March 5th, 2009 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “vulture”

  1. I saw a vulture eating a skeleton of a dog like animal. Its beak tore through the bone, reminding me of a dinosaur hunting.

    By Richard John Humphrey on 03.06.2009

  2. bird that eats things that are already dead… kind of ugly with bald heads that are wrinkly and black feathers and little orangish feet. the sqwuak and make kind of unpleasant noises. they circle around animal carcasses when they are about to eat something. emily and i used to lay in the grass and pretend we were dead and think that the vultures were swooping over us.

    By katie on 03.06.2009

  3. I hate vultures at work! That’s odd coming from a hospice nurse, but there are vultures among the workers, believe it or not. Some nurses are blessings in the home or at the patient’s bedside, and vultures waiting for their fellow nurses to die.

    By Baraco1 on 03.06.2009

  4. a nice animal to see flying over the dead and the Miami courthouse

    By man on 03.06.2009

  5. I love vultures. They are related to me. We’re both scavengers. Plus, I love the way they soar on the wind. I see the turkey vultures every morning and afternoon as I drive to and from work sitting on the expressway signs or floating around the bay. They’ll soon be gone back up north as the weather warms up.

    By M on 03.06.2009

  6. they swoop and scatter
    picking every last useful
    piece. until theres nothing
    left but bones and

    By Vita on 03.06.2009

  7. Max watched the vulture coast on the desert currents above him as he baked alive in the scorching summer desert afternoon. Trussed up and tied down to the blistering desert floor, Max began to regret going to the Casino instead of his Gambler’s Anonymous meeting. He knew that the dice he carried in his cuff on the way into the casino was a bad idea. He wondered if the vulture would suck them down and die as it feasted on his dead carcass.

    By Greg on 03.06.2009

  8. are waiting, staring, ready to swoop to snatch to claw they sit on all our shoulderes crowing on twisted branches patient, waiting always waiting. the only sure thing, is their satisfaction as we cry out, arms outspread, ready to meet them.

    By allie on 03.06.2009

  9. I am a vulture. There is nothing within me that could keep me from the dead and decaying flesh of this world. For within us all is a hunger and a lust for the death of everything around us so that we may be feed from its unraveling.

    By Alex Canby on 03.06.2009

  10. The vuluture waitid patiently next to me. It breathe in and out while I breathed in and out. I looked into its eyes, and wondered where its last meal came from. It looked at me and I imagined it wondered when I last ate.

    By aandr on 03.06.2009

  11. culture vulture. I think I may be one, I eat news and stories about artists, writers, performers. I am ravenous for this stuff.

    By ChrisG on 03.06.2009

  12. he was a vulture. One that would look down from the naked trees when I was passing by. He never looked me in the eye, like anything human. He would just look at me, like I wasn’t really a person at all. Just something to look at. His

    By gina on 03.06.2009

  13. A vulture is something that eats the remains of dead things, or metaphorically speaking something that circles the dying.
    I think I see vultures in my airspace.

    By nat on 03.06.2009

  14. waiting for the weak spot
    i’ll hit you when you’re down
    i savour your suffering
    because it means the end
    and while he stands over you
    holding the syringe of life
    i despise him for his miracle
    for a vulture has to eat too

    By rimzie on 03.06.2009

  15. the vultures clean up after the dirty work is done.

    By ophelia on 03.06.2009


    By DEE on 03.06.2009

  17. carrion crawling and flesh consuming rapacious sky demon with empty eyes, waiting waiting…you are the fear in my heart, fear of lonelyness you consume me from the inside when relationships die

    By daniele on 03.06.2009

  18. Feeding off the scraps of humanity. Always there after the battle. Following death. Harbingers of ill news.

    By Pablo on 03.06.2009

  19. He raced to the table at the wedding buffet like a hungry vulture!

    By Kim on 03.06.2009

  20. birdy birdy in the sky
    with a bleak and empty eye
    you will feed and we will cry
    You will eat us when we die

    pretty birdy!

    By Funkylele on 03.06.2009

  21. Driving to my grandparents’ house every Sunday morning, we would often see a vulture flying over in the sky, praying for dead birds and horses on the side of the road. I was scared of them at the time, and although I always tried to avoid the sight of the dead animals, my curiosity always made me want to peek.

    By Anna on 03.06.2009

  22. love is being with him always forlife and seeing that he is my man for life

    By michelle howard on 03.06.2009

  23. ugly nasty birds who stick their heads in other animals’ eye sockets to eat.

    But they’re kind of beautiful, too.

    By Ira on 03.06.2009

  24. Circling, circling, circling in the hot desert sky, waiting to feast on putrid roadkill, he lurks with a grace from hell.

    By Rrichard on 03.06.2009

  25. i smile, close my eyes and slash through all the strengths you ever had. because i am the vulture of nightmares.

    By oneword-writer on 03.06.2009