May 22nd, 2013 | 163 Entries


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163 Entries for “wafer”

  1. wafer is a thin cerisp biscuit, I am far too tired to play this game and I don’t know why i even clicked go on this ridiculous webpage. This better have a good outcome. not like human centipede, that shiot was plain awful. enough of that my minute is up…………………………………………………………..now!!

    By Alux on 05.23.2013

  2. Icecream so delicious and refreshing on a hot summerday, is one of my absolute favourite things in the summertime, when the thermometer goes way up over a hundred degrees and everybody is lying in the shadow, moaning from heat!

    By Martin Miehe-Renard on 05.23.2013

  3. They had them in a row of plastic containers, just like they did with nuts, grains, and candies, back in the states. Wafers in all flavors: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, more exotic ones like mango, green tea, durian, lychee. She wondered how they sculpted the little ridges on top of each wafer, patterns that tessellated. The wafers tiled the containers like rows of wooden planks. Some kid had played around with the wafers, stood two of them on end and constructed a little arch.

    By Holden URL on 05.23.2013

  4. Crisp, and sweet. It cracks in your mouth as your teeth nibble off a small taste. A wonderful way to reward one’s self.

    By devyren on 05.23.2013

  5. biscuit

    By Kate URL on 05.23.2013

  6. wafers generally come as an accompaniment with a hot beverage in the middle eastern world. It is a good match with both tea and coffee and occasionally the ethnic Turkish coffee as well. Wafers come in all different types of flavors.

    By jenny on 05.23.2013

  7. I remember eating lots of little wafer cookies when I was a kid. I would get a really big coffee mug with a wide top and soak the cookies in milk until I had to eat with a spoon.

    By Jack on 05.23.2013

  8. When I was a kid, I didn’t like sweet things like cookie, candy, etc. As I grew up, I started to eat variety of food, including cookie; and I started to like it. However, I just like soft cookie and still hate wafer since it’s hard to chew.

    By Nha Thai on 05.23.2013

  9. I have no clear idea of what a wafer is and therefore feel unqualified to write about it. From daily conversations I am fairly certain it is a light biscuit-like snack of some sort, but as I have never had to actually ask for, nor have had someone talk about wafer’s to me in my life, I have very little to say about them.

    By Triplen on 05.23.2013

  10. A small hard cookie

    By Dawood on 05.23.2013

  11. As we know that wafer is a small hard cookie. Actually it is my favourite type. I really like it and everyday I should eat some pieces of wafer. Also, I enjoy eating it while my nephew comes to see me . Someday I bought tremendous numbers of its dozen boxes . I was preparing to my nephew’s birthday party. I have invented a lot of people to join us in our party so i needed to buy a huge amount of it.

    By Fawziya on 05.23.2013

  12. clear speech which is pronoun citation and listening comprehension in North American English. It written by Judy B.gilbert. I love having this book to study my speaking skills.

    By Aragon on 05.23.2013

  13. I like eating little cookie everday before getting to my classes, especially wafer cookies.

    By Mohammed on 05.23.2013

  14. wafer s small cookies which I like because it could cause wight gaining

    By Manal on 05.23.2013

  15. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

    By Aragon on 05.23.2013

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    By keng on 05.23.2013

  17. I remember when my mom would bring me a plate of wafer’s to dunk in milk. I would just sit back and enjoy every little bite. I would think, “ah, how good is life?”. Then I would get to the last bite and realize i was all done and think “argh! What is life?”. Mom!!

    By Jextra5 on 05.23.2013

  18. The rock passage was tight, but she had to chance squeezing through it. The flaming beast’s hot breath was starting to scorch the tall grass behind her as she shimmied to safety.

    By skylarkin on 05.23.2013

  19. Communion wafers. Church. Liturgy. Strange that these things come to mind since I was raised in a Baptist church. Somewhat different. Always curious about the Catholic faith.

    By Ginger on 05.23.2013

  20. She bit down on the wafer, crumbs tumbling from her lips upon the cafe table as snowflakes gently falling at the beginning of winter. My mind and heart where transfixed. If I lived only in this one minute, in the one moment, I really think it would have been enough.
    But I couldn’t stop time, and suddenly the night was over.

    By Siege URL on 05.23.2013

  21. Like in England, when our ship would sail across the ocean from West Africa for a little while, and we’d have a chance to go to the supermarket and buy these pink-and-yellow, strawberry wafers. They’d melt in our mouths during snack time, and then it was back to school-on-a-ship.

    By Emily on 05.23.2013

  22. So fragile–it crumbles under my touch, disintegrates on my tongue, disappears.

    By Emily on 05.23.2013

  23. The quote is the funniest ever, “It’s wafer thin…”!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 05.23.2013

  24. I love chocolate wafers. They’re crispy, delicious, treats that everyone should have love as well. My brother doesn’t like them.

    By Kai on 05.23.2013

  25. Wafer thin slices of potatoes. Crispy. Salty. Pepper. My anti-depressant. Yum.

    By Isha on 05.23.2013

  26. i love vanilla wafers. they melt in your mouth. oh, and remember those crunchy sugary wafer things we got when we were little? i love those. i miss those. they were pink and brown and also yellow i think. maybe not yellow. i don’t think they were yellow now that i’m thinking about it. but they were so good. there were brown ones and pink ones and i think yellow. actually noe that i think about it there werent any yellow ones. but those were the best. what were they called? i cant remember. oh well. i miss them i wonder if they still make them

    By franklin potter on 05.23.2013

  27. “it’s but a wafer thin.” i think i heard that in a movie one time when the guy couldn’t fit anything else in his mouth. he was full, and the wafer itself wouldn’t make a difference. it’s classified as food, but not enough to even make a person full. like food should. it’s a thin little cookie that can’t do its job, but it’s thin. which is what is most important for most people. but it’s funny too, because it’s a cookie and it’s thin, but cookies dont make you thin. cookies make you thick, that is if the cookie was doing it’s job right.

    By Gabby Mancuso on 05.23.2013

  28. You wanted to get me into cookies again.
    Do you remember when we were children, and the only thing you ever wanted from my house was the box of vanilla wafers? I remember watching you fight the dog for the crumbs on the floor. Remember seeing my mother walk in on us, me in the chair, peering down at you as you licked your fingers and dabbed up the little crumbles.
    I remember she wasn’t happy with me for egging you on, and I remember you wanted to start up the whole cookies thing again this summer –
    But I didn’t tell you I’m moving on.
    I’m an ice cream sandwich kind of gal now.

    By Thirteen URL on 05.23.2013

  29. The gentle wafer of a flake dissolved against the window pane. A man with sunken, dark, brown eyes searched the snowy wasteland outside his home. He watched the wafer turn into water, turn into nothingness. It had lost it’s hope.

    By Tim Johnson on 05.23.2013

  30. Chocolate wafers are delicious. I want one right now. But I don’t have any money to buy them, or a place to buy one. i am getting desperate. i may resort to drastic measures. Woah. Calm down, crazy.

    By Miranda Molina on 05.23.2013

  31. The vanilla wafers we used to eat on the camping trips were always a little soggy by the third night. I guess our hands were always wet from playing in the lake. We should shove our hands into the wafer box and stuff our faces, crumbs flying every where.

    By Alexandria URL on 05.23.2013

  32. Wafers.

    By Yolanda on 05.23.2013

  33. I love having wafers when I am watching tv. They made me feel excited and also a bit fat! I love wafers in mouth, they feel so good!

    By Momo on 05.23.2013

  34. Even though I know there are loads more bad memories with him, my mind fights against them. The good ones pop up, like the one where we laid in my bed and he brushed my hair behind my ear, the one where he held me just like I wanted, the one where he told me a secret I keep to this day. It’s sickening and irritating, and I wish all the memories would dissolve in water like a wafer on the tongue of a sinner.

    By Marissa URL on 05.23.2013

  35. Die Oblate schwebte durch die Luft wie ein Paar vergessener Schmetterlingsflügel. Sie war der Hand des Priesters entglitten und nun waren alle Blicke der Messebesucher auf sie gerichtet, glatt und makellos wie sie war, eine leuchtende Scheibe im schwindenden Licht der Sonne.

    By serrin on 05.23.2013

  36. I wasn’t sure where this… this… wafer came from. It just sat there on the table, looking at me. Staring me down like if I touched it or walked away, it would commit homicide and then suicide. Wafer, you’ve got me in checkmate.

    By hunter on 05.23.2013

  37. The yellow wafer
    separated into
    white cream and dusted off the edge of the cone
    before it hit the floor
    beside her shoe

    By Edwin URL on 05.23.2013

  38. i placed him on my tongue,
    but i did not feel saved.

    By hel bentley on 05.23.2013

  39. i think it is some type of cookie? like a vanilla wafer? i would like to eat one right now, because i am extremely hungry. it is always a lot of fun to eat. everyone needs to eat. just like everyone needs to poop. “everyone poops” i love pooping. good.

    By Amy on 05.23.2013

  40. My hands trembling I took the the knife and pressed it against the br

    By bob on 05.23.2013