October 5th, 2010 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “walk”

  1. Stepping over the covered bridge was nice except for the ice. What a lousy day for a walk.

    By nandibrown URL on 10.05.2010

  2. “Hey, want to go for a walk with me? Talk about our days and go into the evening?” “Not tonight!” He rushed past me. “I have a date!” and he cheered a little bit and ran down the sidewalk to catch the bus.

    It was then I saw the first sign of being replaced.

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 10.05.2010

  3. Walking is fun. Mt dad likes walking in the woods, and hiking hi

    By Irishfiddles on 10.05.2010

  4. Walking is fun. My dad likes hiking in the woods. it’s something we like to do as a family. I especially like walking in the Fall and observing God’s awesome creation.

    By Irishfiddles on 10.05.2010

  5. And she walked smack into the wall of all her problems. A female five foot four with balled fists and anger flashing in he white hot eyes. It seems that vengeance is something women carry in their breast too, and there is no relenting.

    By Kat URL on 10.05.2010

  6. I find it incredibly difficult to walk. Most people don’t realise how much they take for granted the ability to just up and walk anywhere they like. We are encouraged to walk more places for our general health. Not I.

    By Scott Ponton on 10.05.2010

  7. Going for a walk in the late afternoon or evening during the fall is always a wonderful experience; all the leaves on the trees are wonderful colors and the air is usually crisp and smells like fall.

    By Jen Rushforth on 10.05.2010

  8. Wear these clothes walk this way, do exactly what they say, it’s your life but their way, follow me it’s all the same. So take a chance and roll the dice, you might find out it’s twice as nice around and around again….

    By Julia URL on 10.05.2010

  9. walk up to the person you are looking at. don’t think just talk say what you want to say and do what you want to do. dont be scared to talk to people ad ask them what they are thinking. today is the best day of your life if you make it that way.
    my head is so full of images i can’t even think about everything i am thinking about.

    By abra URL on 10.05.2010

  10. You eat too much soda, and cookies, and cake, and chips. You should go for a walk once in a while. It’d do you good, fattie.

    By Allison on 10.05.2010

  11. I remember the long walks we used to share, from the school bus, down to the corner store, with each other just holding hands and listening to the sound of each others breath. It was comforting to walk with him, together.

    By Meg on 10.05.2010

  12. Not enough people enjoy the simple pleasure of walking for the sake of walking. We take a car to the store even if it’s just a block. We take escalators and people-movers. We are propelled artificially too often, and I think it contributes to an overall lack of well-being both physically and mentally. I don’t know about you, but I’m going for a walk.

    By Manata URL on 10.05.2010

  13. I love when my iPod picks a song that’s good for walking. I wonder if someone where to document me (which they should), would they be able to tell when I’m listening to a good walking song and when I’m not? Or do I always have the same bounce in my step?

    By Phalanges URL on 10.05.2010

  14. I love to WALK along the beach.:) its FUN!

    By Amahdi on 10.05.2010

  15. I recently went for a 9-mile walk. Epic walk was epic.

    I like walking. I like running even better, but I have a lot of weight to lose before running full-out will be a net-healthy idea.

    Someday I want to try Kangoo Jumps.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 10.05.2010

  16. Walk on ME? B itch, walk on YOU! Get your ass out of my face with that talk of walk on ME. I’ll crack you in the jaw. SAY I WONT.

    That’s what I thought.

    Now, moving on. The next item on today’s agenda is waffles.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.05.2010

  17. I was walking along the shoreline. The salty air blew through my locks. I sighed as I stared out into the ocean. A dolphin jumped out of the water before diving back in. Maybe I could do the same.

    Fail. Story. Kbye.

    By Ana URL on 10.05.2010

  18. i walk to work, pacing myself while i read, my steps in time with the words walking thorugh the page of my mind the authors phrases like the quick steps of a dance making me dizzy as they spin me onwards in the story.

    By telute URL on 10.05.2010

  19. hey i like to wlak up and down the street with my two left feet, that’s right, i run into things. ALOT. it’s crazy. my dad makes fun of me because of it. I feel like a loser sometimes. but sometimes ill walk real happy like and it wont seem as bad.d

    By Rachel Jenkins on 10.05.2010

  20. Apparently, money talks, but doesn’t sing or dance or walk.

    What’s up with that? Is this some sort of conspiracy?

    By Kizarvexius URL on 10.05.2010

  21. I walk down a dark road, a lonely dark road. I look around me and I see nobody looking back. The people here stare, with their backs turned to me. I feel the violence in their eyes. In their glares. This place is no where near home, and home is where my heart is, but my heart is where you are, and that’s where I want to be. I love you.

    By Taylor on 10.05.2010

  22. Tread through the forest of ages past
    See the stars that guide the vast
    The waters they show us the light
    To walk in the dark, afraid of night

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 10.05.2010

  23. Freedom and passage into the unknown-familiarity
    thinking and feeling, i want to go home .Taking walks with my Gran .I need time to be alone!
    im in a hurry but i have nowhere to go

    By Stephanie on 10.05.2010

  24. I walk upon the sharpened blades laid on the ground before the army. It’s an old ceremony, a young maiden blesses the battle by walking on the blades of the soldiers. I’ve never done it before, but I hope my blessing will work.

    By jason on 10.05.2010

  25. I want to go on a walk. With someone, anyone. I just want to get away from the stresses of school and feel free again. I miss going on late night walks with my friends from back home—it was always just a way to deal with all emotions that were built up inside. I would give anything for a walk again, that is a walk that doesn’t involve walking to class…

    By Teeps on 10.05.2010

  26. I walked into the corner drug-store. The card section loomed at me, why on earth are there so many different cards, and who writes them?

    By Chris on 10.05.2010

  27. I have walked alone, I have walked with friends and enemies alike and now i walk with you and I am here at last.

    By steph285 URL on 10.05.2010

  28. Walking to school Charlie thought about the simple days… hiding under his mother’s leg while she stormed around looking for food. Until that fateful day she was eaten by a T-Rex. Because Charlie is a Raptor.

    By yoko URL on 10.05.2010

  29. There was a day I was walking. It was raining outside and all I could think about was a sad memory that couldn’t leave my mind. It was the time where I told my mother I only did sports and drama so she could be proud of me.

    By ryan shukis on 10.05.2010

  30. i stumbled over words slipped through stepping stones
    the babbles of the brook swept over the walls of my lungs

    you didn’t make sense, i thought
    you didn’t quite

    my body full of water and no way to empty it all out
    so we shared breaths until there was no air.

    By infinityontherun URL on 10.05.2010

  31. I hate walking through campus sometimes, especially when its raining. I don’t really care to just go for a walk, i rather just go for a jog.

    By enzo URL on 10.05.2010

  32. i stood up to see if i could walk.bits and pieces of car clinked off me.other form fitting parts either snuggedly slid off or i had to peel them off.i felt none of this.

    By Dan on 10.05.2010

  33. to walk helps get oxygen in my brain , helps to just think and to get out of life and stress it gives you solutions to tough questions, sightseeing your city in new eyes instead of routine..blank pages and open mind.
    see new people in their rush hours, imagining where they come from, where are they going.
    until you get to home, work, school…
    and all your worries and stress return

    By mistyswirl on 10.05.2010

  34. Today I went for a short walk and fast walk around the campus. I normally like to walk fast anyway. I always want to feel like I have a purpose and know where I am going. It’s nice to slow down sometimes too though. walking should never be neglected or overlooked. It’s wonderful gift.

    By Danny Yu on 10.05.2010

  35. We walk on machines because the sidewalks don’t move fast enough for our feet and we can’t walk in the woods any more because the trees block the way as if they can’t stand and can’t walk so why should we when we could be walking forever faster and faster going nowhere.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 10.05.2010

  36. I went for a walk with my beagle Flanders and she was so naughty! All she wanted to do was smell everything she passed! I had to tug at hear leash every few seconds to actually get somewhere! I guess I didnt train her well enough when she was a puppy.

    By Vanessa URL on 10.05.2010

  37. Walk – A – Thon. Walk the Line. Walk in the park. Walk with me!

    By Alyssa URL on 10.05.2010

  38. The crisp fall air rustled though my hair as I walked down the sidewalk, past the leaves with their crunchy branches and yellowed leaves, along the winding crystal brook, through the prickly brambles of the blackberry bushes that had long since given their fruit to better things.

    By Kendi on 10.05.2010

  39. Ein Schritt. Noch ein Schritt. Der nächste. Ein Kilometer. Rund um die Welt. Es beginnt mit dem ersten Schritt. Ich bin in die falsche Richtung gegangen

    By js URL on 10.05.2010

  40. The crisp fall air rustled through my hair as I passed an old oak tree with branches faded and broken, and nearly falling off. I passed a burbling crystal brook framed with lush cattails.

    By Kendi URL on 10.05.2010