.24.2009

  15. I like to carry my food on a tray. But not the sort of tray that is used for cat litter. That would not taste nice, not at all.

    By Jess on 12.24.2009

  16. The plateau. Barren. The wind sweeps across, like a hand shooing the cat away from supper. Why are you even there? There’s nothing here that you want. Get going and find something else.

    By Emily on 12.24.2009

  17. tray

    By krisen on 12.24.2009

  18. tray

    By kristen Albert on 12.24.2009

  19. The tray sat at the end of the table, alone with a broken heart girl. No one near, just a piece of meat to keep her company. All she needs is someone to talk to,

    By Anonymous on 12.24.2009

  20. zees word, it is nys. i yoozed to eet on a tray mysalf. now, thet i am oald, i yooz das TABLE.

    By brendan on 12.24.2009

  21. şemsiye

    By sule on 12.24.2009

  22. i balance this life on an uneven tray … hoping to keep it straight

    By Anonymous on 12.24.2009

  23. trays have food on them, and other exciting things. often cups and saucers, perhaps of the vintage variety? I dont know what else a tray could be but I do like them.

    By zan on 12.24.2009