October 4th, 2010 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “buildings”

  1. I remember back when I was 5 i went to the big city and saw a lot of buildings. Buildings as tall as the stature of liberty. I still have those vivid images in my head.

    By Jason on 10.05.2010

  2. i like buildings that are tall and nice and well, with windows that look like shapes of my mother’s bums.

    By nunu on 10.05.2010

  3. Structures jutted out of the horizon, scraping holes in the clouds above. Buildings crowd our pleasant vista, pushing out the environments of yesterday and further bringing the destruction of TOMORROW.

    By obriensk URL on 10.05.2010

  4. I wrote about buildings yesterday. The ants are still at it in there. I’m not sure what they are making. Probably tiny things to put inside Christmas crackers.

    By hourican URL on 10.05.2010

  5. I wanted to be an architect but was told my math scores were too low and that architecture was a man’s world. Being a girl, I should look into nursing or typing for my future. I took typing and worked as a secretary to a architect. We built beautiful homes and other buildings in Malibu. I loved that job!

    By Peaceable on 10.05.2010

  6. Big blocks, bricks. Brick blocks on and on. Slowly fading into the hazy horizon. There is no ending to it, Not sure if I’m going to like the big city.

    By gadifere URL on 10.05.2010

  7. Everywhere, they rose — black, red, crumbling, upright and soldierly, painted on the sides with advertisements for things no one bought much anymore, smoking from lopsided chimneys.

    By CeeCeeElle on 10.05.2010

  8. buildings were created to keep the elements away from us. they keep out the cold and keep in the heat, the rain, the wind. Buildings are diverse and beautiful and crappy.

    By Lizzy on 10.05.2010

  9. Dark squares across the sky.
    Casting shadows across the ground.
    A cage, feeling trapped.
    A door, one way trip.
    A window, one way glass.

    By Maddi URL on 10.05.2010

  10. buildings may be just made of stone and concrete, but there is a lot of dreamand love put into it when you are making your own…. home…………….. a building comes into life whe put in the color of your dreams and paint it with your happy face

    By neema on 10.05.2010

  11. Pretty soon they’ll all be lit up with pretty colors and covered in think white blankets.

    By Mary on 10.05.2010

  12. Pretty soon they’ll all be lit up with pretty colors and wrapped up in think white blankets.

    By Mary on 10.05.2010

  13. buildings and architecture are beautiful
    they are manmade but they encapsulate something of a vision of a particular person at one specific time but end up showing something new and different to others at different times throughout the rest of history

    By kateeee on 10.05.2010

  14. Buildings are one of the many art forms of today. You can be influenced by a variety of things when creating a building. Buildings and the rooms inside are all a matter of your design.

    By Alexandrina on 10.05.2010

  15. All in a row, perfect blocks and lines all together flow. Never ending cities of ages past, crumbling rocks of cement and bricks they don’t last.

    By Alexandrina URL on 10.05.2010

  16. Beautiful Empire state building in New York City, and the Chrysler building. Man has come such a long way in the field of architecture from the Great wall of china to the sydney opera house. It’s amazing what we can do with concrete and steel.

    By Gabriella on 10.05.2010